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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. JamieCole
    That's good to hear! Er... know. :) What have you been listening to?
    I just listened to a 24/96 lossless version of Boots' C.U.R.E. track and thought the bass was, like you said, a bit boomy and loose. Or, he's got something funky going on in the sub bass region of that song. Both are possible and likely. Still, I think these are a massively enjoyable set of cans. I'm listening to Cage the Elephant's Ain't No Rest for the Wicked track and the imaging and decay on the guitars during the intro sound really great on these closed cans. 
  2. dxanex

    I've been listening to a lot of Jazz, Metal and Electronic on them.

    Some standout tracks are Valerian by Kelpe...really well produced track and was the best soundstage I've heard yet on the TH-X00. Fire Forever by Adagio...the double kick drums are just badass. Anything from Bill Evans Trio has sounded sublime.

    Others were saying the TH-X00 wasn't the best for vocal music but I've very much been enjoying Elizabeth Shepherd quite a lot on these. Her voice is very in your face so to speak, but I find it soothing.
  3. rdnkjdi
    Just got mine in two days early.  Good god these are beautiful ... 
  4. JamieCole
    I was trying to get at this a bit when I mentioned listening to some of Lana Del Rey's tracks. I like what I'm hearing vocally. Or, at least, the whole of the signature is meshing well for my ears. 
    I'll check out the other musical recommendations you mentioned. 

    OK, purchased.
    Now the wait continues. Pads will probably arrive before my headphones....
  6. dxanex

    Nice...I love Lana Del Rey. Definitely going to give her new album a listen to on these tomorrow :beerchug:
  7. quisxx
    Forgot to post back. In response to the question if the brainwav hybrid pads fit, yes they do.
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    Got my 424 numbered TH-X00 today. I gotta say these sound about as engaging a headphone I have ever heard. 
    The pads aren't terrible but aren't great either. Due to the shape of the pads the way sound channels to your ears it seems this kinda has a cone effect making the sound a bit more intimate than open. I had some spare Alcantara pads from my SRH1540 so I threw them on..  Opens up the stage and adds a bit of air to the sounds lowers the bass a touch as well. Sounds a bit more balanced to my ears with these pads,  plus Alcantara pads have fantastic comfort. 
    Guys looking to get some replacement pads for these. Try some Alcantara pads. While the shape of the pads are more oval than round. They actually ended up fitting perfect on the plastic insert of the cups. 
    A bit bumbed out my cups have some imperfections but I am extremely happy with the sound. One cup is more brownish while the other has more gold tones in them. Love them none the less. I think if you guys hold your expectations of these to something that you might enjoy vs them being world beaters. Your going to be rewarded with a marvelous musical smooth sound. 
    These cans out of my ICAN amp. Music just flows. Congrats to all the fellas and ladies that took a chance on these. Best phones I have purchased this year by far. 
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    You have them? Do they change the sound? 
  10. JamieCole
    Thanks for your impressions! Can you speak a bit more to the pairing of the X00's and the iCan? How much headroom do you have? Also, is your iCan the updated version with the gain switches on the bottom? I'm in the market and the iCan is on my list. I think there's potential there. Plus, the extra bass boost could come in handy. 
    Many thanks!
  11. Soundsgoodtome
    I'm currently sitting at a SBUX writing my review (yes at 10PM) and I have one of their open fridge for their food/drinks right behind me about 8ft away, I can hear it with no music with maybe a 10db cut but once the music kicks in everything the coffee shop drowns out. There are about 10 other people here including the 3 baristas behind the the counter nonstop working, not bad in isolation but also not IEM-like or other closed backs (T70) isolation.

    How did you get away with that user name?!
  12. CCXR594
    Anybody have a comparison between the Liquid Carbon and the Burson Soloist (or really any SS amp int the $500 range) with the X-00's? Depending on how I like the sound coming through my Magni, these headphones may start my upstream improvements.
  13. quisxx
    Yes I have them, and they change the sound in a negative way in my opinion. PITA to get on too lol.
  14. Capt369
    Can't speak for those amps but the asgard 2 works wonderful with these cans at half the money.
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    Yes indeed mines is the updated version. Love the small form factor of the ICAN. The 3 gain switches make these as versatile as it gets for a smaller amp. Then add the 3D  Switch and 3 levels of bass boost and for me ever since I got my ICAN I have not had the need or the want to get anything else. Though these cans need no bass boost at all but for guys that want that extra juice the ICAN will kick it into full on bass head territory if needed.  I also tried my TH-X00 using my E12A amp. Sounds great as well.  
    I agree with previous posts about using low impedance amps with the cans. I have more earphones than headphones so all my amps and daps I use have lower impedance outs. As for head room I can imagine more higher end amps will bring out more from the TH-X00. Will see how my NFB-5 sounds with these soon.  For now these are going right back on the burner. 
    @Soundsgoodtome.  People are so serious all the time here on these threads. Nothing wrong with the nuts. Oh yea  here is something I whip out for phones I deem special. 
    In todays market where you get phones that aren't worth half the money you pay for. It is refreshing to get a phone I deem worthy and then some. I have no doubts in my mind these will sound better and better with more run in and use.  
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