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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. big45-70
    Is anyone using these on a portable device and if so,  what kind of amps are you using with your phones or daps?
  2. SpiderNhan
    I don't take it out often since NYC is too loud most times for a semi-open headphone(I have no idea how people use EarPods on the train), but a DragonFly Red connected to my smartphone with USB Audio Player Pro powers it just fine. My other portable DAC/amp, the V-MODA Vamp Verza, doesn't have enough juice to really make them sing.

    With the Dragonfly I have volume around 85%-90%. I can only get it loud enough using USB Audio Player Pro. No experience with Apple phones.
  3. AviP
    How complicated would it be to convert my T40RP mk3's to T20RP mk3's?
  4. Jacobh
    I use them with my work laptop and a Fiio E07k.  It provides plenty of volume even on the low gain setting, so I don't think you need a really powerful amplifier for these.  Straight out of a phone is even listenable.
  5. big45-70
    I'm using them out of a iphone 6s plus right now and the volume is adequate at one notch from max for a portable setup.  I do feel like I maybe missing something however without something to give them a little extra juice.  Right now it just doesn't seem worth it to spend even under a hundred for a touch more volume.  If its going to change the sound signature it is worth it.
  6. marcan
    Those required a decent power to shine. I use the fiio e10 which is just sufficient if you like it loud from time to time.
  7. KaHuNaZ
    I picked up the fiio A5 along with the t20rp's. it gets loud enough to hurt my ears paired with my iPod classic.
  8. Lohb

    Pick up a Cayin C5 used if on a budget. Generally you don't want your amp source at 90% volume....too much strain.
    Cayin works at 30-40% juice and plenty of current there which is what brings planars alive to their full potential. It will fill out the low-end and instrument separtion/sound-stage and dynamics...volume is just one part of the equation....an amp will bring more at lower volumes with plenty of headroom....everything will just fill out.....current flow is the focus with planars more than voltage.
  9. AviP
    So I went ahead and opened the headphones and removed a thin piece of plastic that was covering the lower 4 vent holes.
    These aren't closed cans anymore, but they sound way better!
    The bass needs to be reduced though.
    If I wanted to try to make them semi-open like the T50RP's, what material would I need to put over the vents and where would I get it?
  10. paulmazz
    I've been trying to figure this out myself and I'm pretty sure you would want a soft non-adhesive felt held on with a small amount of glue or tape around the edges to allow the felt to beath.
  11. caly
    Received my T50RP MK3 order the other day, it sounds really good out of my Schiit Vali 2! Thanks to everyone who posted about it in this thread. A bit uncomfortable out of the box, but I'm planning on putting the Brainwavz hybrid pads on it soon, which I purchased back on Cyber Monday.
  12. marcan
    I would rather do something with the headband.
    I also tried different pads but it was all a drawback sound wise.
  13. big45-70
    Recently I've noticed some very light buzzing during heavy base tracks on the left ear.  Its silent most of the time,  With the odd track r podcast it somtimes pops up.  I can hear it the most listening to this track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2D73guZpVo&index=1&list=FLBqcW1pJVidDMXScOQpliIQ at the 20 second mark and on.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing and knows a fix.
  14. Jacobh
    The first pair I purchased had a major channel imbalance in the lower mid-bass (you can find test tracks here).  My current pair had some rattling/buzzing in the left channel around 30-40hz if played loud enough.  It's a non-issue during normal listening and I don't hear any rattle with the youtube video you provided.  
    Way earlier in this thread, someone did post a fix that I believe involved either slightly tightening or loosening how tightly the driver was seated.  Try a search.
  15. caly
    You were right about the pads being a drawback, they made the headphones become uncomfortably bright-sounding. So I went back to the stock pads and it sounds much better now. I guess I'll use the hybrid pads on my ATH-M50X instead and see how that goes.
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