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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. david8613

    just ordered the tranya b530. my current chi fi tw favorites are the anbes 359, tranya t3 I hope these tranya b530 measure up.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
  2. FYLegend
    Yeah I had this one in mind, except for the lack of volume control or AptX. I was also anticpating the MIFO O4 which has a similar design as well, and seems to have volume control. Then again, MIFO seems to be calling the O5 a superior product and their UK site lists the O4 as "discontinued". I've only seen it on Aliexpress recently as previously they only had a small run in Thailand.

    I've been using the Jabees Firefly Pro which has hearthrough, albeit rather poor compared to the Jabra 65t, and the call quality is also disappointing. The bass is quite bloated but it makes for a "fun" sound that still has reasonable treble detail and soundstage. They have a Firefly.2 which has similar features plus waterproofing, longer battery life and claim to be improved in sound and call quality.

    Jimmy's code for the Liberty 2 Pro doesn't work on Amazon.ca, but there is currently a 20$ coupon.

    PS, Yannick Khong just posted on the FB group that the 75t sounds like beats with recessed mids =/
  3. gibletzor
    I have the Kissral R18 (Anbes 359 clone) and they're both great in different ways. I don't own the T3, but from what I can tell from others, they toned down the bass a bit and clarified the higher tones. I really enjoy mine.
  4. Bartig
    I skipped coming here on 11-11. So many missed posts. Wow. :D

    Is it okay for me to post my Tronsmart Spunky Beat review? It is soo good for $25, insane.

    Gotta make better pictures though.

    65340BA8-C1EC-4D94-8047-C7242891B66F.jpeg /off-topic Oh and these are my new Elac UB BS-U5 speakers, speaking of newfound love. :p
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  5. HiFlight
    I will be receiving the Jabra 75t this Friday and will post my initial impressions asap.
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  6. BigZ12
    I'm starting to like this too, after I managed to reset it and then decided to give them some time..
    As you say, very engaging sound. Very good fit for me (don't stick out at all, and I can sleep on the side with them), and connectivity is great.

    I see we both were unlucky to get the batch with no volume control. And the command for the next track is on our left bud.
    The new version has volume control, and skip to next track on the right bud...for the same price :frowning2:
  7. tma6
    I don't have the 65t to compare to but I tried them out when they first came out and thought the sound was underwhelming, though better than the Airpods at the time (which was a low bar lol). Unfortunately it's been a while so I don't know if I remember too much about how they sounded in detail, so my review will probably be mostly on these in isolation. I'll be comparing them directly with the APPs, Tevis, original MW07s, and a couple wired sets though for some context. I've heard different things about the 75ts, some are saying that they sound a lot better than the originals, while others saying the bass is overpowering. While I like a little warmth to my sound, if the bass on them bleeds into the other freq ranges even with EQ adjustment or if instruments sound artificial then I'm out. Lifestyle features on them seem like a solid upgrade from the previous version though so I'm hoping for something good!
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  8. Subrising
    If you had a choice between the Spunky Beat for $38, the Mpow T5 for $69 or Sabbat E12 Ultra for $77 which would you take mate (mainly gym use and prices are AUD)? About to pull the trigger aha
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
  9. FYLegend
    Wow, if only this review had come earlier. I had seen some varying impressions that they sounded "okay" or "bassy/rolled off". Does the charging port work with USB Type C to C cables? Found it a little sneaky that they showed a photo of it charging with a cable connected to a dual power brick on the Type A end rather than the Type C port of it.

    Which seller has it listed with volume control>
  10. Subrising
    The Tronsmart Aliexpress store has it listed with volume controls as that's the one I'm looking at.
  11. onree
    Unfortunately looks like the Aliexpress store does not ship to the US?
  12. Mouseman
    You should really like them. They're my current daily driver, and the sound quality is fantastic. I use them more than my Mpows, and I thought those were better than the T3s. Of course I've had the Ankers sitting in my Amazon cart for a day or two now, and my self control is rapidly crumbling. I expect they will beat everything wireless I have.
  13. Justin US
    I'm looking for help with a gift for my sister. Can anyone comment on the Macaw NE1S?

    If not, can someone recommend me a few budget ($40-90) wireless IEM of good quality? (maybe with a bright signature?)

    Here's my post asking for assistance if you'd like https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hel...e1s-other-wireless-iems.919149/#post-15306586

    I'm sorry if this has been addressed succinctly already, 1031 pages is just a lot of pages!
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
  14. Linus Jian
    Guys, I just received the xm3 and after tested the ANC for couple hours I found the ANC on it is just a tad bit better than the ANC on my mw07 plus...

    I was not satisfied with ANC on the mw07 plus and expected the ANC on xm3 to be a lot better...

    From my point of view I don't think the ANC on the xm3 will give me day and night difference on subway or plane...
  15. AudioNoob
    Reviews note that they don't turn off when you put them in the case, that you have to turn them off manually, and that the lid doesn't hold them down well. Does any of that ring true?

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