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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Heisenberg1895
  2. wes1099
    Hmm, I just found this thread after ordering the jabra elite 65t on the prime day sale for $119. How bad have I played myself? The MPOW T5 and Funcl W1 look like they might be just as good if not better and they cost a lot less... And I just saw the TWS600....
  3. actorlife
  4. clerkpalmer
    You did fine. That’s a great price and that’s a very good choice. Can’t comment directly on the mpow but reviews on the tws600 are pretty mixed. Apparently they may have shrill highs and tuned for little bass. I am staying away from those.
  5. actorlife
    The best option is Kissral R18 on sale at Amazon for $29. Unless you want to pay 40 for the Anbes 359 on eBay, which I highly recommend.
  6. Heisenberg1895
    Ok thanks very much. The hunt continues :frowning2:
  7. actorlife
    Did you contact that seller you linked? You never know.
    Check with this seller and ask for a discount if they are the real deal: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32967888433.html
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  8. hifi80sman
    I had the same "feeling", although I wasn't sure if it was just placebo effect. Glad to see there was someone else that had the same impressions. :)
  9. wes1099
    Oh I haven't seen the TWS600 reviews, probably wise to stay away from them if they have mixed reviews. My jabra elite 65t arrives tomorrow and I think I'll be satisfied with them because my beat-up jaybird x3's are barely functional anymore.
  10. wes1099
    For $29 I might get the Kissral R18 as well. I can actually get them for $26 since I have an Amazon employee discount.
    actorlife likes this.
  11. actorlife
    Great deal those are usually $40-45. Can't wait to hear your impressions if you do get them.
  12. Heisenberg1895
    Says not available :frowning2:
  13. hifi80sman
    The MPOW T5 has aptX, volume control, and cVc 8.0. Uses the Qualcomm 3026 SoC. Are you thinking about the Tranya T3?
    d3myz likes this.
  14. actorlife
    Maybe popup blocker? Maybe try another browser? It's working on my side on Chrome.
  15. hifi80sman
    You make it sound as if you only intend to have 1 pair of 'buds. Get both!
    Caipirina likes this.
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