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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. FireLion
    I wonder can you get a 3.5mm plug for the old connector. I'm going the trrs route myself and swapping out the old one.

    Having more power in to these really gets the driver revved up! My Vibrolabs has amazing bass with balanced power. I love the RP driver and prefer it to the Fostex biodynamic.
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  2. saebasan

    Yes, the RPs sound very good balanced and well powered.

    Technically, it looks possible to replace the original TRS 3,5mm jack connector by an TRRS 3,5 or 2,5mm.
    However, while modifying mines, I thought “why not take off the jack and put the XLR in place...”, but I wasn’t able separate it from the cup in clean way without feeling it would break somewhere... so I stopped and made another whole.
    I don’t know if the jack is bonded on it or strongly clipped...

    I think that the XLR type connection would be more firmly attached and consistent in term of signal transmission. Furthermore, the pin wiring is more clearly defined. (meaning where to solder L+L-R+R-. On TRRS jacks it is a joyful festival of different combinations)
    Even if a TRRS jack would work too, I modded my cans with a mini-XLR four pins.

    Good luck

    Show us some pics when you’ll have done your job
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  3. ronfifer
    Owners, is an amp with 380mW @32ohm enough to drive the stock T50RP? The amp is ifi xCAN.
  4. kintsaki
    Probably not. But you can build or buy a special adapter to use it to connect directly to the speaker terminals of an amplifier or receiver with >20 Watt RMS per channel into 8 Ohms.
  5. ronfifer
    Out of all the mods available to order for the stock T50RP, which one is best tailored for competitive FPS gaming? (Improves the imaging, separation, and soundstage or at least does not ruin them or exaggerate the bass)
  6. kintsaki
    Argon mk II,
    Argon mk III,
    Mayflower plus ZMF real leather pads,
    Stock T20 RP with ZMF real leather pads.

    Argons have a long waiting list.

    Argon II is only possible if you find and buy a used stock MK II,
    or a used a used ZMF Ori, or Blackwood or Vibro,
    and send it to Argon to modify.

    Mayflower you can also perform yourself with kit and You-tube video clip guide to save 30$
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  7. ronfifer
    Thanks Kintsaki, and finally is 1 Watt @ 32ohm enough to drive the stock T50RP properly? Anything below 1 Watt is considered inadequate? I really really want to buy the ifi xCAN amp because of its bluetooth input but it only outputs 380mW @32ohm unbalanced and 1,000mW @32ohm balanced. And I really really want to test out the T50RP + Shure pads for competitive FPS then mod it to an Argon MKIII. The stock T50RP can't make use of the balanced output on the xCAN, right? The stock headphone does not support a balanced cable?
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
  8. kintsaki
    I don't have an xCan but I have an iMicro DSD which in Normal mode puts
    950mW @ 32 Ohms and 1600mW @ 64 Ohms in Turbo mode.
    The Fostex RP's are 50 Ohms. and in Turbo mode are fine, but in Normal mode
    you will have to Max the volume control and the bass will thin out even with
    the bass boost switch turned on.

    Therefore if you do not like to listen really loud and if you drive the phones
    in balanced mode you will probably be OK.

    I just tested it out with the Argon and the Mayflower.

    The Argon will be louder, wider sound-stage and bassier than the Mayflower.
    but bit less refined with not as sweet mid-range and highs.

    Ryan, the Argon guy is the most nicer guy I ever met and provides the best
    service and support I ever had. He is a perfectionist and he will go out of
    his way to please the customer, even if the customer bought a used Argon
    from another person. But because he is a single man you will have to wait
    your turn very patiently.

    Both Tyler of Mayflower, and Ryan of Argon will convert your RP to a balanced
    mode for a very modest fee. But you must talk to them to make sure they
    use the proper connector for the XCan in balanced mode.

    While I was typing with one finger (very slowly) I was listening and got used
    to the ifi amp/DAC (I use an RME ADI 2 pro DAC much more powerful and
    expensive), I lowered the volume from 4 o'clock to 1 o'clock, So it will most
    probably be sounding perfectly fine in balanced mode with the XCan.

    Finally whatever they claim the duration of the battery times to be, you
    divide them by 3 and have a power brick with you.

    So go for it and Good Luck.

    more bass on orthodynamics means better sound stage and imaging because it is by far cleaner than the bloated bass of dynamic headphones that bleed it to the mid range and treble.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
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  9. ronfifer
    Wow Kintsaki, that was a much appreciated hands-on impression. Just 2 clarifications:

    1. You said "Go for it", assuming you mean the xCAN and argon Mk3 combo. But you also said on Normal mode, 950mW @32ohm is almost not enough to drive your Argon! The balanced output of the xCAN is 1,000mW @32ohm so how come you recommend i go for it? It is no where near the 1,600mW turbo mode which you found adequate.

