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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. sealykojac
    No issues with comfort here. I have a relatively large head and cans like the Audeze LCD drove me nuts with clamping force where I have no issues with these Fostex. My ears also fit the pads perfectly. Burning them in 24 hours has definitely improved bass control. 
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  2. moedawg140 Contributor

    That's good to hear and nice photo!
  3. tonglongjeff
    Hey, thanks for the quick reply. They do look good :) How are you liking the stock pads? do you have any inking to swap them?
  4. Happytalk
    My humble and simple (ignorant) impressions on the second day of listening are as follows. Overall, these are gorgeous sounding headphones. They are a little finicky with sources and recording quality, but when the right synergy between a great sounding recording and great sounding gear is there, they are pretty amazing. Went through several sources and formats (portable, LP's, CD's, two different integrated amps) Sometimes the bass is a little out of control on these headphones where it is not on other headphones, but I don't know if my ears adjusted or the headphones got warmed up or it was the Blue Note CD I put in, but It seemed to clear up with the right synergy. I heard and felt great music coming from these. They are definitely a quality pair of headphones. They won't please everyone, but man, to me, they are gorgeous to hear and gorgeous to look at.
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  5. CCXR594
    Just bought some new albums, im so psyched for the TH-X00's to get here. Will be interesting to see how good their resolution is compared to my Q701's that seem to be a bit muddy when dealing with the double kicks on Styx's live Grand Illuison/Pieces of Eight. The whole lower end (low mids too) gets blown out on the new Mastodon album I picked up too.
    My suspicion is that since it's live, the Styx issue may simply be the recording and the resonance in the hall, as the soundstage is really wide, bigger than Zep's "Live at the O2 Festival".
    EDIT: For anyone who's a Rush fan, HDTracks has their box sets on sale for $35USD a piece
  6. moedawg140 Contributor

    My pleasure. I really like the stock pads. The pads are rotatable and made out of eggshell protein so it's inherently breathable (or at least more breathable than say leather).

    I would only have the curiosity to swap earpads for possible sound quality change's sake. One set could be for getting that extra bit of bass, one set could be for a perceptively increased soundstage, etcetera. This headphone with all of the options and modifications presented to owners will be so much fun!
  7. JamieCole
    I just received mine today... wow. These cans look and sound scrumptious! I'm not overly experienced at describing sound or offering impressions, but here's what I'm hearing. Currently, I'm listening to Life in Marvelous Times by Mos Def through my JDS C5D (all I have on hand at the moment) in 16/44.1 lossless via iTunes and BitPerfect. Bass quantity is there and hitting hard, but I can hear the bloating others have mentioned. Likely (hopefully?) due to just pulling them out of the box and inadequate amping. @fjrabon is absolutely right about amping and these cans. I did a quick A/B between my Ultrasone Signature DJ's (32-40 ohms) and the TH-X00's. The X00's are far more current hungry. So, I'm looking forward to having a better desktop setup to feed the X00's. It'll be interesting to see how the bass response tightens up over time. 
    Switching over to Lana Del Rey's National Anthem (lossless 16/44.1) and I'm immediately greeted with a larger, airy soundstage compared to my Signature DJ's (something I'm looking for). Her vocals are a pleasure, smooth, and engaging. The highs are almost spot on for me. There's plenty of sparkle and detail there for my liking, but it's not grating or fatiguing. The whole spectrum is coming together quite nicely. Quickly switching over to her High by the Beach (16/44.1 lossless) track. The opening helicopter sounds are nicely imaged and there's plenty of warmth to find in the darkness of her lyrics.
    Heading over to Head Automatica's Please, Please, Please track (16/44.1 lossless) and, yeah, now we're grooving. Everything just comes together so well and effortlessly. I haven't engaged the bass boost on my on the C5D yet and, more importantly, I don't feel the need to. And, like others have mentioned, I'm hearing new aspects to these songs that I've never heard before (or haven't been listening for?). For example, I'm hearing far more background depth on the on the synthesizers on these Head Automatica tracks. 
    One last impression while listening to the Gorillaz's 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix). Damn, this is a fun can. I'm really happy with what I'm hearing so far. I find the ear pads to be comfortable, and I'm really happy with the overall build quality. It's been a while since I've heard the TH-600's and even longer for the 900's but, from what I can recall, the X00's certainly have the right aspects and mix of Fostex DNA. They'll be a pleasure to own... unless I actually decide to go all in on the 900's... sheesh. 
    'It's the music that we choose.
    Keep a mild groove on.' 
    More impressions and pictures to come.
    Let me know if anything of this seems to be way off point. I want to understand and articulate what I'm hearing correctly. 
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  8. Audio Addict Contributor

    Grado GH1 and Fostex THxx are nice contrast but similar in their aping requirements.
  9. shuto77

    Ah... Another Head Automatica fan? I approve. I'm also a big Glassjaw fan (singer Daryl Palumbo's hardcore band). "Brooklyn is Burning" is a great song, BTW.
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  10. JamieCole
    Daryl Palumbo is awesome, and I'm a huge Glassjaw fan as well. I've probably seen them more than any other band. Yeah, Decadence is a solid album. I think Solid Gold Telephone is the weak link on that album and it's still a great song.
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  11. moedawg140 Contributor

    I'm assuming "amping" requirements. Thanks for the suggestion. I won't be able to hear both back to back until probably Singapore, and I'll hear how the GH1 sounds with the QP1R - hopefully amazing.
  12. inseconds99
    Was about to order stock th900s pads, has anyone tried this yet to see if it negatively effects the sound? They are cheaper then ordering Lawton pads so id rather save some money if I could. Just trying to tighten up the bass an add some sound stage. Also add some comfort.
  13. jamor
    You will get into peaky treble territory 
  14. Soundsgoodtome
    For those looking into a tube sound but keeping to low Z for 25ohm phones, the Project Horizon 3 (class A Mosfet) is an excellent match for the THX00. The Project Starlight at $189 would probably work very well too.

  15. dxanex
    So after around 15 hours of use now the bass is already starting to shape up. I pretty much let them run all day even when they weren't on my head. It's without question becoming tighter and more textured, and I know it's not my imagination...out of the box these things were much more boomy and loose in the low end. The burn-in is definitely real with these. This is also causing the soundstage to open up a little more, and it's really sounding pretty great now.
    I'm finally starting to understand why the early reviewers were raving about them.
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