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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. Hunki Chunki
    Ah I am sorry, i hope it affects in a positive way. I can't hear much of a difference myself.
  2. marcan
    Not in a good way for me.
    Stock pads of the mk3 are best for the sound.
    For me the only mods that really make a positive change overall was:
    - add a headband comfort (the original is unbearable)
    - add some plasticine on strategic places to lest and eliminate vibrations
    - cover one of the eight bass vent in the earcup
    - control the mid bass by partially close external bass vent
    I made the changes with two t50rp mk3 one untouched and the other modified. So I can subjectively compare the result.
  3. roosteek
    What do you think should I add some plasticine to my t20rp mk3? Would it be usefull?
  4. kimikaze
    Plasticine is always useful with fostex mods. You can't go wrong, just don't fill little holes around driver.
  5. Primus2112
    Mhh, So they emailed me today after my web form inquiry at http://rapidrebates.com/ yesterday. And they said ...

    "records show that your rebate check has been printed. We expect this to be mailed out shortly for you."

    Sheesh... I wonder if everyone that is still waiting for this rebate HAS to email them in order for them actually do something. Yes I hate rebates. But such is life. lol

  6. paulmazz
    If I was going to convert the 40s or 20s to 50s what kind of felt should be used the cover the vents?
  7. TooPoorForHiFi
    Does anyone happen to listen / own both the T50RP MK3 and the HD650? How do they compare & which do you prefer? Like what type of music goes well with such Headphones etc... Would you consider the HD650 an upgrade to the T50RP MK3?
  8. Lohb
    Anyone found a good deal on new Mk3s in the UK ?
    (Best I've found is £115 free shipping for T20RP Mk3s)
    Trying to get my friend turned on to the planar sound.
  9. Primus2112
    GUESS WHAT? Check arrived in the mail today!! 
    After so many months! Only after the recent above inquiry was this check printed, if you are wondering when if ever... 
    go to the above quoted link to see if they will then take quick action and print it.

    I am good with headphones and accessories for headphones,,, so going to deposit that money to make up for those expenditures lol.
  10. musiclife
    This week I want to a demonstration store to check out the Meze 99 classics.
    I like "flat" headphones and Innerfidelity just celebrated the Meze as the new NAD Viso HP50.
    Yes there were good, a bit better than the NAD, but I was simply not impressed compared to my current RE-600 hifiman.
    I tried a couple of other dynamics and I just didn't see any price justification.
    But then I saw the orange cables... and gave a shot to the T50rp mark 3. Wow just wow.
    Everything was smooth, clear, details, good bass without bloat, and surprinsingly, not harsh trebles at all for me, and I have very sensitive ears ( I considered the M50x very tiring for that reason).
    So I bought them instantly but on the first day I realized I seem to have a connection/cable problem, basically I loose the right-ear signal when I twist/move the cable. 
    Anyone has that problem?
    Should I ask for a replacement cable or just get the whole headphones back? Or maybe buy another cheap cable?
  11. SpiderNhan
    The included cable is crap. The most common replacement cable is the $15 V-MODA audio only cable. It's the same cable Mr.Speaker's Mad Dogs ship with.
    Hunki Chunki likes this.
  12. Hunki Chunki
    I totally agree. the V-Moda cable is such an upgrade, super light and super out-of-the-way-don't-even-know-its-there. Only negative is the lack of an orange color :)
  13. HotIce
    I would not call it crap. It's ... cumbersome.
    It actually have a nice feeling at touch, but it gets stuck everywhere, while the vmoda one slides around better.
    Hunki Chunki likes this.
  14. musiclife
    Guys, thanks for the extremely quick reply!
    Is signal loss a common problem? I am usually a IEM guy, so I cant really judge the quality of a full-size cable, but what im experiencing is literally loss of signal on one side while moving my head ! 
    Thats more than a cumbersome or bad to the touch defect :frowning2:
    EDIT: Is the v-moda cable entirely compatible or I need to mod something? There is a lock mechanism on my T50rp
  15. SpiderNhan
    Oh, but there is an orange color! Granted it's the microphone cable. However, with a little 90 degree adapter it totally works and looks great!
    No mods necessary. You basically just flip the cable upside down and insert the 45 degree end into your T50rp.

    musiclife and Hunki Chunki like this.
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