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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. Bhelpoori
    The use of aptX on the Qualcomm 3020/6 chip uses between 20-25% more power though on my Syllable 101s I've sometimes seen it higher. If you force Android to use AAC rather than aptX then you will probably see it closer to 8 hours.
  2. tma6
    I know it's an ad... but I'm kinda sold already lolll.

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  3. Caipirina
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  4. gibletzor
    Anyone using the Liberty Pro 2 with a Samsung phone? I'm curious if anyone has compared Samsung's Adapt Sound to the HearID feature in the Soundcore app. They are both functionally the same feature it seems like, I just wasn't sure if one tended to be more accurate. Thanks!
  5. Sam L
    The Elite 65t's hold their own well against all the recent sub $75 offerings. If you are satisfied with the Jabra's, then I wouldn't recommend any of the recent Chi-Fi bluetooth tws' to replace the 65t's. However, if you're on head-fi then you're not looking for a replacement -- you're looking to feed the obsession, so yes, start snapping up some of the recent sub $75 options.

    That said, the 65t's sound categorically different from all the sub $100 TWS's put out over the last 9 months -- largely due to a lack of bass extension and woefully anemic sub-bass. Thankfully, the Jabra sound app is well made (especially considering how long ago this app was launched) and can compensate. On the other hand, upper mids / lower-ish highs are excellent and detail retrieval is pretty good (as good or better than anything currently on the sub $100 market.)

    Now a word on our "sickness," all the excellent sub $75 offerings are wide-ranging in sound characteristics. So, having 4 or 5 different models is easily justifiable.
  6. jasaero
    I see. Can't say I am too concerned with battery life. 5 will be good. Mostly an android phone will be the source.

    Can try on PC, what did you want to know?
  7. Sam L
    ah, interesting. Just got the note 10 plus. I typically use a rooted Android phone to utilize viper4android. I am pleasantly surprised at how effective Samsung's Adapt Sound is! By the way, not sure why people knock the akg oem headset and rush to look for a tws replacement -- after eq'ing the akg's with Adapt Sound, they sound better most (all?) the TWS' out there.
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  8. clerkpalmer
    They might work for you. I tend to have problems with running and earbuds because I sweat a ton and pretty much have terrible form. If you are one of those gazelle runners that looks like they are floating on the treadmill, they might work. For example, I see people running with air pods in their ears and they stay put. They wouldn't stay in my ears for 10 seconds.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  9. Sam L
    but i get the freedom from wires thing
    interesting. I've always relied on viper4android for eq. your description reminds of old school eq thinking -- lowering various frequencies is as/more important as raising

    I just posted that even the akg oem wired headset that ships with Samsung phones beat all the bluetooth audio out there (after proper eq'ing).
  10. Justin US
    Can anyone comment on the Shanling MTW100s in the gym?
  11. mjb152
    I've been running a few times in mine, they're absolutely fine. No issues at all
  12. Timastyle
    Anyone have any experience here with the Audio-Tecnica ATH-SPORT7TW? Wonder how it compares to the Melomania or SSK (I have both). It's the only AT that has hear through with the ability to control how much ambient noise it lets through, which had me interested. Battery life is not great but sufficient for my use. Any reviews would be appreciated.
  13. david8613

    very nice pic. out of those you have there, which has the nicest, bass that's juicy thick goes deep but not boomy?
  14. jagar46
    Adaptive sound is ok, I use it with the AKG’s that came with the S10 plus, I got to agree the AKG’s do sound as good as the liberty pro 2’s, not better though and I haven’t tried any other truly wireless to compare them to.
    I now use the Acoustic or Piano setting on the Liberty Pro, a more natural sound and for some reason a big volume boost.
  15. gibletzor
    Try setting the Soundcore eq to Flat and do the Adapt Sound hearing test. Samsung's implementation sounds way better to me so far!
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