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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. 05stisilver
    I had the e12's and returned them for the Mavin (not sure if it's considered chi-fi or not) but I prefer the Mavin sound much more then the e12's but they are about double the cost.
  2. sly_in_the_sky
    I finally sold my MW07... despite the fact that for me, they are slightly better in terms of soundstage and have clearer mids than the Senns, the problem is the fit... impossible to find correct tips that work for me.. Symbio, Spinfits, stock tips... they don't fit and for "on the go" purpose, the isolation was affected... I only used them at home which is nonsense since I was looking for a nomade setup...

    I also had the Earin m2 but decidet to send them back due to this annoying resonnance in bassy tracks... they are really nice but did not want to wait for their firmware upgrade...

    I finally bought for the second time the Senns and realise how comfy they are, how good they isolate... AND how good they sound... for me, the best option if you look an on the go TW option with premium sound without compromising isolation, comfort and features... My unit seems not to have the drain case issue so... Now I think that I'll stick with Senns for my everyday use and the Jabra 65t Elite for running... Wile waiting for my Earsonics Purple for home...
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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  3. Bartig
    I think the QCY QS1 is superior to the Sabbat X12 Pro. Where the X12 Pro puts more emphasis on the bass and lower mids, the QS1 is more balanced and cohesive sounding. It also don't have to put it very deep into my ear, as is needed with the X12. Furthermore it's better for commuting: there's less wind noise coming trough and better isolation.
  4. SyCoTiM
    I just got some TWE from Amazon called the FOCUSPOWER F16. The previous model(F10) had some decent reviews so I thought I'd give this a try. For starters, I promised myself I wouldn't get anything less than AptX, wouldn't get anything less that 6 hours of runtime(work related projects), and refused to deal with products with phony reviews. These checked those boxes so I thought I'd take the plunge, especially since it only costs rough $65.


    Now, let's start with bass, since it takes center stage. It's full, prominent, and surprisingly well-controlled. It doesn't bleed into the mids at all. I'm very impressed so far and I think these will perform very well with movies.

    The mids weren't as impressive. They're a bit more in the background, though that's not inherently bad as it comes down to preference. But, it sounds pretty well-represented despite it not being forward. My biggest grip is, it lacks air, so female vocals never feel fully open when they're hitting the high notes. There's a sense of compression. So, overall, I'd say it's decent in a vacuum. I just have to make it a point not to listen to these right after my 58x's.

    As for the highs, I find them to be above average. There's enough to appreciate them when called upon, but it doesn't blow me away in any sense. The job just gets done.

    Separation deserves a special nod as it keeps the overall sound from being too linear. The stage isn't too big, but at least I can distinguish the notes individually.

    So far, the functionality been serviceable. The signal never drops, there's no weird anomalies such as uttering or stutters. Though, there are a few oddities I have to wrap my head around. Right now, my case says the battery is at 4/5 bars, yet the earphones announced low battery. They've been in the case for the whole day outside of the last hour and I made sure they're not connected when they're in the case. Another issue is, the paperwork stated that it's supposed to connect automatically after the first try once you remove them from the charging case, this didn't happen the last two times I took them out. Hopefully, it'll work itself out or maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not counting on it. Lastly, if I just take one out to use then later take the second out, my phone will see them as two different bluetooth devices. I have to turn them on and off to get them synchronized. I suspect that maybe this is something I'm doing wrong, so I won't hold that against them. All in all, I think that this a learning process for me and because of this, I will not fault these earphones for these slight issues yet, but I will let some slide since these are just $65. These aren't deal-breakers, so I'm convinced that these are well worth it and I look forward to familiarizing myself with them down the line.

    On ear:

  5. BobJS
    Yes, I picked up a pair of these on the cheap. My TW collection is now out of control. These were the first Apple-style, non-sealed earbuds I have used and was quite surprised at how comfortable, secure, and good these sounded (especially for the price). Bang per buck is hard to beat.
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  6. Pro-Jules
    I wonder what space LDAC or AptX HD circuitry takes up and if it’s simply too much to fit into true witeless
  7. Bartig
    They look great! The sound signature seems to be exactly the same as the Sabbat X12 Pro. Heh.
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  8. SyCoTiM
    The Sabbat e12 and Mifo O5 were up for consideration, but I ultimately went for the F16's because of the smaller form-factor. The X12 Pro looks great too, but my co-workers would hate the sound leaking.
  9. 05stisilver
    Those of you with the Mavin air-x what tips are you using? I have contacted comply and spinfit to see what would fit but they have not responded.
  10. frolly
    For those interested:
    Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds With Charging Case For Just $94.99 Shipped From Verizon After $75 Discount!


    The price will drop to $99.99 in your cart after an automatic $70 discount.

    And use $5 off code: FIVEOFF
  11. Spamateur
    I have yet to get any Complys to fit. I've tried the T400 and T500 and both are too narrow.

    Spinfit CP155 work great but sit too shallow if you push them all the way down the nozzle. YMMV.
  12. mikp
    I had no problem with the ali t400 foam. Think im sticking to cp155 on these, get good isolation. If the mavin had ambient feature it would be foam as on my jabra 65. With a little effort the cp145 also fits.
  13. Spamateur
    Hmm... there must be a difference in bore size between the AliExpress T400 and the Comply T400 I tried. There is literally no way the Complys would fit on the Mavin for me. I thought about trying yet another Comply size but decided to stop wasting money cycling through them if Comply won't even give us a dang bore measurement to work with.

    The Spinfits worked great and sounded decent, although I preferred the sound of the stock tips if not the fit.

    I bought another set of foam tips off Amazon from some random Chinese brand. I haven't had a chance to try them yet, but I'll give them a shot and report back.
  14. chinmie
    if i remember correctly the mavin has huge thick nozzles, it should fit with eartips with 5mm cores. to be safe you could measure it first
  15. MarkF786
    Guys, sorry for my laziness in not reading the 350 page thread, but could someone give me a short list of the best cableless Bluetooth IEMs in terms of sound quality? I know Sennheiser is one option, but are there any strong competitors or something even better?
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