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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. hifi80sman
    If you're using an Android Phone, you can check under Developer Options.

    Did you get these from Amazon using the promo code?
    My first thought exactly. My second thought, if they quietly fixed the battery issue...
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
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  2. clerkpalmer
    Sadly, at 43 years old I can’t pull them off. As an aside, I had a lapse of judgment and impulse grabbed a pair of beyerdynamic xelentos today. Not even wireless. What is wrong with me!
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  3. Kenneth Galang
    thank you I'll look into it!! would you happen to know if the shanling m0 is a decent player?? I think it said it had 15hrs of battery, idk if bluetooth would change that
  4. hifi80sman
    LOL. 43 is not that old. In my 30s, but the M&D are supposed to be worn by the "professional", not the college whippersnapper.

    And yes, you have a problem. If I'm going to spend 1k, I gotta go over-ear. At least it says "Made in Germany" on the earbud face itself. That way, everyone will know you absolutely DIDN'T get suckered. Dude, it's made in effing GERMANY!
  5. Wrathbringer27
    It's IPX7 too. Not sure about DAPs as I never owned one. Has SBC and AAC.


    Seems like bass is lacking in some areas. BT use should be below 15h.
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  6. Kenneth Galang
    thank you!! around 8 should be good enough. might settle on getting the m0 and one of the TW's that's been rec'd so far
  7. Edwood
    As much as I like my Jaybird X2's and Freedom 2's, I only use them for my workouts. I haven't found a pair of Wireless IEM's that will keep me from using my JH Audio Layla's. Now if only JH Audio or someone would make a wireless Dongle adapter or something for Custom IEM's.
  8. clerkpalmer
    In my defense, I got them directly from beyer for 500. That’s basically one mw07 and one soundsport free. Peanuts right. Sale ended today. There were 6 available. I couldn’t resist. Plus made in Germany can’t be any worse than those klipsch
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  9. hifi80sman
    NIce. $500, justified. Not crazy, nor do you have a problem. Crisis averted. Carry on.
  10. clerkpalmer
    We will see if they can dethrone the mw07 ...
  11. KarimLeVallois
    You're joking right? I'm 40 and rock the tortoise shell on my commute around London. As hifi80sman has said, they're for the professional who cares about music, not like wearing a pair of garish Beats! lol
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  12. clerkpalmer
    I was referring specifically to the marble white. I currently own the black ones. I wish I lived in London. I’ve been watching catastrophe on prime. I’m jonesing for a trip.
  13. 05stisilver
    Spinfit CP155 work great but sit too shallow if you push them all the way down the nozzle. YMMV.[/QUOTE]

    Thank you very much! I pushed the stock tips about halfway down and that did it for me! I'm very pleased with these. If only they had a transparency mode I would be done.
  14. KarimLeVallois
    To be honest, I think they're a tad bright for me! lol We should all organise a London user meetup sometime.
  15. C_Lindbergh
    I really want a pair of True Wireless earbuds, but there's always seem to be some major drawback...

    There isn't much options left either if you want good SQ with a customizible EQ, I'm mostly looking at the Senneheiser TWE, but it got so many flaws besides SQ...

    Just give me a pair of TWEs with:

    Good SQ
    Great app with a good EQ and loads of settings like customizable gestures/actions.
    Decent battery life (5 hours plus at least 3 charges in the case imo)
    Fast charge and wireless charging in the case.
    Premium build quality

    Both the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0 and Senneheiser comes pretty close, but the first is just simply too expensive (370 Euros) and the latter got so many flaws like the battery draining issue, mediocre battery life, weird gesures (in my opinon).

    I wouldn't mind paying 370 Euros for the E8 2.0 if it wasn't for the battery longevity problem (which affects all TWE's). Eventually the battery will degrade over time, It's not such a big deal for headphones with at least 30 hours of battery, there you wont notice lets say a 20% drop that much. However a 20% drop for a pair of TWE's with 4-5 hours of battery life is much worse and noticeable.
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