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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. canali
    yes Forrest has to tread carefully, delicately on pricing, esp when you have Fidue coming out with the Sirius....Trinity audio with their new phantom and master series....Dunu's more $$ iems....it is already a crowded and competitive market.  
     many see the FLC 8S as offering fab bang for buck....keeping that good vibe, and a good reputation (as a reputable company offering value and winning consumer trust) is something that is hard to win back if you lose it, esp when you want to come out with a new and higher priced item.  
  2. all999
    No, I'm not that naive[​IMG] I think that products like FLC's and SW3's are just right priced. If I only smell there is some marketing involved to it's pricing, I'll just pass. But that's just me and I know this is business after all. It's a great time for audio enthusiasts who are looking further than their local electro market. I feel Forrest and some others started a revolution. Hope they're gonna expand it.
  3. willowbrook
    Phantom 4 and 6 are very exciting indeed.
  4. audio123
    based on the price of flc8s and flc8c, it is highly likely it will be 3 times imo. Several means more than 2 but not many.
  5. willowbrook

    Nothing is confirmed until he says otherwise, better to just sit tight. He said maybe, doesn't mean it will be several.
  6. audio123
    yes definitely was just speculating.
  7. Brooko Contributor
    Correct answer "I don't know"
    Incorrect answer - yours [​IMG] - unless you are privy to information none of us have.
    And thanks for the resultant 3 pages of speculation, adding nothing of value to the thread. ​
  8. audio123
  9. Flcforrestwei
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  10. RedTwilight
    Too excited haha.. [​IMG]
    See pic alr immediately boom. 
    Still, that's a beauty. Presses all my buttons and my wallet's buttons and and ticks all the boxes and whatnot. 
  11. B9Scrambler
     That is a good looking earphone good sir and the tech involved sounds/looks very unique. I wish you all the best with your new product. While the FLC8s wasn't my cup of tea (though I am very glad I had the chance to experience it), it was clearly an absolutely brilliant product and you deserve the sales to match. Finding that happy middle ground for your target market will be a challenge, but you can do it :beerchug:
  12. Flcforrestwei

  13. ajaxender
    Are you kidding @Flcforrestwei ? Thats incredible! I mean, there are other IEMs with dials, I have one myself (Lear LHF AE1d) but having 3(? by the looks of it) is already interesting and making them visible is a stroke of genius. Besides being a great way to solve the 'fiddly' filter problem, you say its a design for China, well - I see Noble having clockwork pieces as an option for their customs. I see Mr Vang of Empire posting pics of this very recently in their thread. An IEM where the gears actually move and are functional, thats frickin cool. 
    Also, what you're saying about 'perception of value' makes absolute sense and applies around the world, if maybe to a lesser degree. Obviously, you guys have that wicked strong low-end (or low price, rather) market to contend with that we only get a taste of through aliexpress. So while the FLC8 seems like a great deal outside of China, I can see how it could be considered stuck in the middle. 
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  14. Flcforrestwei

    For most Chinese customers, visual is the first factor they consider a earphone.
  15. canali
    thanks, Forrest....your post makes me step back and appreciate how difficult it can be for a new product to reach the end stage,
    esp when you're dealing with multiple different cultural markets that have their own unique set of tastes and demands....here is hoping those more seasoned on here are helping you by giving some feedback on pricing and specs to make it sell well--at least for our market.
    you have alot of supporters here...continued success
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