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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Billheiser
    Yep, stock tubes. The 'phones sound good on my Aune, and on Schiit Fulla, and best on the V2. Straight out of my iPhone was, for me, not great, it seemed a little spiky in hi mid/lower treble through that
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  2. moedawg140 Contributor
    What application(s) did you use to playback music on your iPhone?  Which iPhone are you using?
  3. Kwangsun

    Here is the link http://m.ebay.com/itm/New-Case-For-DENON-AH-D1100-AH-D510-D310-AH-D5000-D2000-D7000-Headphone-/261235731761?txnId=1729717328016
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  4. Billheiser
    iTunes, and iPhone 6. As home headphones, I'll generally be running them through Amarra into the home DAC's and amps, so it doesn't bug me they were suboptimal via iPhone
  5. wahsmoh
    Lol. That was a close call. I'd egg their house if you told me where [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Soundsgoodtome
    Quote: (continued from the Seattle Meet Impression thread)
    While the D5Ks had a V-shaped sound, it also had more driver control and faster decay. The bass was tighter and the highs had more air and accurate leading edge but with the tradeoff of being sibilance prone. On the other hand the THX00 had a more relaxed, warm sound with a bit more bass bloom/decay, but doing so without much effecting mids and highs*. The highs on the THX00 were also laid back and easy to listen to, one of the many uses I had for the HD650 was that it allowed me to enjoy great music that were poorly mastered; the THX00 also allows me to listen to lesser recordings the same way but with a different tuning but I digress.

    The mids on the D5000 were slightly pushed back with the entire signature V-shaped. This may also have helped with the D5K having more air and sparkle in the highs. The mids are also dry sounding on the D5000 considering the bio-cellulose diaphragm. The THX00 had a more forward mid but still slightly a hair behind the bass and about equal with the treble**. The mids and highs has a smooth and liquid character to it that makes the phone addicting and allows for a ease of listening for HOURS (just yesterday I listened to this thing for 3 hours straight lol).

    Overall the D5000 had its similarities and you can tell they came from the same family, not brothers or sisters close but like close cousins. They did have tuning differences but I believe the THX00 fills the void in the tuning of the D2000, D5000, and TH900 being too V-shaped (I have not heard the D7K or TH600 before but I presume they too have a V-shape sig). They also made it more fun sounding with its subtleties but at the same time addressed the missing mids of the previous Fostex/Denon phones.

    * I believe the pads may be in effect here, I noticed these have a bit more loft and are softer than what I remember from the D2000 pads I've previously had. This could also be addressed by possibly modifying the headphones with dynamat applied to the plastics directly behind the driver (on the driver itself).
    ** The 100-200hz bass however is only slightly boosted, the sub-bass (20-50hz) does activate quite an oomph to the drivers but your typical music of jazz, acoustics, vocal pop, classical does not contain this region of sound. What happens is when the music contains this frequency range in a boosted state, the headphones activates it's heavy bass boost. Pretty slick tuning.
  7. moedawg140 Contributor
    Try TIDAL - HiFi and Neutron or Onkyo Music Player applications if you can.  They all sound very good and are more coherent and resolving to my ears out of the multitude of music playback apps I have purchased/downloaded and tried, including the standard iPhone Music app.
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    About to purchase these pads:
    Sound of pleather but comfort of velour :)
    Just want to make sure that no one see's any problem with them for the TH X?
  9. vwinter

    The 6S apparently runs at just over 3 Ohms z-out. And they do sound great on the 6S. The low end sounds a bit tighter out of the 5S, but that might be attributable to other aspects besides having 1 Ohm less z-out.

    But really, the iPhone has an amp :smile:

    Still assessing timbre, but tone is a little bright due to a bit of upper presence above neutral in specific frequencies IMO. Nothing bad, just not spectacular.

    Note weight is pretty well balanced and even throughout the range to my ears, fwiw.
  10. Soundsgoodtome

    Very interesting! Those look like thicker Hifiman Focus pads (not focus-a). Do tell us how it sounds.
  11. Billheiser
    Yes; I have Tidal hifi on the phone and at home. I think of these as home headphones so I may never get around to plugging them into my phone again
  12. Audio Addict Contributor
    Just finished putting them through the Purist Audio breakin process.

    Using the Pulse Infinity as the DAC and the SSA Lycan for an amp. Lowered the variable output of the Infinity to match with the Lycan sensitive input.

    This is turning out to be a very good pairing.

    While my ears fit the pads I can feel the warmth build up due to tight fit.

    This is my first "closed" headphone and at times it seems I feel the back pressure as I am getting a good seal with the pads.

    Definitely a totally different experience. Right now I have to reserve judgment on the long term comfort.
  13. tonglongjeff
    I'm in New Zealand and ordered these. I'm just waiting for customs to hold them from me and rape me with customs tax -.-
    Drooling over you guys who already have it :frowning2:
    Can I ask how comfortable these cans are, lets say compared to clamp on the hd600's. Also with the closed design do they sweat at all?
  14. moedawg140 Contributor

    Ah okay. I would probably be more inclined to keep it as a home headphone as well since the 10 ft cable can be unwieldy at times. I will have a shorter cable attached to it soon, so the TH-X00 will be an easier portable option.

    tonglongjeff - with the stock earpads, some people will experience sweat and some will not, it's definitely on a case by case/individual basis. I'm personally used to wearing head gear (for wrestling [real wrestling]) in a sweltering, humid environment that gets my ears really sweaty, so most headphones including the TH-X00 do not faze me one bit with regards to any perception of heat or sweating caused by earpads.
  15. bavinck

    You don't find the sound leakage is prohibitive of portable use?
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