    2. Mayflower vs Argon mods: you said Argon has wider soundstage but is less refined and not as good mids and highs. Which one does that make it better for FPS gaming? I know you already said the argons are more tailored for that but clean mids and highs is important for FPS gaming.

    Will definitely contact Argon and/or Mayflower eventually :)
  10. kintsaki
    1) my ifi Micro DSD has a switch that allows me to limit the Power going out.
    The switch has 3 positions one for very sensitive IEMs, a second one for regular dynamic phones and a third one for very difficult to drive phones.
    I used the middle position , called "Normal" mode that only outputs 950mW yo 32 Ohms, not the third position called "Turbo" that outputs 1600 mW
    yo 64 Ohms.
    and with this (Normal mode) I drove the phones and turned the volume control all the way up for an extremely loud volume. But after half an hour of listening I lowered it to the 1 o'clock position for a comfortable very loud but not extremely loud listening.
    This why I said go for it.

    2) The Argon because it is louder, has better sound-stage and imaging.
    The slightly less refined mids and highs will make bullets, explosions etc. slightly
    more painful. The mids and highs of the Argon are cleaner and sweeter than most 2,000 $ sets
    they are only slightly less sweet when compared to the Mayflower.

    The only problem with the Argon is the 8 week waiting period.

    The differences between the two are not major and can be fine tuned.
    The major difference is in the ZMF pads not in the Argon or Mayflower tuning.

    The Mayflower is user mod-able, the mode is user reversible, and user tun-able.
    The Argon is also reversible and tun-able but you may have to send it back to Ryan
    (with no waiting time for fine tuning it).

    If I was you,
    in order to save time and money

    I would buy a T20 RP if loudness is not enough I would sell it,
    If loudness is enough and you feel you need tuning, I would buy the ZMF pads.
    If I still feel I need tuning
    I would buy the 30 dollar kit to convert it to Mayflower
    and if I was still not satisfied with the tuning (not very probable),
    I would then send it to Ryan to Argonize it.

    whatever you do keep, the stock T20 RP, baffle ring foam and don't send it
    in you will need it later. And of course the real leather ZMF pads.

    The T20 can easily be turned into a T40 or T50 by the user
    because the T20 grill is fully transparent, the T40 completely closed and the T50
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  11. ronfifer
    Can I get the ZMF pads for the T50RP as well instead of the Shure 1540? Which ZMF pad best suits my needs as a competitive FPS gamer? (Protein, Cowhide, Lambskin, Eikon)

    EDIT: When I search for ZMF pads on amazon it brings up "Brainwavz" products instead and I don't see any of the sub-categories (cow, sheep, protein, eikon)...where do we order the ZMF pads from? I am in Canada.

    EDIT 2: Did you suggest the T20RP instead of the T50RP because it is easier to drive or what? The review of the ifi xCAN on Head-fi shows that the user was unable to drive his Dekoni T50RP with the xCAN (LINK, search page for Dekoni). Other user said he was able to drive a modded T50RP but didn't say which mod. Is the Dekoni mod harder to drive than the stock T50RP?
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
  12. kintsaki
    I do not like the Shure 1540 neither the Vmoda cable that reviewers tell you to buy... it is up to you.
    Bare in mind that I am not a competitive FPS gamer

    Your EDIT question
    Genuine ZMF pads you can get from Zack at ZMF Audio, or from Ryan of Argon.
    I don't like p-leather (the default option offered by Argon), I would go with Lambskin, Cowhide is slightly different and OK. again your pick.

    Your EDIT 2 question
    T20 is bass heavy and a lot like Argon but can easily be turned into T40 or T50 by any user, I prefer it stock myself with ZMF leather pads.

    I will need more precise direction to find and read the review or comment that says... "... a user could not drive T50RP with the XCan..."

    Have you considered buying a dedicated set of headphones just for FPS? There are many excellent recommendations

    in gamer forums or you can ask Zeos of Z Reviews for one that can be easily driven by XCan and quite affordable at the same time.
    The battery in my MicroDSD that is huge was sucked dry in 2.5 hours last night after my test and took 6 hrs on super fast charger to
    come to life (imagine what will happen to XCcan).

    The "Swiss army knife" approach gives you many options but none of them is ideal or optimal and your situation. is in that area.

    For more questions please PM me.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
  13. znev777
    Anyone have recommendations on pads? I have a pair of zmf ori pads on my t50's right now, and am currently looking for pads that tone down the treble. I don't mind if they reduce the bass or anything, just as long as they don't murder the mids. I was looking at pleather or velour brainwavez hm5's, but I was wondering if there were any other good options I should be considering.
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