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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. oqvist
    Mine has gotten to New Jersey... nice to see some update at least but I won´t get it till Christmas :frowning2:
  2. hitman1
    OK, I have listened to my THX00 for the last two days. I own the Dre Beats Studio heqdphones and the Pandora VI (Sonorous). I love these Headphones. They do not create BASS in a song where their is none, but if you have BASS in a song these cans will ROCK IT OUT. Excellent BASS and great sound all they way through and I am only playing this through my NOTE 4. I can only imagine how good they will sound once I get my MOJO!! I played BUTTERFLY from Michael Jackson INVINCIBLE ALBULM and the BASS was crazy good. I have no IDEA how much more TH900 BASS is doing but these have great BASS. The Mids and highs are great nothing over shadowed and no added screaming BASS in a song where there is none. This is my opinion. LOVE THEM!!
  3. akatyay
    I really like these the more and more I listen to them.  I don't usually believe in burn-in but the X00 have improved in the bass and soundstage in the time I've listened to them. Obligatory terrible picture below.
  4. Soundsgoodtome
    Photo credit to: miceblue
    Look at that beautiful mahogany, the THX00 sitting next to the Denon D5000.

    One of the local guys trying the THX00 on his rig. He was poking fun of me because I kept updating the meet thread days before the drop, the day off the drop with live updates of how many were left, and days after telling people I don't think the drop is going to have any left by the meet. Well multiple people got on board and the objective of sell the THX00 out fast so we can get it sooner worked (getting mine today!).

    Here I am trying the THX00 on a Decware Taboo amp, I presume this amp had a high impedance output but it still sounded fantastic. The THX00 doesn't scale a whole lot but it was surprising how well this sounded with an otl tube amp.
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  5. inseconds99

    Is this fact based on your listening or just a random opinion you read somewhere else. I'm assuming the treble will become less relaxed but how much less are we talking? Do the stock 900's pads destroy the treble or just make the treble more like the 600/900's? Does the sound stage improve with the stock 900 pads? And does the bass clean up?

    There might be some negatives in the treble becoming a little brighter but as long as it doesn't destroy the treble I can live it that if it increases comfort, soundstage and bass.
  6. jamor
    Will is not "just some random opinion".  Actually I got the information from your own post. [​IMG]
  7. Badfish5446
    Despite what the instruction manual says (at least for the HE-500) I've not found planars to need much, if any break-in time.  Most of the change has come slowly as the pads break-in/down.  With large diameter dynamic drivers I've definitely noticed break-in time differences.  I will only use "burn-in" when referencing tubes, but that is a discussion for a different thread.  Only have about 5 hours on these so far so I am withholding any impressions other than "I like them so far".
  8. Whitigir
    Actually on the th900. If worn and have the drivers too close to the ear, kind of like touching it, there will be a very sharp spikes in trebles. But if I wear it further away aka the band tilt up toward the forehead, and the cups tilt back toward the back, and have the pad just closed at behind the ears, this helped as the drivers is further away from the ears. If anything on th-x00. I think the pad is thicker and angled on the back ? So the drivers is further away from the ears ?
  9. inseconds99

    That is a random opinion, that why I asked people who actually have he unit and pads. He was vague and didn't mention what changed specifically and how those other attributes changed as well.
  10. jamor
    Nope you're wrong. It's not a random opinion.  It's Will of Massdrop who facilitated the creation of the TH-X00. 
  11. Whitigir
    ^ Will is at Massdroo and has been a long time head-fi member, and he is one of those bright and intelligent DIY folk. He was behind the fostex thx00 tunes and ideas. :D
  12. fjrabon

    In some philosophical sense, everything in our world is random, but calling the person who basically created and tuned a headphone " a random opinion" is kind of weird
  13. JamieCole
    I ended my listening session last night with NIN's Still album. I was mightily impressed. I put in about five hours of listening to the X00's yesterday (up until about 2:15 in the morning) and I never once felt any listening fatigue. I'm not going to say that I noticed any signature changes this early on, but it really doesn't matter as the can's signature is already such a great starting point. 
    I also tried the X00's on my MBP headphone out and thought the same thing. Actually, I kind of liked what I was hearing over my JDS C5D. Strange. The MBP couldn't push enough current to match the ease of volume that the C5D achieved, but I kind of liked the sound better. Could be that it was late and my mind was tired (also I was drinking a bit of single malt scotch, a fitting drink while listening to a pair of woodies), so don't take this impression to the bank.  
  14. imackler
    Does anyone out there have both the TH-X100 and the DT770 32ohm? I know there is a huge price and aesthetic differences, but I'd be curious to hear a brief comparions. I have a love/hate relationship with the DT770 32, having owned the Anniversary edition a couple times. I would be a good basis for me to know whether its worth the price difference, for me personally. 
  15. Badfish5446
    Only familiar with the DT770 Pro 250 and it's been a while... I would say they offer some similarities (from what I recall) in sound signature but the TH-X00 is decidedly warmer without losing much in the way of detail.  I didn't like the DT770's with all genres but I went through just about every genre I have last night and found nothing lacking on the TH-X00.  
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