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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. Primus2112
    Peace Equalizer settings help.
    Hi all for a stock Mk3 T50rp where would you begin to equalize? I am revisiting my pair of these and just cant find a proper starting equalizer setting to start.
    I have the FiiO E10k, Stock headphone.
    Or could you share your eq settings (if you eq) I just feel that they are a tad muffled in sound compared to my other headphones that I have. Thanks!
  2. FireLion
    Install Equalizer APO https://sourceforge.net/projects/equalizerapo/
    Then Peace GUI for APO https://sourceforge.net/projects/peace-equalizer-apo-extension/?source=directory

    Make sure all devices are checked and reboot then EQ to you hearts content.

    You still have the DAC-X6 and have you ever upgraded the opamp? it handles t50rp really good in high gain mode.
  3. Light - Man
    Guys, I started a new Mods thread a few days ago (when I was not aware of this thread).

    If anyone is interested in sharing their experience (mainly on the Fostex RP Mk3 series), come on over.

    I also recently had the Fostex T60RP but I overall prefer the Mk3 with the simple mods that I have done on my T40RP Mk3 (which I will mention in the next few days).

  4. legion1capone
    I just wanted to share an excellent combo that I am currently listening to.

    Aune X1S+XP1 as DAC<Monoprice Liquid Spark<ZMF Classics

    This is a fantastic combo! I prefer this combo with both my ZMF Classics and He400i over everything else I've owned thus far. I'm on the search for a cheaper costing DAC that will do what the Aune X1S does.
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  5. volly
    @legion1capone - Perhaps, have a look at the Topping D10. Similar specs and you can find them for around 100'ish bucks?!
  6. legion1capone
    I have an sdac in the mail. But I'm unsure.
  7. volly
    The SDac should do a good job, you'll be fine!
  8. Nick-s-f
    Hi all, haven't posted on this thread for a while.

    Recently, I was playing around with the 8 ear-side baffle vents that surround the driver on the T50RP MK3 (Mayflower V1 mod). I found an excellent material to use for tuning the bass vents: 3M Micropore (gentle paper) tape.

    My old configuration was duct tape; covering 6 of the vents per side (leaving two open). The micropore tape is somewhat breathable, and covering all eight vents balances the bass almost perfectly for my tastes; plenty of oomph in the mid-bass and some decent sub-bass rumble as well.

    I was so impressed, that I wanted to share this info for those who still mod these headphones.

    I tried the same mod on my Tin T2's bass vent and it became a giant killer...pretty consistent results.
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  9. stellarelephant
    I have the Mayflower v1 also. I haven't listened to them for a while, since I was missing the visceral bass slam in my music. I have never opened mine up. Does Mayflower put any tape on there that I have to remove to try the micropore tape? Have any pics?

    I am particularly interested in this since I just got the Liquid Spark and it gives the best synergy I have heard yet with these cans. Lights a fire under the planar drivers and does the treble so smoothly.
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  10. Nick-s-f
    Sorry the image is so big, but this is the 3m micropore ''mod'', there is nothing blocking the vents in stock form. Just lift out the foam disc and apply 1" cut strips against the eight slits that surround the driver. Make sure the tape is flush against all surfaces or else the foam disc wont have room to sit in the driver cavity.

    I've felt a bit burned recently by trying out higher-end headphones, so am going back into collecting T50 mods. Eventually getting an Argon MK3 (just ordered) and will compare to these Mayflower V1.

    I haven't listened to these hp for over a year, but am loving them again with this little mod.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
  11. kintsaki
    I have read your posts and I think we listen and like and dislike headphones the same way.

    I have the Mayflower V3 (the bass heavy version) and many Fostex orthodynamic
    variations of the T50 RP including Smeggy's Thunderpants, as well as many high
    end headphones (as you can see in my completely filled out profile), and I believe
    the Fostex RP driver is the best driver that money can buy, period.

    Thanks for reporting on the 3M micropore tape mod. I am going to try it.

    I don't have either a V1 nor an Argon.

    In your picture you do not show the dense foam ring that comes with the V1.
    Have you taken this out and saved it or did you put it back on after you added the tape?

    The V3 can deliver refined treble and mids as well as thunderous bass if you tune it by
    playing with the right amount of the back wave that comes through the vents by utilizing
    the right blocking material and the amount of that (width of the ring).

    There is a kit for moding the T50 RP to turn it to a V1 that Sandy Mayflower sells,
    but there is not one for the V3 because on the V3 she uses a thin fiberglass layer for
    thermal as well as sound isolation (thermal isolation increases loudness and bass
    because it increases apparent enclosure size).

    When you get the Argon I will be very curious to read your review.
  12. kintsaki
    How much power (Watt RMS) does the Liquid Spark delivers to a 50 Ohm load?
  13. Nick-s-f

    Yea I still use the foam ring (the mayflower upgraded one), just removed it for demonstration purposes.

    I think baffle blocking works very well specifically for the V1 because of the added cotton in the cup. The change in bass quantity when you block/mod the baffle is less drastic on the V1 since the cotton dampens the bass a bit compared to stock. The V1 is indeed very bass-lite in stock form, imo.

    For a while I found blocking 6 of 8 vents brings the sub-bass up just enough without muddying the rest of the bass. Of course that was with a solid material (duct tape).

    Using the 3M paper tape seems to be the way to go since its slightly breathable. When I covered all vents it felt like the bass response was taken just a step further. Might be fun trying on the V3, easy to reverse if needed.

    Oh and the paper tape has a cool side effect of adhering on both sides and sticking to the foam ring, it stays in place more easily when changing pads.
  14. stellarelephant
    Awesome pic and description, Nick. Thanks. My goal is to boost low bass without changing the overall sound signature too much, although I would tolerate a little midbass bloat if that was the necessary tradeoff to get some slam.

    But certainly I want to avoid boosting the treble whatsoever, as these border on harshness around 9K even with the Mayflower mods. Sometimes I wish I had the stock pads, because I can hear the mids and bass come up to match the treble better whenever I squeeze the earcups to my head, smashing down the Shure Alcantaras to a fraction of their thickness.

    Kintsaki, The Liquid Spark spits 1.3W into 50R...in high gain mode I have the volume knob around 1:00. You may recall, I have run these cans off of 100W speaker taps before, and I feel that I am getting that same level of liveliness and detail with the Liquid Spark, with far lower noise and a slightly lusher sound signature.
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  15. dropadred
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2019
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