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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. YtseJamer
  2. DaemonSire
    Got it, thanks.  Always good to find new stores in Canada that have some good deals.
  3. YtseJamer
    Yep, they also had the Utopia for $3500 CAD last week.
    The Focal headphones are so overpriced..
  4. Imusicman
    I personally watch loads of reviews from many different reviewers, including LLAT and I still think this one was poor even by his own standards. As for Z reviews I can't take them seriously. I just find them hilarious. Entertaining definitely, educational and informative I'm not so sure?
  5. Sp12er3
    Ahaha agree, Zeos likes to be vague and bombastic, but i know his preferences so I can kinda get what his takes on it, especially when it's coupled with his sound demo. In general, I usually likes the ones that he doesn't particularly fond of, (like M70x, MA900), so I can get some information out of his review.
    For LLAT I think he's trying out new formats and more of a freestyle lately, it's less structured but it's still his honest opinion... So, why not? It feels more personal anyhow and I actually quite like it.
  6. Bern2
    Yes...my thoughts on it exactly.  I'd rather have an honest review..than one slap happy rubber stamp one that serves no useful purpose.  
  7. idabgamgsx9754
    Anybody local to New York with an Elear willing to trade a coffee for a brief listen?
  8. lugnut
    The thing is, he is learning as he goes. He doesn't know much more than his core audience. The people that are high on the z reviews right now, will look back a year from now and think, why did I need him to tell me that !
  9. Jkane101
    Bergen County, NJ
  10. abvolt
    just got the Elear cans they sure have stunning reviews out cool I'll post some pics when they arrive..
  11. TWerk
    Typical head-fi - Someone puts out a review that isn't GUSHING with love for a headphone, and the response is the guy is a bad reviewer and you're done watching his videos and listening to his stuff and he doesn't know anything.
    Come on, seriously? A review is someone's impressions, and as anyone should know, everyone has different ears and likes different sound signatures. There is not one agreed upon best headphone out there. Not only that, he said he liked them a number of times, but pointed out that they were not as comfortable as he liked and that the dip bothered him.
    If you love them, great enjoy, but you really shouldn't say the guy is clueless because he doesn't like them as much as you do. We need more honest people and reviews, and I would prefer that to be the norm than every reviewer calling every product perfect and amazing in every single way just to appease those who own it.
    I don't doubt Elear is just about perfect for some of you, but it isn't universally perfect for everybody. Nothing is.
    silverbox likes this.
  12. idabgamgsx9754
    I know frequency response tests are all relative to the test setup, but I do note that the manufacturer states the frequency response is 5Hz - 23kHz (-3dB).  This suggests that there aren't any drastic dips along that curve until 23kHz.  How does this jive with the 4-5khz gap?  
  13. hfi429366999
    Hello, my current gear includes OPPO HA-1 and OPPO PM-1 (with Roon and HQPlayer with microRendu/LP1, mostly 24/192 PCM and DSD128/256 sources), and been reading any comparison posts in Internet between PM-1 and Focal Elear.
    I was wondering, would most of you consider PM-1 to Elear, be a lateral move?
    Or, step in the improvement?
    I've been so far content with PM-1, listening to various music choices.
    One notable review i've read is here,
    The part about open sounding seem to interesting since most reviewers of PM-1 observes narrower sound stage of PM-1 given PM-1 open headphone nature.  For me, seems okay for the sound stage, but i've never had anything to compare with other than my other OPPO headphone, PM-3, which is closed headphone.
    Just wondering how much wider, huge the sound stage and microdynamics will Elear give me, i'm guessing not a revolutionary upgrade, but still perhaps a meaningful evolutionary upgrade?
    Or, am i better off going to next best thing, Utopia (or LCD-4), which i'm certain will be a revolutionary upgrade.
    Thanks much.
  14. Imusicman
    I personally haven't read where anyone was saying he was clueless or that he's a bad reviewer? I said I thought the review was poor and that is still my opinion and yes I have enjoyed some of his earlier reviews. His style of approach was different in this review and it just didn't gel with me. Simples!
  15. TWerk
    In what way is the review poor? It is a good review, highlighting what he likes and dislikes about the headphone.
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