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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. big45-70
    What amps is everyone running with the mk3's?
  2. HotIce
    FiiO E12, mostly. No issues whatsoever.
  3. SpiderNhan
    Massdrop O2 and Dragonfly Red. My other amps, V-MODA Vamp Verza and Aune T1 mk1 don't give it enough juice to shine.
  4. Arty McGhee
    little dot mkiii - plenty of juice
    fiio x7 w/ am5 amp or am3 balanced
  5. Arty McGhee
    best mod ever
  6. Nick-s-f
    That blue color, hell yes!
  7. big45-70
    Those look great,  where did you get the cups?
  8. Nick-s-f
    Not my post, was Arty McGhee's. They look like re-painted MrSpeakers alpha cups.
  9. axtran
    I have a growing collection of modded headphones, with my MK3's receiving a full makeover by PETEREK. :)

    Drive all of them with Bimby and Lyr 2 combo--it's perfect.
  10. legion1capone

    I'm powering them with a schiit magni 2 Uber and aune x1s dac. But I am thinking of going with the schiit jotenheim.
  11. Arty McGhee
    they're my own 3-d prints, from the files mr speakers released last month
    the blue is the actual plastic color, coated in epoxy and hand polished
    they released the necessary files and detailed instructions
    they sound amazing with a minimum of tuning, bass is amazing and trebles are controlled not abrasive
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  12. Nick-s-f
    I'd love to see a pic of your modded T50RP when its all done.
  13. trellus

    I've run them most recently (yesterday) with:
    1. Monoprice Desktop DAC/amp (high gain)
    2. Monoprice Desktop DAC -> line-out -> iFI CAN amp
    Both have enough power to drive them nicely.
    I've also listed to them through these which have more than enough power:
    1. Aune X1 DAC/amp
    2. Yulong U100 DAC/amp
  14. musicfan145
    I've been looking at purchasing the Mayflower MK3s. Can anyone say how the sound signatures of the V1 and/or V3 compare to the Oppo PM-3? I love the sound quality of the PM-3s, but I just wish they had a little bit more bass. (Not bass head level, just a bit more heft.)

    Also, I know there are instructions online for the Mayflower V1 mod. Are the instructions for the V3 online?

    (Sorry if these are dumb questions, but the amount of info on modded T50RPs is awesome, but overwhelming!)
  15. Nick-s-f
    I looked everywhere for V3 instructions, but could not find any.
    The Mayflower V1 mod video motivated me to buy the mod kit, but once I got to modding, it did not go as planned. With the mod completed, the headphone had no bass at all. I then sent my pair in to Mayflower to have them finish it. When I got them back, they sounded fine..what did I do wrong?! Well opening the cup, I discovered that the stiff felt backing for the driver (the one with 4 holes punched out) is supposed to have one of the holes covering exactly half of the square hole in the paper. The video is also confusingly mirrored for some reason.
    Go to 5:35 in the video and you can clearly see the felt covers the hole entirely:
    Some comments in the video were claiming that the sticky glue on the backside of the felt was acting like a treble reflector and causing sibilance. I took the felt off both drivers and peeled the glue off of the felt except for the very corners so it could still be stuck back on. Even with that, there was no change in the treble or their sound (they sound great).
    I really appreciate Mayflower for sharing the mod, but at the same time, the small issues with the video need to be addressed. Their V1 mod kits now include blueprints (its either a stencil or .PDF file) to get correct measurements of the mod materials to cut out.  Not sure if this would have helped me because my kit was ordered before they included the prints.
    Edit: I am babbling on a bit, but this info may help those who want to save some money by doing the mod themselves.
    Regarding the Mayflower V1 itself; you can tune the bass by experimenting with cup ventilation, and because the V1 mod puts cotton in the cup, the bass is better behaved (tighter) and becomes easier to get right. Like many others have done, covering the eight slots surrounding the driver on the ear side brings up the bass a bit. The stock headphone worked well with 4 slots covered while the V1 needed 6. Unfortunately we do not all have the same ears, YMMV. 
    No experience with the PM3 tho :/
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