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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. actorlife
    Looks like the Sabbat x12 will be here tomorrow. Heck yeah. I'm really digging the Funcl W1 great SQ for only 19.99 on idigogo campaign. Prices went up to normal price. Still worth it for $49.
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  2. Luchyres

    @turbobb - thank you for this recommendation. I bought the Timmkoo per your rec back in the thread, and I really like them. Of course I've purchased a few other TWEs to test since then, but the Timmkoo always win, not even when evaluating the price.

    I'm returning my Mavin Air-X because, honestly, the Timmkoo sound better to me, and do a much better job with calls (mic-wise).

    Just wanted to give you and Timmkoo another shout-out to encourage anyone on the fence
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  3. actorlife
    Got home to a surprise. Sabbat here. Now to open the package. :)
  4. clerkpalmer
    Looking forward to impressions. Particularly sq.
  5. chinmie

    also got the beautiful looking coffee coloured sabbat here. here's some pros and cons about them (cons first)

    man...this thing, like the mifo o5, reeeallly needs a burn in period. even more so than the mifo. ootb the treble is really rolled off like listening to FM radio, and the bass is overwhelming.

    battery also a bit less than the X12..i think this one is around 5-6 hours while the X12 can push through 7. it's still alot, but still less than X12 and mifo..i rarely hear the battery low warning on those two, while i already heard several times on the E12 since i got them.

    after several hours of burn in, the bass is still rather big for my taste (similar to WF700N), but much more controlled. the treble also shows details, although still falls into warm and smooth treble characteristic. overall the sound tonality reminds me alot to the Pamu Scroll, but much much better..the Pamu is so grainy in sound that it physically hurts my ears, and it's not improving at all even after a long burn in.

    the case is more weighty and have a more solid feel compared to the X12

    the fit on this E12 is the best between all my TWs, maybe even from all my iems. it's like wearing the X12, but in iem form...i really forgot even wearing it. it also doesn't have that vacuum effect when put on, so a lot less thumping noise when walking, and won't vibrate and makes rumbling noise when i use it inside my helmet.

    i think it's because it has a vent on the upper side to reduce that vacuum effect. the downside is it blocks less noise than my other TWs (except for the X12 of course )

    i sold my 65t (my designated TWs for riding). this E12 is a much better TWs for riding for me. the extra bass also makes it shine in street situation, because i can set the volume quite lower and still hear the bass. it performs better than the Mifo and M2 for noisy situations.

    it uses Sony hybrids for it's stock tips. fit is incredible with them, but i switch to symbios to reduce the bass just a nudge and give it more definition.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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  6. srinivasvignesh
    Of all the TW I have tried, the Sabbats are proving to be the best for calls, especially in a noisy environment. I am able to take calls comfortably in the noisy streets of India.
  7. webvan
    @chinmie - thanks for the E12 review. Do they really come with the old Sony (or clones) hybrid tips with foam inside or the newer triple comfort with thick rubber? Based on your review the SQ doesn't seem to be as pleasant as the X12s even after a burn in?
    The design to reduce the thumping is interesting but then you lose isolation when you need it and there's no transparency mode.
    Sounds like a good single TW choice but won't be as versatile as an X12/65t vomno :wink:
  8. Bartig
    So... they sound exactly the same as the X12 Pro?
  9. chinmie
    not really. the X12 is more balanced and airy
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  10. Dyismar
    Hi. Newbie here and the main purpose of joining is this thread. I've learned about a lot of unknown TWE brands and its hard to choose what to buy between those wide variety of choices. Can anyone recommend me an TWE meeting this checklist?

    6-7 hours battery life on a single charge (a must)
    IEM shaped design (not apple airpods design)
    USB type c charging case (not that important but its nice if its Type-C)
    minimal to no sound leaking (Will be using it to library most of the time)
    Not sure with the sound sig I'm looking for but I usually listen to rock/metal.
    APTX capability is bonus.

    My choices are sabbat x12/e12, mifo o5, havit G1, Simgot MTW5. My budget is at $100 and those are the best ones I've found. Thank you. :)
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
  11. nc8000 Contributor
    The G1 is at best going to give you a little over 4 hours on a charge, there are very few if any that will give 6-7 hours
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  12. chinmie
    it's using the sony hybrids types but with no foams inside.

    the E12 has a more energetic sound, while the X12 is natural and relaxing. direct comparison is a bit hard between them. i do personally prefer to have X12 sound in an IEM form, but this E12 is also good.

    to me personally, the E12 has the edge compared to the 65t in sound, battery life, and comfort..not to mention price. so i think it's better to have X12/E12 combo than X12/65t combo
  13. smaragd
    Also, the E12 is more immune to interference than any other chi-if true wireless buds...
  14. webvan
    Lack of transparency vs the 65t would bug me and weaker isolation too. Hard to imagine the call quality being better too. Now it may be enough. Now they need to fit you well of course.
  15. RobinFood
    I am really curious about this, but does the x12 fit in the e12 case and vice versa?
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