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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. ezekiel77
    Wow. I have finally seen the golden nut!
    The nut needs to be in the first page.
  2. cskippy
    So I've tried a couple pads with the TH-X00.  I find the stock pads fit fine but the frequency response is tilted too far down for me.  I tried Alpha Pads, Hifiman Velour, and Hifiman Pleather.  The Pleather pads worked the best with two pieces of felt cut out to emulate the restricted sound hole of the stock pads.  I'm going to buy some stiffened foam of similar material to do it right soon.  Very balanced now with the fun sub bass that I was looking for.  
    FYI Focus pads A and focus pads have the mount glued to the pads.  I didn't want to screw with them to make them fit.
  3. fuzzybaffy
    I can't help but think this sale has increased if not interest in the TH-900 model of headphones, then just Fostex headphones in general. It's looking like a fantastic move by Fostex. 
    I saw so many posts here, where people said something along the lines of "I've always wanted to purchase the TH-600/TH-900, but I never got around to it", and the TH-X00 gave them that chance. And now they understand what Fostex headphones are about. I just love the philosophy and sound behind their headphones. 
  4. ezekiel77
    Very true. Fostex has carved out quite a name even for a majority-IEM collector like me. The TH900 and T50rp (which if I'm not mistaken gave MrSpeakers a career) stand out in particular and you see them get mentioned in headfi on the regular. Endgame bass, etc. So I've always wanted a taste of that Fostex sound. When the THX00 came out you can bet I was lining up for it, especially with a set of glowing reviews.
  5. jonnymooshoo
    When I was asking for a mobile dac/amp to run these someone suggested the Sony PHA-3 but is it possible to upgrade the cable and make these balanced output?
  6. jonnymooshoo
    Also, while we are talking about dac/amps do you think the Oppo ha-2 will be a good solution?

    Also ising with a Sony XBA-Z5
  7. phonomat

    You're all nuts.
  8. Asr
    Mine arrived today. Since there was some discussion several pages ago on the color variance between the photos that everyone is posting, I took some extra care to process this photo (taken with a Nikon D7000 DSLR & bounce flash for even lighting) for true-to-life color accuracy using the Adobe RGB color space in Adobe Lightroom. I processed this on my desktop PC though, which has a non-IPS LCD monitor, so it may look a bit different on IPS/e-IPS displays....
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  9. jonnymooshoo

    Nice shot I like the depth of field but the rest of us are (most likely) using sRGB colorspace so AdobeRGB may not look accurate on our screens. I find sRGB works better for the masses
  10. TWerk

    I can agree that out the box the bass out of the box can be boomy. Strong bass, but with some bloat. I'm really glad to hear that it should tighten up!
  11. Asr
    Processed sRGB version:
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  12. Soundsgoodtome
    Another brief impression and some pictures from the meet: http://www.head-fi.org/t/790296/12-04-15-seattle-meet-impressions/0_30#post_12149847

    Interestingly Miceblue and I both disliked the TH900 but found the THX00 favorable. I don't know what about the th900 Miceblue doesn't like but to me I thought the price it commanded never reflected on its performance. The THX00 on the other hand with its tuning seem to be the exact opposite.
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  13. fjrabon
    overnight burn in session on the Nine Inch Nails catalog has the bass on these shedding its wool coat.  Bass is tightening up, gaining more layering and resolution.  Imaging is improving.  soundstage is a bit better.  I honestly generally think burn in is 99% mental.  The HE400i it barely made a difference.  Grados had little impact.  But the biodyna drivers do actually seem to need it.  Can say this is probably thebiggest overnight improvement I've heard in a headphone from non-on-the-head-burn-in
    Also, these play pretty freaking fantastic out of a macbook pro's headphone jack.  
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  14. piaudio
    Will be testing out UK great band!

  15. vegan
    Apologies for cross-posting (note sure meet folks are following this thread?)

    Thanks for sharing your experiences of the meet :blush:

    I have a Burson Conductor and perhaps a TH-X00 on its way. So curious if anyone heard that pairing - and how it stacked up to the competition?

    I appreciate getting all the pad tips - as I would need to replace them with a good vegan set. Thanks!
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