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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. nmatheis Contributor

    That's because we didn't know Celeste's name yet :wink:
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  2. Longtime Lurker
    I looked through the pictures in this thread, and I guess there aren't any dark gray (the same color as the filter on the outside) that aren't microphonic? I like the headphones, but these are the worst cables I've ever had.
    EDIT: So, I'm guessing this cable would work fine?
    I've seen posts in here stating that tf10 cables would work, but they'll loosen up the sockets preventing one from going back to original cable (which is horrible anyway).
  3. koven Contributor
    just adding my quick 2cents here.. i have been listening to flc8s for a few days now and not too impressed, didnt mess with the customizing just changed tips a few times but long story short i have come to the conclusion that my p1 sounds more refined, cost less, and are much more comfortable for extended wear, so i am returning the flc8s
  4. dlayman

    Kind of sounds like you didn't really audition the 8S fully, not even trying the different filters, just trying a few different tips. The stock tip aren't particularly comfortable for me. Where did you by your 8S, returns aren't always easy from the authorized sellers. Good luck with your P1, not my cup of tea really, although many people like them
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  5. willowbrook
    Yea, gotta give it some time, but it's not the most comfortable IEMs and the stock tips aren't that great either along with stock cables. 
  6. leobigfield

    Returning them without trying the filters is like testing a phone with 128kbps MP3 files...
  7. willowbrook
    I think you mean without, but yes filters should be messed with...recently got a sw3 and kind of got accustomed to the signature and just changed the flc8s filters to gray,black,gold and boom just bliss...and here I was thinking of letting it go. I just can't give up those mids :frowning2:
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  8. koven Contributor
    point taken, but it was more the comfort than the sound, no way i could wear them for 30min+. plus i assumed they would package these w/ the most well-rounded/balanced config out of box, had a hard time believing filters would drastically affect the sound signature but i am probably wrong. maybe this is just me justifying my laziness, oh well!
  9. dlayman
    Stock tips are not good for comfort. I switched to Crystal tips and the 8S is extremely comfortable. Everyone's description of balanced, well-rounded sound is different. I'm curious in what areas you found the sound quality lacking. I don't own the P1 but have spent some time with it, and while it's good for the price and inoffensive, I didn't find it to be in the same league as far as detail retrieval or bass extension and resolution. Comfort of the P1 is fine, comparable to 8S with replacement tips for me. For a single dynamic driver IEM,I much prefer the RHA T20.
  10. audio123
    single dynamic gotta go to the dita truth!
  11. Koolpep

    Hmmm interesting. Pretty much the same for me. I already had the T20 since release and I really love them. I heard the P1 and was quite impressed but didn't feel like I need to buy them, with the other iems in my stable. But when I heard the flc8s - I really needed to have them - and enjoy them since.

    But I can see that for some people the P1 are the better match. Though I think you could possibly tune the flc8s in a similar way and basically have plenty of iems in one.

  12. canali
    still trying these out...hearing patterns and instruments i wasn`t aware of before as much,
    which is nice....my filters now: red, black and gunmetal gray.
    awaiting the spintips.
    question: for a cheaper back up pair, still highly detailed, musical and balanced 
    which one to also consider...
    (i love clear bass slam, picking out that kick drum and bass guitar).
    next step is to refine the sound even more...I am going to trial Roon... i heard back 
    from Amarra that they`re hoping for a Tidal and windows version by later summer or early fall,
    all tweaks done.
  13. dlayman

    Depends on wha you mean by cheap. RHA M750 would fit the bill of your sound preference I think.
  14. dlayman

    My exact experience. I feel guilty that my t20 doesn't get the ear time it deserves.
  15. Toto James
    Enjoying mines to the fullest.
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