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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. dlayman
    That does put you in a tough bind.  You clearly place a high degree of emphasis on fidelity and sound quality, which most of us on this site do as well.  I would be frustrated to design a great sounding product, one that competes with IEM's at much higher prices, and then suffer lack of sales because it doesn't look "striking enough".  It almost does sound like you need to design two lines of products, one for the Chinese domestic (and maybe others) and one for US market (and maybe others).
    The Celeste has quite a striking design and technology.  That has to take a great deal of time to build, and the tolerances must be very very tight.  To me it has all the earmarks of a very very high end IEM.
  2. 3raser
    Received my FLC8s' last Saturday and after spending a week with them I am comfortable saying that if I had paid twice what I did, I would still be a happy customer. They are hands down the best bang for the buck IEMs to date.  Thank you Forrest, much appreciated.
  3. leobigfield

    A kickstarter campaign seems a nice idea! And for what I see, the Celeste has potential to be the safest bet for an endgame IEM since 108 possibilities is like having a built-in equalizer. Stunning!

    Flcforrestwei are they a hybrid like the FLC8s?
  4. canali
    enjoying these iems now....red, gray, gunmetal gray is the combo i'm using.
  5. kimD

    Hey what is that?
    End game IEM?
  6. RedTwilight
    H*ir Audio 8? I guess you could call it an endgame for that line.
  7. gasmonkey
    Its been a fun ride, but I am going to be selling my FLC8s. My main issue is comfort, I have managed to try some different tips and found the Comply best to stop these from slipping out of my ear, but they always inevitably wind up just popping out very S l o w l y which is really annoying. The cable may be part of this problem, and I do wear glasses. I love the sound and all the tunings, they put a smile on my face all the time, but I just never feel like leaving the house with them. 
  8. Taggerung
    Guess really diff strokes diff folks. For me they are THE most comfortable iem I've ever tried. I use the stock medium black tips and original FLC8 cable. I also wear glasses.
  9. PixelSquish
    my FLC8S are for sale now in the sale forum
  10. audio123

    upgrading to [​IMG]
  11. kimD

    Awaiting Flc9 ??
  12. Taggerung

    You mean Celeste?
  13. kimD

    No.. He alway saying flc9 is onboard soon :D
  14. audio123
    it is celeste I reckon
  15. willowbrook
    Yea it's celeste, I think.
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