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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. CocaCola15
    Having owned both and returned/sold the Sony and the Senns (but not the MW07+) I am in agreement with you re the L2P. I wasn't thrilled with most of the presets in the EQ either. Didn't find the "custom" EQ option great either, so I use the jazz setting for any streaming (Amazon HD is the only one I have). When playing tracks on my iPhone in ALAC or lower bitrates (I am going to repeat myself here) I use a fantastic player/app, Kaiser Audio, which is available on the Apple App store. It's expensive, $10, as apps go, but it has a 20-band EQ and lots of other features. I have shaped the L2P sound to my personal preference and I have to say, I absolutely love them (especially at the $40 discount price).

    And like you, I seem to need two pair of higher-end BT earphones, in my case the other one being the Cambridge Audio Melomania To me, they are almost equally fantastic (the L2P offers a bit wider soundstage) SQ-wise, but very different form factor. The M1s tend to get a bit annoying past 1.5-2 hours of use with their rather thick sound tube, while the L2P never get uncomfortable. Finally, I use foam tips with both (Comply T200 with the L2P and the CA foams (they sent me some extras and I bought a pack via a friend in the UK), so just happy to think my search is over. I know, eye rolls out there. But I really think I hit a sweet spot. And combined they cost less than $250.

    I also have the Tranya BT phone (upgraded T1 version) too, and they are pretty good. Will use them now and then too.
  2. hifi80sman
    SOLD! It's like the L2P meets ANC.
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  3. clerkpalmer
    It's basically what Bose is going to do. Sadly, they are not launching in the US until January 2020. Will be available in China in a month or so I am told.
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  4. Sam L
    Good to know. I'm embarrassed to say that I've owned some 4 or 5 Samsung phones over the years and this is the first time I've actually played with the Adapt Sound. In my defense, my setup with those phones was with either a ify idsd micro or oppo ha 2, so I wasn't really looking to improve sound from the phone.
  5. Sam L
    hmm... I didn't need to hear that now. starting up a new job soon and got a signing bonus. wasn't thinking of spending any of that on tws earphones until all this talk of the L2Ps. damn you head-fiers! =)
  6. Sam L
    What did you find lacking in the QC30, aside from the atrocious mic quality (never should of been allowed to go to market with that thing)?

    I'm actually sitting in a Whole Foods with mine on and I've always thought there were pretty decent sound-wise. Interesting thing is, the Airpods Pro actually cut the noise here better than the Bose. I'm seeing some scenarios where the APP really shine with their ANC.

    oh, another con = the neckback slides around all over the place. I can't really see anyone actually moving around with these on, but sitting stationary, they're good. Agreed on the wind noise when moving about.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  7. Linus Jian
    Bose... Never really liked any bose headphones... The clarity is always too bad. Would only recommend Bose headphones to people who only cares about noise cancelling.

    Also I don't remember bose ever made good use of BA drivers...
  8. clerkpalmer
    Good point about the BA.
  9. dweaver
    I just found the audio to be to safe in regards to the signature so it never really engaged me. Also I hate their neck design too :).
  10. tma6
    Damn... just returned the Jabra 75t after like 15 minutes of use based on SQ alone. Some of the worst sounding tws I’ve tried in a while. Bass is boomy and completely artificial - basically sounds like you’re listening to a crappy subwoofer through a wall. I legitimately wanted to stop listening to them. The mids are also artificial sounding, and the highs are tinny, with no definition or crispiness, and when I put on the treble eq to reduce bass they became very harsh. I’m not gonna dignify these with a full review bc it would have been difficult to have to listen to these any more than I already have. Other than the awful sq, case is decent and the comfort is good. The hear through feature was mediocre and somehow made them sound even worse. Calls seemed alright but AirPods pro are way better. Actually the AirPods pro are so much better than these at every level it’s not even a fair comparison. But tbh that’s really not saying much. Overall, just an absolute no go from me.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  11. clerkpalmer
    This was the most predictable post of the year.
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  12. dweaver
    Well thanks TMA6, you just saved me from wasting my time on the 75T, I was more leaning to the L2P anyway but that is now 100% more certain.
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  13. FYLegend
    hmm, it seems the 75T uses the same drivers but the better sealing means more bloated bass. I struggled to hear the bass on my 65t especially in noisy environments but sometimes I can hear it get bloated when the seal becomes optimal.. The mids had a forwardness that reminded me of ATH-E40 but lacked detail.

    Anyone seen Klipsch T3? Looks similar to Aukey T10 in some ways.

    AptX and Qi charging, not sure about USB-C as the spec sheet mentions USB C on one part and microUSB another (they previously messed up the spec sheet with the S1 as well)
  14. X-Nemesis
    The SHREK is strong with these.
  15. hifi80sman
    I think you're safe going with the L2P. SQ is top-shelf. I never anticipated the 75t to be mind-blowing, at best, a slightly refined version of 65t in terms of SQ (all accounts noted the 75t and 65t sound very similar).

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