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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. marcan
    Yep I confirm.
  2. Lohb

    Marcan, I think you had Mk2s before, is there quite a positive difference with Mk3s to you...
  3. marcan
    I didn't have the mk2. I did have a old version from 2011. Compare to my old version the mk3 is a different beast. Everything is better out of the box. No real mods are necessary, just the headband for the confort. I slightly modified the inner and outer bass vent to tune the bass to my taste. I also put some plasticine here and there to make them more defined in the bass and avoid any vibration at high volume.
  4. shyamelge
    Could one replace mk3 pads with Senn HD598 pads or similar ones which can fully cover my ear? Any suggestions are welcome. 
  5. Hunki Chunki
    Yes you can, but your mileage may vary based on how well they match up. I am using the Shure 1540 alcantara pads (big and comfy) and it fits well
  6. shyamelge
    Thanks. Any cheaper alternative?
  7. shyamelge
    I have recently bought Shure 840 replacement pads. They are better than the stock pads but still they don't cover my full ear like the 598 ones. 
  8. shyamelge
    Can 598 pads fit into mk3?
  9. shyamelge
    I tried to place 598 pads on mk3, They won't fit in due to their smaller width size. 
  10. shoegazer72
    I gave the t50rp mk3 a shot, but was forced to give up on it.
    I loved the speed & transparency - but was disappointed by the lack of sub-bass.
    But comfort proved to be the real problem.  The stock pads are just ridiculously small and flat.  I have somewhat larger-than-normal and protruding ears - but to market these as circumaural headphones is really a stretch.  The outer edges of my ears get very, very sore wearing these after about 45 minutes.
    Unfortunately, this problem does not seem to be addressable with pad-rolling.  The stock pads are so flat that all replacement pads are going to increase the ear-driver distance.   The treble on these is pretty lively to begin with - increasing the ear-to-driver distance results in it crossing over the pain threshold.
    I've tried SRH840, SRH1540 and SRH1840 pads and all resulted in an overly-forward treble.
    I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist - but if Fostex had grown tired of the cash that modders were making off the mk2 line and they had designed the mk3 line with the intent of spoiling the fun...one must congratulate them on a job well done, I'm afraid.
  11. marcan
    The sub bass issue can be overcome with the inner and outer bass vents mod. Otherwise they are a bit dry in the sub.
    The pad mod was not conclusive. As you said the distance between the ear and the driver can really change the sound signature. Moreover some pads can completely close the inner bass vent, creating a huge bump in the bass. In the end the pads wasn't a comfort issue for me. On the other hand the headband was very uncomfortable for me so I add a comfortable headband.
    So mods are still possible and recommended, but it's not the same than before.
  12. big45-70
    I have some what of a newb question about these headphones.  I just picked up a pair of T50rp mk3's and I find the pads that came with them actually comfortable.  I was wondering if a pad change is recommended because it improves the sound,  or if it only improves comfort?
  13. musiclife
    Since the T50rp mk3 were cheaper than the Meze 99 classics or NAD HP50 that I was looking at, I decided to compensate with a Mojo :D
    ngoshawk likes this.
  14. SpiderNhan
    Different pads are mainly for comfort. Almost everyone agrees the stock pads give the best sound.
  15. Griffith
    Depends on your personal taste. Although I enjoyed the default pad's sound quality they were just slightly discomforting after a long session. If you buy something like the Brainwavz Hybrid Velour pads they help bring down the strident highs that the default pads have and make them sound more neutral but still retaining that fun aspect of them. For me, since I didn't appreciate the strident highs, I consider the replacement ear pads an improvement, but that not be the case for you.
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