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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. Rob E.
    That's not what Bartig wrote. You should re-read.
  2. TK33
    Did you end up trying the MW07 Plus or did you just decide to hold on to the MW07 Go (think you had mentioned it a while back)? I'm being indecisive now that I see the Steel Blue Plus on Best Buy available for order. Curious if anyone has tried both and noticed a big difference in sound without using ANC (i recall early reviews seemed to indicate only small differences).
  3. AudioNoob
    I'm not talking about Bartig, I'm talking about other reviews online. Why don't you let them answer since they have the earphones and we don't.
  4. bronco1015
    i found a couple presets in the app i like, and they are pretty fantastic. just trying to decide if i wear out the mOmentums and or Anbes 359s before i get a new pair..decisions. Definitely a great buy though, and no hiss!
  5. bronco1015
    Got the mavin AirXR in today. Pros, they each pair individually. Really small and well built case. FWIW, they charge via micro USB. Disapointing, but definitely not a deal breaker for me. The earbuds feel well built, but do feel like fingerprint magnets. Buds are very small and i got a great fit with them. Really comfortable. in addition to tips, also come with wings. Didn't try them because of how good the fit was but an added bonus if needed. Very responsive touch controls. the prompts were in a language i am not familiar with, but paring was simple enough, they did show up as Air XR L and r in available devices on my phone. 2 taps on left or right to raise and lower volume, 3 on either to summon assistent, and i basicly stopped there.. They honestly sound like a clearer, far less basy but similar in depth, ofusho F16. If they were the same price e.g. $30-35, i'd possibly keep them for the shower rotation, but they were $119. I was honestly shocked because of the feedback i've seen from several people about the airX. TLDR, they are going back.
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  6. jasaero
    OK, got the soundcore LP2 and have to agree with everyone else, that even at $100-150 hit above their cost. And the app is decent also. The standard sound mode isn't great and sort of boomy, but flat, lounge, and acoustic are OK. Acoustic is volume boost and somewhat flatter it seems. Overall they beat the MW07 Plus in my book. Just seem to cover every range of sound better and resolve things better. Only by a tiny bit and go a notch louder to boot... Which is probably better than ANC if you are OK at that volume.

    Edit: Have noticed I can get clipping on LP2 when on acoustic mode so the volume boost is a bit much it seems, so probably not meant for loud volume so much to improve acoustic performances somehow?

    Highs can still be harsh, but guess that could be addressed with one of the settings. Sony is still good, not as powerful and dynamic and like the ANC with customizable ambient, but just not as open or complete sounding and way more uncomfortable than LP2 and MW07 Plus. MTW really aren't bad, but stock tuning is not my cup of tea and were uncomfortable enough and silly enough about not always pairing up right away I just sorta excluded them early. With some EQ pretty sure the extra volume dynamics will out gun Shanling.

    Still will keep Shanling and use a lot. They are most comfortable of all seem to pair well, ambient works soso, and have a more comfortable sound that is really not bad at the volume it can get too. The highs are a bit recessed, but only in the upper reaches where some of that sound can be harsh and not add a ton to the final sound of you just want comfort.

    Don't want to take time to test battery life or really dig into all features... But will say lip sync on video, even youtube is good with the Sony. Rest can't get low enough latency seem synced on YouTube. Soundcore might be second by a bit over rest. Rest are pretty bad.

    Anyhow will probably keep Shanling and Soundcore only. The price on the rest is just not justified. Really do wish Shanling had more volume, which sorta leaves me curious of their dynamic version.

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  7. Bartig
    Oh, I didn't know that. Will add it in my review.

    Haha, I just answered you this in PM.

    I think it sounds a lot like the SSK BT03, although that one is tuned even a bit more forward. To keep the hype a bit in tone (two readers were already asking me if they can compete with the most expensive TWS on the market), I added 'phenomenal performer for the price' in a concluding note. Next, I will further compare them to more expensive options.

    They shut down right when in the case - although it takes a bit longer than on some other TWS. I notice that's always the case when the two earpieces also work independently. It's like it has to confirm both earpieces should indeed shut down - and then it turns off.

    Have to check if this is the same with the volume control model, though.
  8. BigZ12
    First, I'm sorry I posted my "ok and bassy" some days ago. But as I said I didn't listen to them because I initially put them into my drawer due to the touch controls. I had a problem, and wanted to reset them. The touch controls was first non responsive, then oversensitive. I found a method on Youtube, but the "touch the buds 4 times, then hold for x seconds" was impossible. Glad I didn't give up, because now I think I'm going to use them anyway.
    Yes they are still "bassy", but I controlled them with the Flexfoam tips I got with the Lypertek Tevi. Bass still punchy and deep, but not so dominant.

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  9. Caipirina
    Quick question for those with Airpod Pros and working on a mac & also using an iphone (total mac environment under one icloud user name).
    How quick / easy is it to switch between devices? Does it come close to 'multipoint' ?

    Thank you
  10. X-Nemesis
    How are the L2Pro for gym use? Do they stay put and how emphasized is the Shrek effect?
  11. clerkpalmer
    I find them comfortable but not super stable. Lifting and stationary cardio would be fine. Running probably not.
  12. Erevan
    The battery life is exactly what keeps me from purchasing L2P. That advertised 8 hours turned out to be 5 hours and 43 minutes in practice for a YT reviewer (JimsReviewRoom). The MW07 plus got 8 hours and 58 minutes with noise canceling on (Sound Guys review). I used to be able to sleep a full 8 hours with my Creative Outlier Airs when I had an iPhone(AAC), but battery life has gone to hell since I switched to an Android s10 (aptX). Short of it is my GF snores.

    The battery metric is really pushing me towards the MW07 plus, but the cost and the feature set not being mature has me waiting for a better option.

    What source are you using for the buds? Android, iPhone, other? If PC, what BT are you using? Internal chip or USB key?
  13. Bhelpoori
    It is really straightforward and illustrated below: https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/switch-devices-airpods/

    In addition on Mac, I use the ToothFairy app which uses just a keyboard shortcut to connect: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tooth-fairy/id1191449274?ign-mpt=uo=4&mt=12
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  14. X-Nemesis
    Good to know as the treadmill makes up much of my cardio, thanks.
  15. AudioNoob
    Some people noted that although the description said volume control, they got ones without, and tronsmart official store has three listings of the same. I asked them about it but they have yet to respond.

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