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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. actorlife
    AWESOME! It's about time. Wow the Tiso I4 that bad? Yeah those Syllables are growing on me mostly due to the battery. I use them almost everyday watching youtube. You should put this list in your sig, so people can stop asking you which ones you like the most.
  2. actorlife
    You gave me a big chuckle. Yes these audio things are addictive. Yep same here my money is tight too. Let us know when you get your two new TWS. Which ones did you order?
  3. Soreniglio
    I originally bought Creative Outlier Air, but both pairs were defective, so I got a refund.

    Then I bought Anbes 359, but I fear they might be knock offs, so I bought QCY (the version with the lid on the charging case), and they're arriving in few days.

    If my Anbes end up being a legit pair, I will give my QCY to my mom.

    I am going to receive the QCY first tho, since I bought them on Amazon for 20 €, Anbes are a long way to come (Aliexpress).
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  4. Dcell7
    No release info yet. On social media Shanling stated a few days ago they will release more info next week. So in a few days there will be probably more information.
  5. Caipirina
    No no no ... the Tiso are not bad at all, they are in my top 15! :D

    It's so hard to draw the lines ... somehow maybe the Tiso have thus far failed to 'wow' me .. this might change ... can't say I have given all of them a fair shake yet.
  6. hifi80sman
    I don't foresee Audio-Technica releasing USB C any time soon. Even their latest products feature Micro USB. It seems like they are aware it's a market impact, so they go out of their way to simply state "USB charging cable".

    The typical tagline is cost, but given many dirt cheap Chi-Fi units already have USB C, it may be more along the lines of already purchased, or obligated to purchase, Micro USB stock.

    Sony, however, has moved over, it seems completely, to USB C. Gotta give them credit.
  7. jant71
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  8. clerkpalmer
    What is this?
  9. actorlife
    Those are great options. Hopefully you get the real Anbes cause they are the best deal out there. Too bad about the Creatives. So many great options for 8hr+ battery and APTX for such a low price. Check my sig so you can check out which other ones are good as well.
  10. jant71
  11. hifi80sman
  12. Soreniglio
    Anyhow, I've been looking on the net a bit, and Edifier TWS1 seem to be mid and high centric earphones, one review says that they are good for "soft music", another one says that their mids and highs are very good. fyi.
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  13. actorlife
  14. hifi80sman
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  15. actorlife
    They are known for their mids, bass and highs on their products so far, so I bet the SQ is great. Now hopefully the soundstage is great too.
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