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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. donedj
    So i recently got the Samsung Galaxy buds for a good price, used about $70 and they are well worth the money. I contacted Samsung gave them the serial and they said warranty is good for until August 2020. Sweet! They are about 5-6 hours as advertised, easy setup decent sound, better than AirPods and extremely comfortable. I can see myself making them the primary gym and biking headphones for sure.
  2. snip3r77
    You need to get the UFO version
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  3. mikp
    well, seems no manufacturer will answer if they have apt-x hd qcc51xx coming. Think i've mailed over 10 companies.

    So 65t is still my nr1 for hiking because of ambient and multipoint. The syllable s101 has grown on me. the case actually fits large mandarine tips. Also they do not drain battery while in the case.

    Borrowed the sennheiser for a week, they drained in the case and not better than the mavins with spinfit filled with foam.
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  4. FYLegend
  5. vstolpner
    Check out 1more as well... They announced a QCC51XX hybrid TWS in January... Still no word about it though after that :-/

    Have you tried 1more? They're supposed to be releasing their QCC51XX this year
  6. FYLegend
    Wonder what's taking 1More so long, but then again the Stylish took quite some time from its first announcement (which only said BT4.2 and didn't even mention AptX). Maybe it has to do with Android Q optimization. The Dual Driver BT ANC (cabled bluetooth IEM) is listed among them so I'd suspect the TWS will follow suit.

    I really hope Astrotec releases something with AptX soon...
  7. tsoltan
    I've contacted all 5 stores on Ali for anbes 359 and all of them sent me the same photo of the box. Looks like it's not the original anbes. But if it sounds the same I don't care.
    Screenshot_20190723-090507.png Screenshot_20190723-090838.png
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  8. Dcell7
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  9. vstolpner
    My Tranya T3 review finally up!!!

    Also, decided to put together TWS Review page with rankings and comparison pics
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  10. bronco1015
    Caved and bought the Mpow T5...and also took a chance on the MeeAudio X10. Anyone ever tried them? Don't know why i bought them other than curiosity, as i have the Sony WF1000X M3 arriving next month. Though, i do need a pair with good call quality for when my MTWs die, or aren't with me, and i think the X10s could be a sleeper hit. But, if i like them and end up keeping all 3, smh; that would put me at 5 TWS models including anbes 359 and Sennheiser MTW. Sorry budget, it's not like we're looking at buying a house or anything.
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  11. chinmie
    nice look. I'll wait for reviews rolling in first though
  12. FYLegend
    Was it this link? It no longer says July 27 and just says "unavailable". https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M8LWN2G/ref=emc_b_5_i

    Even Anbes Official sent you that photo? Not so "official" then.
  13. Soreniglio
    Here a comparison between Anbes 359 and QCY T2C:


    I prefer QCY's case, definitely, looks way sturdier than Anbes' one, also love the black matte style.


    I honestly like the QCY more on this too, they stand more firmly in my ears, while the Anbes are a bit too small (I guess I have big ears), fit is an issue on the right ear (same goes with Anbes), I think it's a problem of mine ugh.


    They're definitely different. Anbes sound more "airy" and "spacious", while the QCY seem more intimate and warm to me, I think I dig the sound of both, a tad more of the QCY perhaps, have to try them more to give a rating.


    Anbes' controls are butchered, so they can't win at all. Also, the QCY buttons are SO SO easy to press and chill, I love them.

    As for now, QCY are hands down the best.
  14. tsoltan
    No reply from them. But anyway 'official' on Ali it's just marketing crap.
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  15. Soreniglio
    I'm trying to listen to some Progressive Metal on the QCY (using the smallest eartips), and **** if they're good.

    Anyways, how do I know which size of eartips suit me best? I find that usually the smallest eartips are very easy to put in my ears, while medium are average difficulty, and the biggest are easy too, but the sound is weird, feels like I'm listening to the music while being in a tunnel.

    With the smallest eartips the QCY sound way more bass-heavy, I can feel the bass clearly, but mids are forward too, maybe highs lack a bit.

    With the medium eartips everything seems more balanced, perhaps.

    EDIT: Just kidding, with the smallest eartips I'm listening to Rishloo (prog metal) very clearly and fine, guitars are a bit recessed perhaps.

    Also, I heard that QCY's volume could be lacking. I honestly think they're great in that too!

    I'm loving the QCY so far, I think I might decide and upgrade to the Tranya T3 one day!
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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