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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. Holy Schiit
    Just picked these up on Friday couldn't really enjoy them because of a big sports weekend. 
    Managed to order some Shure 1540 pads from Amazon which arrived the same day I ordered. I have got to say some of the most comfortable pads I have ever had the pleasure of placing over my ears. Also love the perforated design of the pads gives the headphones an edge aesthetically. 
    The pads, unfortunately, do not alleviate the sometimes shrill highs when I am gaming and casually listening (movies, music, etc). Don't get me wrong the highs on these headphones are nowhere near as murderous as the DT990's but they are there and wouldn't mind if some mod tamed them a little. As a result, I ordered the Fostex MK3 Mod Kit w/ upgraded baffle to see if the highs don't pierce as much. 

    Also ordered a comfort mod I will hold off on posting until it's here and installed :) 

    Gaming in these is like having wall hacks lol every sound is crystal clear every gunshot, footstep and call out is as clear as you will ever want from a pair of headphones. It's like the sound is so clear and pinpoint accurate it's fake especially in Battlefield 4 it will take a couple of hours to get used to the new "sound".
    Used to own Astro A40s TRs (lol I know), AD700Xs (which are considered god tier for gaming), also HD600 (which were workhorses in the gaming and music department). I prefer these even when not being too fond of the slightly fatiguing highs. They are that good! 

    I use the Creative Sound Blaster X7 to power these inefficient headphones with more than enough power to spare. 
  2. rendyG
    Check my last post on page 110, I think it could help ya :)
  3. Holy Schiit

    Oh, nice! I already ordered the Mayflower upgrade kit but if they don't solve the minor problem I have with the treble then I will most definitely order the Mr. Speakers doggie treat mod :) 

    Thanks, bud! 
  4. Lohb
    After getting an LME49990 opamp chipset upgrade on my amp and going balanced on my Mk2s...man oh man, what a difference in sound-stage/separation/dynamics.
    If you can roll chips and go balanced, I'm sure it will hold true for Mk3s also.
  5. axtran

    What amp do you have?
  6. Lohb

    iBasso PB2 balanced out.
  7. Holy Schiit
    This is the comfort mod I mentioned earlier it arrived literally 20 minutes ago.

    The Mod House Audio Fostex Deerskin (Suede) Suspension Strap.


    It's literally a 5 minute (or less) install. Just remove the factory screw (on each side) underneath the T50RP mk3 sticker (3rd pic down) with a philips head screwdriver, line up the strap with pre made holes and use the replacement screws with washers to secure the strap to the headphones.

    Easy install and nice comfy mod to the already solidly built set of cans.

    Now just waiting on my mod from Mayflower and I'm all set :)
  8. Nick-s-f
    I've been messing around with my Mayflower V1's and found a very enjoyable setup to get a bit more of the bass I wanted out of them. Other owners of the V1 should give them a try as well if you need some more bass, and you do not have to open the cups to try them. 
    Nothing new; the mods are very well known and easy to undo:
    Taped up all eight baffle-side holes with ugly(but very visible) ''wood'' duct tape.
     This brought up the entire bass response(more sub-bass), but also made the upper bass a bit too much. 
    Sealing the outside cup vents with electrical tape helps with this, the bass becomes a bit more linear:
    Electrical tape measurements are 15/16'' by 5/8'':
    The bass hits a bit harder with these mods, and the overall sound has good weight. They are actually more fun to listen to than my Primes.
    Update: After extended testing, I went back to covering only 6 ports instead of all 8, also removed the tape on the outer cups. This took some of the impact out of the sound, but most importantly the headphone is an ultimate all-rounder. Finally satisfied with this headphone.
  9. SomeTechNoob
    I do wish my T50RPs had a bit more oomph in the low end.  I'll give sealing the vents a shot.
  10. marcan
    Yes inner vents obstruction will drastically increase the bass. As said Nick-s-f to the point it makes the mids muddy. You can tame the mid bass with the external vents but to a certain extend, making the sound less open. So I ended up closing only one inner vent in each headphone and partially closed the outer vents to get a good balance.
    The increased bass made the treble spike less annoying. Anyway if it's still a problem you can easily use toilet paper to tame the highs.
  11. AviP
    What do you mean by "inner vent"?
  12. Nick-s-f
    The inner vents are hidden in the raised circular edge surrounding the driver. If you take off the earpads, you can see them by removing the foam insert around the driver.
    The stock mk3 is definitely more sensitive to airflow change than the mayflower v1. The v1 still sounds very even to me with the vent blocking.
  13. marcan
    Thx. I couldn't say it better.
  14. AviP
    The holes circled in red?
  15. marcan
    It's the rectangles holes. You cans see three of them on this picture.
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