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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. srinivasvignesh
    Actually prime day price was $36. Lasted a few hours only though. Before I could actually check out, it was back to this price.
  2. oranelle
    I'm waiting for my mpow T5. Will post compare to adv model x and creative outlier air.
    hifi80sman and falang like this.
  3. oranelle
    I thought it was T3. Holy cow, lost million $
  4. srinivasvignesh
    When you buy and sell a lot, especially to experiment, I do not know about you. But, every $ counts.
  5. actorlife
    Shanling No volume controls and no aptx? I already have that it's the Funcl W1, which has great EQ.
  6. oranelle
    absolutely correct! Feel like losing a lot when picked it up 40+...My monitering failed.
  7. clerkpalmer
    These look really cool. UK only which is very weird to me. Must not have US BT certification yet?
  8. albau
    This, T5, others. I may understand no AptX (chip) or USB-C (hardware), but what is so hard about volume control? How it's different from skipping tracks? Cheaper ChiFis like 359 or qs2 do this.
  9. actorlife
    That's why I recommend these cheap chi-fi cause most of the time they have more features and way cheaper. Most of us don't have Bose, Sony, AT money + We can get 4-6 different TWS at those 150-300 price range.
  10. Heisenberg1895
    Sounds good. But I still have the problem of locating a pair of 359"s lol
  11. vstolpner
    I suspect they did that due to limited controls. Mentioned that ambient mode is enabled with a long press and track skipping by double tap. Doesn't leave many options for volume control.

    And, having never tried Aptx, I don't mind it not being there. But that's due to using Realtek chip, which is fine by me.
  12. vstolpner
    I think AliExpress is your only option. A few people have been tried to find an original Anbes 359 in this thread from the AliExpress sellers... Search back a few days to a week - I think I recall someone found them.

    Alternatively I believe Kissral (K18?) Are the same thing.
  13. actorlife
    Man I hope you can get a pair they have been off Amazon for a month. I've seen a couple on ebay. I think someone linked aliexpress.com as well, but maybe out of stock too. You might want to check Kissral version they seem to be the same sound sig. On sale on amazon:
    1 359 left on ebay Whoa:
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  14. albau
    Man, Shanling, MPOW T5, etc are also cheap ChiFi, just maybe $10-20 more expensive than 359, and still skip on volume control. Bugs me why. If they have AAC, and most do, I really don't care about AptX since with a single cheap dynamic microdriver and a compressed streaming source in a typical noisy environment it doesn't make any real sonic difference. And most modern Android versions support AAC. But while working out trying to find by touch volume buttons on your phone in a pocket or reaching it out when it's stowed away from the weights is a real nuisance.
  15. actorlife
    It's funny I got those Funcl W1 for $25 Indiegogo and now amazon is selling them for $45. But yeah it's unexcusable to not have vol control or at least given an option to have it. That's the reason my Funcl doesn't get used as much and the SQ is really good too. Also the Anbes does not have aptx and still manages to sound incredible. I'm also a stickler on battery being at least 7HRS or more on newer products.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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