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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Heisenberg1895
    Oh well. I went for the t5s I'll give em both a listen and return the ones I don't like i guess lol
  2. hifi80sman
  3. Soreniglio
    I noticed that both Audiocart and Official Anbes store removed the writing "anbes" on the shell of the charging case pics.

    Great, just great.

    Is there any chance that I might receive the Kissral rebrand instead? Coolhere worries me quite a bit.

    Hopefully my QCY will be good, battery life worries me a bit, I heard Anbes reached 4.5 hours per charge...

    How's the sound signature of QCY? I read that it is quite balanced, is that so?
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  4. Heisenberg1895
  5. Bartig
    I ordered them, got them without branding and once I put the right ear tips on, the sound is as more people here described before. Airy, balanced, not too bassy. So I just awarded them five stars in my review. Brand or no brand on the box.

    For what it's worth. :)
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  6. FYLegend
    You'll probably receive Coolhere or Letscom BE30 which people are reporting from Anbes 3C as well. Anbes Official tells me it is still not rebrand, but I have my doubts since "Can Peng" is the person that responds in both Audiocart and Anbes Official, but if that case they're probably pretending they're not aware of my other conversation. Audiocart just keeps telling me "it's the exact same product, just the warehouse is sending a new version, sorry we will offer big discount because it was probably damaged while shipping". I've never heard of IEMs drivers damaging due to shipping so it's one of the worst excuses I've seen.

    I think rebranding is not as much a concern as defects like bass imbalance. So far I've seen a few reviews of receiving rebrands from Anbes 3C but nobody has reported defects like mine. There was another user here who thought the unbranded UFO they received sounded lacking in bass and not up to par with other TWS, but maybe that's more of a personal preference...

    Is there another Anbes 359-type TWS that uses the exact same buds but a different case? Letscom has a BE32 which uses the same earpiece as their BE30, but the case is rectangular with up to 27 hours playback, but unfortunately only microUSB.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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  7. d3myz
    why not keep both? they are both pretty different IMO and i've been testing between all my TWS' including the T5 and everyone says the T3's have the best sound quality.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  8. Spamateur
    Just got the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 in today to compare with my Mavin Air-X. These are both going for similar prices right now (~$120-$130 USD) so I feel like it's a good comparison.

    Initial impressions are that the Melomania is quite decent. Low noise floor (some barely perceptible hiss) and I had a good fit with the included large silicone tips. I'll have to try the foam tips that came with the package but they look downright tiny so I doubt i'll have any luck with them.

    Sound signature for the Cambridge is warm. The top end sounds good for the most part, but there's a moderate lack of air, definition and harmonic overtones to cymbals. They remind me of the RHA TrueConnect in this regard. There's a mid-focused character to the sound where vocals are quite intimate. It reminds me a lot of some of the older Empire Ears/Earwerks CIEM models which had a similar intimacy to the vocals. When it comes to bass, tonality is definitely on the thicker side, and has more of a broad mid-bass hump that most folks will like, but I honestly found it too thick and heavy for my personal taste. Unfortunately, the bass also bleeds into the mids to a moderate degree, giving some vocals a throaty or chesty sound. There's probably a dip in the upper mid frequency response somewhere that's causing this. Overall, it's very much a crowd-pleasing signature that's easy on the ears, but lacks the ultimate in resolution. The bass being overripe also compromises imaging and separation, as poorly-mixed or complex tracks can get a little confused and muddled.

    In comparison, the Mavin has significantly more clarity, transparency and never sounds confused or muddled. The Air-X is on the warmer side of neutral but is much clearer, more resolving and even in tonality across the frequency spectrum. There's a bass hump but it's narrower in scope and lower in the frequency range with no bleed into the mids, so the presentation sounds clearer and more balanced. There's a good sense of treble air without seeming bright or spotlit on the Mavin in general, and it's certainly a notable difference from the Melomania which sounds a bit closed-in in comparison. The Air-X also really excels at soundstage by IEM standards, whereas the Cambridge sounds a bit more close-mic'd although is more than acceptable in that regard. Sound-wise, you can probably tell I think the Air-X is the better performer.

    When it comes to build quality, the Cambridge is significantly better. The glossy plastic case and earphone shells in the Air-X feels chintzy and cheap whereas the Cambridge model's plastic feels much higher quality with more of a solid feel. Both charging cases are small and convenient, but the Cambridge is delightfully tiny. The buttons on the Cambridge are also easier to press (maybe too easy) but it's nice not having to press too hard into your ear canal to change the volume or pause a track. I also get a better fit with the Cambridge compared to the Mavin, with the Cambridge I can see providing more long-term comfort, although as always YMMV.

    The Mavin Air-X are still my gold standard in terms of sound quality. I just wish I could get that same quality in a TW model with better build quality and better noise isolation for air travel. The Cambridge are quite good for the price, but I don't think they're up to par when it comes to absolute sound quality. However, as usual, I'm not sure which one I'll keep. I like the fit and quality feel of the Cambridge, but the Mavin has a clarity that previously was only available in uber-expensive wired IEMs.

    On a sidenote, it blows me away how good TW models are sounding these days. The wonders of digital signal processing as opposed to analog crossovers is really impressive and I think we'll get to the point where bulky "portable" IEM rigs will truly be a thing of the past.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  9. FYLegend
    Yeah, but I've been seeing some reports of deep thumping bass as well. Your description sounds like my right bud but the left bud has deep thumping bass which sounds as if it was digitally EQ'd rather than how it should be. There are some times where the driver flexes back and the bass sounds more balanced but highs are also lost on the left bud, and then it would flex back and it sounds too bassy again. Let's call it a feature! "8D true binaural surround woofer"...

    The Womdee you listed in your review seems to be a different design from the typical BE30 UFOs.
  10. Bartig
    About that bass... Don't forget it's in the ear of the beholder too. I lent my Honor xSport AM61 to a friend today. I find them bassy. He thinks they totally lack bass - even though he heard the bass right, so he has a good fit.

    So many people, so many ears, so many other reference models. :)

    (Oh and oops. Will change the links, thanks!)
  11. actorlife
    I still think you should get the real anbes with the lettering on the case. Mine has volume control and sounds fantastic for music and movies sound excellent on Netflix. Call quality is good in a quiet place. Overall I'm glad you like them. Too bad you're not in the US I'd send you my pair to review.
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  12. Bartig
    They sound great in movies! They have a delay on iPhone though. :frowning2:
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  13. actorlife
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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  14. actorlife
    Ah OK, but in that section you gave 1 star for both call and movie use. I use mostly Android and my Aptx Cayin N3. So you might have gotten a good batch after all, except mine has volume control. Are you sure it doesn't have it on yours? Where have you seen them for $25? Price is $45 and when on sale $30-32.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  15. FYLegend
    Also, regarding your 359 review, have you tried holding the left or right earbud for 4 seconds to change volume until you hear a beep? That's how it works on my Coolhere UFO, which I find really cumbersome since if I hold too long it shuts them off, too short it stops the music. Sometimes the beep to signal volume has changed is VERY faint on my phone, and completely absent on my Windows 10 laptop. The original 359 and Letscom BE30 had double-tap to change volume.
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