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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. d3myz
  2. d3myz
    Has Anyone tried the Anbes D42's?
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  3. albau
    Those are mentioned every other post for many months here. As a nerd, especially the socialist one, you would love to scroll a hundred pages back :). I have mw07 and at least among higher end pure wireless IEMs I’ve heard (65t and E8) they sound the best. But make no mistake, they’re not “audiophile”. Many purists will tell you that IEMs can’t sound audiophile by definition, much less wireless ones. To me mw07 sound extremely engaging with decent clarity and detail, but at best they still sound like a good pair of $100 single dynamic driver wired IEMs. No more, nor less.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
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  4. phiemon
    Which is, actually, the "best" sounding wireless IEM? Sony? Sennheiser? Bose? Thank you for the reply :).
  5. Slater
    I would say take one of 'the best' IEMs, such as CA Andromeda, Kanas Pro, etc, and attach it to a TRN BT20 TW adapter.

    I have used my iBasso IT01, Magaosi K5, and Pioneer CH9T all with the TRN BT20 TW adapter, and I'd wager they all sound better than the best TW earphone.

    Plus I have the flexibility to change the IEM out with anything in my collection.
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  6. webvan
    Don't you get the same horrible hiss with the TRN BT adapters (BT3, BT10 and BT20) as everyone else?
  7. 05stisilver
    The hiss isn't noticeable on all iem's. On my TRN V80's the hiss is horrible but on the Revonext QT2 I can't hear any hiss at all.
  8. matokt
    Anbes 359 or QCY T1C or something entirely else?
    Dunno really what to expect from that low-budget cost but I want to focus on audio-quality and fit and both seem to be small, just dunno about the SQ.
    Maybe something entirely else? Doesnt have to be that low in price. Hard to choose in this jungle
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  9. mjb152
  10. hifi80sman
    The Treblab X5 sounds good. It's a exciting V-shaped signature, but not too V-shaped (ahem, pretty much ALL of Monster's earbuds). Full controls on the earbuds. Comfortable, stable fit. The only reason I returned them, is I'm not a fan of the way they looked when I was wearing them, but that's totally subjective.
  11. LajostheHun
    Thanks, I use EQ on all of my connected headphones via the music apps I use on the phone., but I usually "agree" better with U/V shaped response vs the complete flat or neutral ones.
    Question: Can you summon Google Assistant via any of the buttons or combinations of them?
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  12. scrane
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
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  13. BudConlin
    The "LE-Momentum TW" bluetooth device you see is the left earpiece. Yes, it tangentially relates to the SmartControl app as the app controls features relevant to using both earpieces, e.g. equalizer. I encourage anyone with questions to reach out to the Sennheiser tech support folks for add'l info/answers.
  14. Slater
    Exactly. Hiss is only on extremely sensitive IEMs (which can hiss on a lot of DAPs and phones anyways).

    What you may be referring to it the 'white noise' sound. It is ONLY present when you pause music, and it is VERY low volume (barely perceptible), and it is NOT there when you play music (even at low volume).

    The point is that the "best" TW can be your own "best" configuration. No waiting on companies to fix flaky firmware problems, Frankenstein looking bolts coming from your ears, battery draining issues, charge cases that don't fit in your pocket, waiting on crowd funding false promises, etc. It's simply another option you may have not considered.

    I like my 2-pin TRN BT20 so much I bought and use the mmcx one. The only downside is the ear guides may not be perfect for every ear or every IEM. They can be easily reformed with a hair dryer or heat gun though. For example, the 2-pin one fits an aluminum quad driver IEM like it was designed for it, and on the mmcx version it fits the ibasso IT01 like it was made for it. Since both IEMs sound great with the BT20, it is unnecessary to reform the ear guides.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
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  15. scotvl
    I haven't heard any of the TRN Bluetooth adapters but the ear studio es100 sounds as good if not better than the quad dac from my LG G7.
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