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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. Frode Roed
    Takk det samme :)
    I believe the 6.35 and 6.5mm TRS is the same connector.
    In my spec sheet it says 6.35mm for the Elear.
  2. TokenGesture
    A week later and I am loving the Elears. So smooth, so resolving, bags of fun, and great tonality (for my preference, ie not too hot in the highs). [​IMG]
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  3. nigel801
    I am looking for cheap but good quality balanced-cable for Elear,  what are the options? also are there any other brands like for e..g Oppo cables compatible with Elear. Thanks
  4. Mediahound
  5. nigel801
    Many thanks for your swift reply and option it is a good option my only concern is with additional adapters hanging, will it cause any issue with sound or durability.  are there any option for cables with plugs which fits directly in the Elear, somewhere I read Beyerdynamic  cables fits in Elear.
  6. Mediahound
    Fit in to the Elear socket can be a bit iffy since it's fairly narrow so not every 3.5mm headphone cable will fit in there. 
    The little adapters in the Elear works fine. In fact, you can unplug the cable while leaving the adapters in, which actually saves wear and tear on your Elear jacks. 
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  7. Restia
    I love this sound. The bass is a criticism and the sound field is not as large as HD800S or T1, though it is good enough. Elear is easy to drive, and also easy to play a good sound. The only problem is its weight.. I would definitely buy one if my neck can support this 450g headphone... 
  8. gonzfi
    If the Beyerdynamic T1 and T5 2nd gen cables fit then I would be a very happy bunny... can anyone confirm?
  9. vilhelm44
    Double post.
  10. vilhelm44

    I'd love to hear your comparison of the Elear's against the T5P.2's. whether they're an upgrade.
  11. TexasBuck
  12. scarfacegt

    Hi.Im not good at comparison stuff.And its been a while since i listened to the t5p.BUT,for me it was defently a steep up.I think the elears are much better sounding.And thats just after a short listening.The t5p 2 gen are overpriced in my eyes.Make no mistake,the t5p sounds great,but at its price,i expected more.Im no audiophile expert.But looks like the elears have a fantastic value at its price.Im glad i bought it now.Wouldnt suprise me if its price is going up after a while :) It sounds so detailed and dynamic.The bass could be a little better,but thats me just being picky.And the t5p might have a little bigger soundstage.But overall really impressed.First time i really thought something was worth its money.Listening to angie now by rolling stones,and are hearing things i've never heard before.Next thing must be an shorter cable.Could go fishing with this one.lol :p
  13. ValeryPaul
    Anyone has the Elear with the Geek Pulse Infinity? Is it a good match?

    We offer several cable options for Elear, depending on budget. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions. 
    Link: http://www.plussoundaudio.com/customcables/headphone.html
    PlusSound Stay updated on PlusSound at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/plusSound/ https://twitter.com/plussoundaudio http://plussoundaudio.com/
  15. scarfacegt
    Someone here using the elears with the mojo?  Can i use the mojo with elear,and at the same time charge it? Its not a big problem.My elears will be my candy for my ears when im alone home,my kid and wife are sleeping,or when im up really early.lol. :p  So i wont use them every day.But just want to know so i dont destroy my mojo.My wallet is dry now,so cant take the risk without asking the experts here on head-fi :)  Also the shop i bought it from,was recommended violectric amp for the elears.Someone tried this combo? i might go desktop amp someday (maybe next year).But then i want an good and not to expensive dac/amp.
    Also,does anyone know about some shorter cables on the non-expensive side? :)
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