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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Barndoor
    Anybody in the uk familiar with the Yodel customs process? Mine are at Heathrow (about 5 miles from me)

    In Customs
    Consignee Contacted for Payment
    Thu, December 10, 2015 at 13:24
  2. Astral Abyss
    Happy ending to my sob story...
    Yesterday morning, my package showed up suddenly in Phoenix, and shortly after in Tucson.  Estimated delivery date finally appeared and was changed to early delivery on Wednesday!  Sure enough, it went out on the truck yesterday and showed up at my house about 7pm last night.  Box was in perfect shape and everything was in order.  Hallelujah!
    Needless to say, I got them unboxed and setup for some critical listening.  I'm really impressed with these.  The wood grain on mine is really nice and the pads fit my ears perfectly.  They're lighter and more comfortable than I thought they'd be too.  For a closed back, they don't sound claustrophobic at all.  The bass is powerful without being boomy, at least on my setup, but I have a feeling it will tighten up even more with some additional use.  Listening for about 2 hours at low volume last night and had no fatigue afterwards.  Best part is these X00's let me listen at low volume and retain a full sound without killing the bass like a lot of headphones do, especially open backs.  I have to reiterate what others have said about the bass.  It's there in bucket loads when it's called on in a song, but it's restrained and quiet when it's not.  Also, I think the mids are fine and the highs are perfect.  Nice and crisp without screwing with my tinnitus.  I ended up EQing 125-250Hz -1 and -2dB respectively and raising 1-2kHz 1dB and 2dB respectively.  Everything else I left flat.
    Now I have to decide if I'm going to sell the HE-400i I bought right before these.  I don't honestly think they're going to get much use if I have to choose between the TH-X00 and HE-400i.  400i's look really plasticy and cheap when sitting next to the X00 as well.  Only thing the 400i's have going for them is the removable cable.
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  3. jonnymooshoo
    Mine is still sitting in NJ too... it's gotta get to Canada post and then out west to Vancouver so I don't think I'll get it before Xmas either :frowning2:
  4. dmr72
    I deducted from your profile that the Aune you are referring to is the X1s, the very amp I plan to use with my X00's.
    I'm a bit worried about bass control due to the X1s having a rather high output impedance, how do you find the X1s X00 combo performing in that area?
  5. Billheiser
    Correct, the X1S.  Although I haven't noted a bass control problem with the Aune, I really haven't used that very much on the X00 - have mostly been using my Schiit gear, as it happens.  Will report back when I have more head time with the pairing.
  6. dmr72
    That would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  7. wahsmoh
    WOOHOO they shipped two days early. First impressions, these headphones are pretty bad@$$ for the price. I also got some nice looking grain and well matched earcups, although my serial isn't as low as I imagined at #274.
    These are almost as good as my Alpha Dogs when it comes to balance and enjoyment. I notice the Alpha Dogs are slightly darker but have a more tamed treble that gives better micro/macrodetail and not as splashy as the TH-X00.
    But from memory, these are MUCH better than TH900's which sounded like ass the first time I heard them and had terrible sucked out mids and peaky treble. These are not peaky, just tilted a little brighter than what I would consider neutral. Instead of a V shape, I imagine a U shape now.
    The pads weren't very comfortable at first and provide barely any seal at all. I will look into upgrading these but you tend to forget you're wearing them after awhile unlike the Alpha Dogs which feel like you have a luxury leather couch pressed on your ears even though they are comfortable I don't forget they're on my head.
    Bass is extremely impressive!!! They go toe to toe with the Alpha Dogs sound slightly more boomy, maybe not quite as tight but I get the sense these are tuned for FUN!! yes that is what these are, the best FUN cans you can buy today on the market and a great proposition for people looking into the $500 Alpha Dogs but would rather have wood cups and slightly cheaper pricetag. These also have greater soundstage width than the Alpha Dogs, not as much depth though but still great at imaging for a closed can.
    This is my stack with the Alpha Dogs plugged in. I'm using the Theta as my DAC, not the Bifrost MB just for reference.
    Purrin has proven himself to be the messiah once again. He was right, these are killer!!!
    Here's the first tracks I listened to just so you know I got the bass bumping..
    E-40 - Growing Up
    2Pac - Skandalouz, California Love (remix)
    Daft Punk - Aerodynamic
    Wiz Khalifa - On My Level
    Warren G - Regulate
  8. EinZweiDrei
    will these earpads harden over time like the ones on a m50?
  9. inseconds99
    It's weird because this is one person response (yes he works for the company who help get the headphones created) but he didn't go into details as to why not to use those earpads. He was vague. Maybe putting the 900's earpads will just change the sound of the smooth x00 to a cheaper th600 which would go against the philosophy of the headphones and thats why he said don't use the stock earpads. Or maybe with the tuning of the driver plus the 900's earpads will make the treble an absolute mess filled with peaks and sibilance. I dunno this because his answer was generic, that's why I asked the question to everyone again. What I posted was before the headphones were available to everyone and could be thoroughly tested and it was just one mans vague description of what would happen.
    Not to speak bad about Will because I think he did a great job getting the headphones to market at the price he did, but this is also the guy who decided to put sweaty and hot pleather earpads with small opening on a headphone that has the drivers and cups of a near $1000 headphone. Maybe if the earpads weren't so cheap and awful this conversation would be moot LOL.
  10. vapman
    IMO it's not extremely likely that Massdrop and Fostex worked together or independently to determine the optimal ear pads for these headphones.
    I wouldn't be surprised at all if swapping stock TH600 style pads on them makes them better comfort and sound wise.
    Been watching classifieds like a hawk for someone who puts up TH-X00's for trade... :wink:
  11. wahsmoh
    I agree with you though that the pads feel cheap. I will scour this thread for Luckbad's posts on pads and modding these. They deserve much better. I want another pair of Alpha pads but Dan has been getting flooded with people requesting since this drop came out and he won't have more until after Christmas (unless I visit his manufacturing spot in San Diego and shmooz them a bit) [​IMG]
  12. inseconds99
    Thank you, I guess I am not so crazy for asking the question for a group of people to answer instead of the 1 vague response that I read on another forum which didn't even describe the changes in detail, before the headphone was even available to the public.
    Edit: At this point I might just order a set for myself, though I would rather not spend $70 on stock pads and find out they are horrible for the x00's and then have to go spend another $100 on audeze or lawton angles.
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  13. eeagle
    Glad things worked out for you; mine got delivered on the 8th a day before originally scheduled and I too am very pleased with this purchase....nice when form and function come together.
    At 25 ohms the TH-X00 is very easy to drive.
    I too bought the HiFiMan HE-400i during the big sale so have had a chance to get close to the 150 hrs burn in they recommend.  The planar sound is quite different, and the first planar I have owned.  I don't find them plasticy at all and they are extremely comfortable w/a tech look I like a lot.  I plan to keep both.  
    I'll give the TH-X00 a bit more time but I tend to reach for and enjoy the more open sound of the HE-400i or beyerdynamic DT880.  The closed TH-X00 does make you feel like you are in a small intimate jazz lounge environment.and tracks with a good bass player make them come alive.
  14. jamor
    that happened to my m50s back years ago when I had a pair too.  Now I'm paranoid and always want to purchase a back up pair for my headphones.
  15. Kozic
      Now with well over 60 hours on them I fell safe in saying the TH-X00 will be the headphone people will use as the new stranded for fun bass under $1000 US. That is not to say some headphones may have better bass (HE-400 ext..) but when the hole package is taken into account I don't know of anything that can stand with it. So we have to put up with the wacked earpads oh well. 
    Just my 2 cents.
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