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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. mattedialdoc
    Wow that pretty convincing
  2. webvan
    Sounds like they sent him the originals so they can laugh all the way to the bank when conned viewers throw their money at them ! It looks like he's placed a new order "just in case".
    He says to use Paypal but I doubt Paypal would help since these are sold as "AR Pro Clone"...when something seems too good to be true it generally is !
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  3. CardigdanWalk

    This has to be the case. Surely some of the interactions / pops up like when the case opens would only take place with the properitary Apple chips inside
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  4. Sam L
    ok... wow... Fantastic review. Just skimmed through this while finishing my morning coffee. I'll definitely have to read this review more carefully later. Totally agree on the highs... I've been struggling to describe what I'm hearing around in the upper frequencies (not a bad thing necessarily, just weird) and you've started to put things into words accurately.
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  5. hifi80sman
    They look great, except they don't have ANC. Be weary of postings that indicate noise cancellation, because they are likely referring to (and being sneaky) the microphone (cVc 6.0 or 8.0). Here's another review:
  6. Ted Presley
    It have few short AI voices in English such as: on, off, connected, disconnected... It has blinking blue lights for both sides. I don't have those TWS you mentioned, but as the sound quality, I would give them 6-6.5.

    If you put it deep into the ears the bass quantity is good, quality is ok, not booming, mid is clear enough, high is not harsh. Of course, it's still a cheap TWS, but I think the sound quality is ok for the price.
  7. jasaero
    Yeah, I suspect there are lots of ways to accomplish that. I'm more trying to gauge all the stock tuning and overall sound quality. I think the MW07+ are near the very top and are even somewhat flat audiophile tuned other than this some what emphasized highs. If they were under $200 I might keep them. At $300 even with the nice materials and such I just find it to be a bit much with the noise cancelling being only so so and the ambient not having way to adjust. Has the features, but to me at $300 they need to be more well done. And although the most comfortable of all the spendy ones I am checking out they still aren't as comfy as the Shanling.
  8. jasaero
    Yeah, I was somewhat confused why ole Floss didn't point that part out as I am sure it was probably the case.
  9. jasaero
    Haha, yeah, never considered he got trolled by them? Haha. Didn't hear him say he was going to order separate. This would make mores sense as I was also surprised by how perfect a copy they seemed to be, even if no ANC or something he didn't notice.
  10. edog45
    Showed up in my Google news feed this morning.
    I purchased a pair yesterday using the Jimmy code and this showed up in my Google news feed this morning. Looks like Anker is wanting to increase sales on these with discount codes Poppin up in random places.

    To save you from clicking the link it's a short article with no review at all ending with a link to Amazon and the promo code CnetLt2P for 40off
  11. tma6
    Thanks a ton! really glad you enjoyed it. I'll be writing another one about the Jabra 75t after I get it tomorrow and use it for a few days.
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  12. webvan
    Doesn't look like the "clone version" that Flossy reviewed, he had ANC on his, both the display on screen and he commented on it too. He didn't say anything about the tap vs the click either. He got sent the real ones or he got mixed up !
  13. hifi80sman
    I've been looking at those. Do you have the 65t? If so, I'd be curious if the sound the same. From most accounts, they sound the same.
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  14. hifi80sman
    Sometimes he goes Hypebeast and glosses over the details (he got two real APP!). It would be interesting to know specifically which clone he has. The i500 Pro (like the i500) appear to be the main clone.
  15. webvan
    It's possible he missed some stuff but that screen with the ANC/OFF/AMBIENT slider was there and he did say he heard the "ANC Pressure". I don't think he reviewed a clone :wink: In that second video you can "see" it's different, not the same white, in his you can't tell them apart at all.

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