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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. Mbeeching
    No problem at all, I think you'll really enjoy them.
    At some point I'm hoping to get a few 'non-audiophile' friends to compare a few pairs and see which they think is best with no concept of price.  If they don't pick the Elear I will eat my hat.
    This really is a treat of a headphone but I was pretty terrified by the price.  Fortunately absolutely no regrets [​IMG] 
  2. eargasam
    Has anyone compared these to the hifiman edition x? Had the elears but since they crapped out on me and I'm going to be using this mostly on portable daps and portable amps at home anyway I don't know if I'm going to better off with the edition x, what do you guys think ? Maybe I'm just still upset my elears crapped out you know.
  3. scarfacegt
    Finally did it.Ordered a pair of focal elear.Sold my shure se846 and beyerdynamic t5p 2 gen.Hopefully i wont regret :/   Im going to use it home with pioneer xdp 100r,and chord mojo.I listen to all kind of music/genres. 
    One question.How do they sound when playing medium/low volume? I dont like to play load because of afraid of damage my ears.lol :)
  4. scarfacegt
    ps: If im going to use it with mojo,i need an rc adapter?
  5. zept0sec

    You'll need a female 1/4" TRS to male 3.5mm TRS adaptor to use the Elear with Mojo.
  6. heliosphann
    I've got both, including the new V2's. With the price drop of the HEX's, I'd say it puts them right in the same category. Especially since if you plan on using the Elears with a portable rig, you'll most likely need an aftermarket cable. Both are really easy to drive and sound great from a variety of sources. I plan on doing a proper comparison of the two, but I can give you a few impressions.
    Off the top of my head I can definitely say the HEX's have a bigger soundstage. Both are comfortable, but I'd give the nod to the HEXs. I wore the new V2's for 2 hours straight last night and nodded of a few times. lol
    The HEX's might be little more laid back than the Elears. I'd have to really sit down and compare the treble response. I think the new V2's were actually a little more bright than the V1's, but that could be my source/new cables.
    Bass is good on both with the Elears possibly having better mid bass, but the HEX's having a better sub bass response. Once again I'd really have to A/B them to give a more concrete opinion. Both have great Mids, but I'd really have to compare them to respond on them.
  7. scarfacegt


    Could i use this? Norwegian site :)
  8. zept0sec
    Looks good.
  9. scarfacegt
    Do they need burn-in?  Im receving my elears tomorrow.Its from a local shop at my nearest town.Cant wait to try them.Wasnt going for the open back train,but the t5p 2 gen has very bad isolation.Its useless for portable.And when i have to have it quiet at home to use the t5p,i could just go for the closed back.The t5p and elears have almost the same price here in norway.But after reading reviews,and this tread,i think i get more for the money with the elears :)   Havent had many headphones in my life.But i did owned the hd800 once.It was my first high end headphone.And i didnt like it at all.Too bright sounding.My ears got very fast fatiguing.It had god soundspace though.My second "high end" headphone wast the t5p.They sounded good.But it was like i wanted more for the money.I think the t5p are a little overpriced.I got the audeze sine last week.And they are really a treat for my ears.I guess my ears are small.Cause they feels comfortable for me.And the soundvalue is really good.A hell lot better value then my t5ps :)  
  10. TMRaven
    They sounded the same during hour 1 for me as they do right now.
  11. Sona
    Ehm yeah like every headphone . What
  12. Shwoop
    I use a Hexisound Dawn dac/amp. Better known in Chinese forums and it performs pretty well. I like it better than the Rega I had before due to its better control and separation. I don't have access to truly high end electronics without heading to a local shop and hassling them for a while which I'd prefer not to do without the intent of upgrading.

    Either they're breaking in or my ears have adjusted. The bass seems to have tightened up a little to where it's not overwhelming the mids as much. They still seem behind the music more than other cans but without the sense of veil. I suspect this is mostly a psychological adjustment as I haven't touched my Senns since.
  13. Frode Roed
  14. scarfacegt

    This is 6.3mm to 3.5 mm. But the elear is 6.5 mm.So anybody know if it fits? :)
  15. scarfacegt
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