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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. YtseJamer
    It's a store in Canada but the promotion is already over.
  2. YtseJamer
    FYI, there's a pair available here for $960.
  3. YtseJamer

  4. MidFiMoney
    I can't listen to LLAT anymore. He's missed the mark on few reviews lately IMO.
  5. Imusicman
    I totally agree. I couldn't even watch it the whole way through. IMHO poor
  6. u2u2

    I have not agreed with several of his reviews but this one really makes me question his methods. He puts the headphones on backwards twice in this video. If he reviewed them wearing them backwards that had to have impacted his experience and opinion. There is a reason they put an "L" and "R" on the earcups... 
  7. jlbrach
    one of the silliest reviews I have seen recently
  8. TMRaven
    Whether he put them on backwards or not, he still hit many of the major points about the Elear.  
    It weighs quite a lot, it's not the most comfortable headphone.  It will generate a hot-spot on the top of your head after 20minutes compared to other headphones.
    There's a small, but drastic dip in the upper midrange-lower treble transition that kills timbre in instrument harmonics.
    Tyll said these headphones have no Achilles heel, but those are its two Achilles heels.
  9. idabgamgsx9754
    I'm curious what would cause a 4-5k dip like this?  What are everyone's thoughts on EQ settings?  Bring the bass down to reduce the disparity or try to fill it in by boosting the 4-5k a bit?
  10. TMRaven
    It's partly a fault of the earpads, partly a fault of the drivers themselves.  There's no gross acoustic cancellations in ringing in the treble, so EQ does a pretty good job of mitigating the issue.
    Now if only something could be done about the weight.
  11. oqvist
    Maybe his talk about strange angle of the drivers is due to wearing them the opposite way :D
  12. crossfire
    I do agree that it does have a bit of weight but the elears has to be the most comfortable headphones i ever wore besides the hd600/650. i wear the elears for more than 2 hours straight everyday and i never get any discomfort.
  13. Sp12er3
    Oh c'mon guys he is talking to a camera and are wearing it just for the sake of demonstration, the cable DOES looks ridiculous, the squeaks DOES sound annoying (the mic catch it few times) and the weight compared to the average DOES sounds heavy, especially for a man like him that used to wear MA900 and R70x as daily, we all can see he value comfort a lot more than normal bloke does.
    For me LLAT still is the place to go as his taste match mine in a lot of cases, and his preference of Japanese headphones tuning does reverberate with my testing and experience so I value his review a lot.
    It's always good to watch multiple reviews to get different perspectives, and for me, Z Reviews and LLAT (that I trust and know their preferences and circumstances of) gives quite a wide band of viewpoints to wiggle around on. For you, it might be different and you may have already found another reviewer that match yours better but I'll settle with reviews I trust and my own testing as guidance for my purchase.
    If the dip in the upper mids - lower treble that noticeable it will be a deal breaker to me too. Again personal testing is important.
    And I don't understand the negativity, I think his impressions of it it quite positive, just it doesn't suit his circumstances and preferences.
    eyoon likes this.
  14. DaemonSire
    What store had them for that low in Canada?
  15. DaemonSire
    +1 on Impact Audio.  They made me a cable for my HD650 and it is excellent.  Very nicely made and reasonably priced.
    My cable is the same colour scheme as yours btw :)
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