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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. bronco1015
    the mtw's sound capabilities, despite the poor eq settings are pretty impressive imo. In other random nes, the touch panel on my m4utw1's has completely died, and now if i fast forward a track from the right earbud, the buds get out of sync in this weird mono space like sound.
  2. BigZ12
    What's the latest firmware for the Beoplay E8?
    Does the update(s) fix the issues with lost connection on the left bud I've read about? Any other annoying bugs?
    I have the chance to buy the 2.0 edition for about $280. That's cheap here in expensive Norway. (retail is about $375)
    Shall I go for it, or just wait for the firmware update on MTW, and buy that again. (cannot stomach to buy it before it's updated... crackle, mic distortions, battery management...)
  3. nc8000 Contributor
    5.60 and there are still frequent short left unit drop outs
  4. BigZ12
    Ouch :frowning2:
    If they give me the opportunity to return them if I'm not pleased, I'll give them a try. If not, I think I'll cancel my order.
  5. Bartig
    Reading further into twe. I'd like to test more to be able te recommend sets to people. Currently on the brink of buying:

    - Mifo o5
    - Mpow T3
    - Sabbat E12

    Any thoughts to take into consideration?
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  6. smaragd
    Very impressed with the Sabbat E12 connection and stability. Live and work in Hong Kong where most of the TWE fail to perform reliably due to lots of EMI, RFI and WiFi / Bluetooth interference. Similar to Japan’s crowded metropolitan cities I haven’t experienced any drop outs with the Sabbats. Sounds is good but a bit bass heavy. Works well probably if you’re a bass head though. Sound quality is nevertheless entertaining and engaging but the emphasis on bass and a slight roll off on the highs made me pass... gave it to my daughter for gym use... her boyfriend uses the Havit and also didn’t complain.
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  7. Inear
    Difference between Sabbat x12 pro and e12? Are there any good revies out on these?
  8. 05stisilver
    Has anyone tried out the ath-sport7tw? and comparisons versus the Jabra 65t?
  9. clerkpalmer
    Yes. At has the edge in sq. And fit. At has some audio lag however. I like them both. I prefer the AT slightly due to better sq.
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  10. howdy
    After reading lots of reviews and to many YouTube reviews in still undecided on what to get for gym use. A big number 1 for me is zero cut outs (connection). Then sound and then battery. I'm usually at the gym 2 hours or less.
    I keep thinking between the Mavin and the Earin M2, but im open to any options/Opinions.
  11. 05stisilver
    Thanks for the reply.

    How is the battery life? It says 3.5 hours and also how is the hear through/transparency mode?
  12. clerkpalmer
    I haven’t tested those features. I believe the verge confirmed - and - blasted the 3.5 hour battery life. Jabra wins there for sure. My primary use for them is the gym so it’s never an issue. I have noticed the case holds a lot of charge and better yet doesn’t seem to drain in standby. It’s a good product. At 199 however you might consider the Bose or RHA. I had fit issues with RHA but they sound excellent.
  13. firewatersun
    Does anyone have the Sabbat E12 and the MW07 and could hey compare SQ? Obviously I'm not expecting the impossible but I wonder how close they get, if at all
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  14. turbobb
    @05stisilver - don't have the RHA but as for the ATH-SPORT7TW, they'll be shipped back tomorrow. The touch controls were flaky on mine and the hear-through would activate on its own randomly. At $199 there are better choices and I'd second the Bose (unless you'll be using for binge watching, they have some latency...).
  15. turbobb
    PSA: FWIW, Woot has the WF1000X in Like New condition on sale for $59.99. I take it to mean these are Open Box items... I'd jump in but if just one more set of TWE's appear at my doorstep... lol ^_^
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