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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. hifi80sman
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  2. Bartig
    Guys! Stop making Anbes bigger than it is. Anbes puts its name on EVERYTHING. Even the cheapest 1 dollar earphones which smell like paint.

    This pictured XG-13 was also advertised as Anbes, but it's just a totally generic product.

    As is any other Anbes. I'm sure it's safe to buy the other UFO designs. They're all the same, just a rebranded model that is called Air+ in your Bluetooth list. It's really nothing special.

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  3. clerkpalmer
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  4. Heisenberg1895
    Ok. So I've messaged about 4 sellers just gotta wait an see now. Strangely enough the all have great feedback buy none of the photos have the logo on
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  5. Heisenberg1895
    Dunno wether it's worth all the hassle now tbh. Maybe i should just get the mpow t5 or stick with the TRANYA t3???
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  6. hifi80sman
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  7. hifi80sman
    If you're down for $129, then may as well pony up for the RHA TrueConnect at $169. They sound great, with the exception being some people say there is a bit of an echo to my voice during calls.
  8. albau
    Oh, my bad! Thanks for pointing it out. It wasn't clear from the Amazon page if T5 have volume control. Damn, that's the only reason I ordered Tranya T3 since it clearly had vol controls in pictures. I use 359 as gym backup for my beloved MW07 but after few months Anbes started to literally fall apart (buttons, case cover, sudden spurious reconnects). Guess there's no $24.99 lunch for this sound quality. So I was looking for another cheapish backup. But bass-beastly Tranyas weren't my first choice vs T5 judging by everything I learned about them here and on youtube. Luckily Tranyas are still in rout so I'll just send them back unpacked and will order T5. Thanks again, @hifi80sman.
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  9. Boreaquis
    I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on the Nillkin Go. At $30, they seem pretty tempting. Any chance of a more detailed review?

    If I recall correctly, you sold me on the Sabbat X12 last year, which I've been very happy with. I'm looking for an upgrade on my Havit I93 though, which doesn't quite have the same audio quality (and lacks volume control).

    EDIT: Searched the thread for all your posts about it, and decided to order. Less than $30 shipped with ePacket means I can't complain about the price at least.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  10. vstolpner
    In fairness, no one is talking about Anbes in general - the high praise is specifically about the Anbes 359. They also show up as "ANBES 359" in Bluetooth list, not Air+. And people that ended up receiving differently branded UFO models, weren't too happy with them (exception being Kissral).
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  11. Heisenberg1895
    Also noticed there are Mpow T6"s.
    But judging by the price etc I'm guessing the T5 are still the better model?
  12. hifi80sman
    You mention the gym and the MPOW T5 get LOUD, REALLY LOUD.


    Vol Control: Double Click Right = Vol+ / Double Click Left = Vol-

    Track Skip: Long Press Right = Fwd / Long Press Left = Back

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  13. hifi80sman
    Never tried the T6, but judging by the price and features, the T5 is their superior model. Clearly, there is no naming consistency.
  14. Heisenberg1895
    So. I got like 15 minutes to order the T5s if i want them tomorrow. Will mean returning the TRANYA t3s so need to be sure before I go for it
  15. d3myz
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