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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Slater
    I've never heard the ear studio es100, but from I have read there would be no comparison. The aptX, balanced output, app, EQ, built in amp, etc. No contest.

    I specifically mentioned the BT20 because it classifies as TW, unlike the other TRN bluetooth cables (of which there are loads of Bluetooth cables from many manufacturers).

    The BT20 is unique in that it is a TW adapter that has a removable interface that allows one to connect a multitude of IEMs. I really hope we see other competitors come out with a similar product. However, it is not perfect and I have my own complaints about the BT20. But then again, nothing is perfect.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
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  2. david8613
    any other high end truewireless coming out soon?
  3. Slater
    Very cool!

    My thoughts:

    1. I'm sad and disappointed that AirPods have 60% of market share. That just tells me that more and more manufacturers are going to try and copy their recipe - poor isolation, mediocre sound, with the same earpod shape.
    2. I'm impressed to see not only QCY as a brand make the top 6 worldwide, but the T1 model specifically. Very impressive when the T1 and it's variations can be bought for $10-$15.
    3. I think I'm going to have to check out some of the others on that list.
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  4. Bob24
    Maybe bad manufacturers will. If they are good manufacturers, they’d better copy the rest of the recipe: small size, decent battery life, confortable to wear, near flawless Bluetooth connectivity, and best in class ease of use with multiple devices (in this case, as long as they are Apple devices).

    Also I think AirPod figures are inherent to Apple being an early starter on that market. They got into it very early and nailed the usability aspect first time around. Many other manufacturers still have usability/connectivity issues (Sony in particular seems to struggle) or didn’t have a product widely available at the time of that study (RHA and Sennheiser for exemple were only launching their TW products during Q4).
  5. chinmie
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  6. david8613
    can we not derail this thread wired Bluetooth headphones, please lets keep this about true wireless.
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  7. thrgk
    I got the Anbes 359 but for some reason the left one doesn't glow blue like the right one. I've pressed, held the mfb and still nothing. So I put them in the case and plugged the case in overnight but still nothing. Anyone have this issue before? I ordered from Amazon and seller was Shenhen-us(or something).

    Thanks guys!
  8. Slater
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
  9. actorlife
    Thrgk, Might be a silly question but did you take the plastic piece off on the buds that cover the charging pins when new? If not then yes both should blink blue/red on left bud when taken out. Also make sure each bud is on the right case for L/R. They should light up blue on the side of the case as well.
  10. d3myz
    I saw you mentioned you have the iBasso IT01's? How do they sound with the TRN BT20? do they hiss? I have a pair and I get hiss in 3 different BT cables. This one from Penon Audio is almost unbearable, yet the sound quality is pretty nice. https://penonaudio.com/accessories/earphone-cable/bluetooth/bgvp-m1-mmcx-bluetooth-cable.html. I also have some Tin Audio T2's that I really like for audiobooks, They have a weird form factor, interested to see how the BT20 would work with them, have any experience with them?
  11. clerkpalmer
    The hiss on my trn bt20 is unbearable and renders them utterly useless. I admittedly have not tried many combinations. If anyone is successfully using the bt20 without hiss I would love to hear what iems you are using.
  12. d3myz
    Is this using the IT01s? or which headphones? 2-pin or MMCX?
  13. thrgk
    Your a genius! There was plastic, now they work. Thanks so much man!!!!!!

  14. clerkpalmer
    Trn v80. 2 pin.
  15. actorlife
    Your welcome.:beerchug: I hope to see your review soon.
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