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Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. zilkhaw
    Err actually I have a question. /raise my hand

    What is wrong with E5000 original cable? I mean what do you guys dun like about it? Microphonic or sound quality?
    Because I upgraded my MAKE2 to Final silver coated cable and I really like how the cable brings the mid and high more forward except the microphonic is really annoying.
  2. dannyvstheworld
    I really like the sound. I tried the cable with N3AP and it sounds better than the stock cable for me. And the cable looks beautiful too. So if you just use E5000 at your desk (like me) then shouldn’t have any problem with it.

    I guess it’s just when you wear the E5000 outside then you’ll notice how stiff and microphonic it is. But I prefer a high quality cable to any soft and comfortable cable but with mediocre sound quality.
  3. dimmockg
    Hi all,

    On the hunt for some iems (aren't we all) and I keep looking at the final e4000

    My question is, do these work well with EDM?

  4. Dobrescu George
    Yes :)
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  5. dimmockg
    Thanks - think I'm gonna go for these
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  6. zilkhaw
    If I am not mistaken, E4000 is tuned for EDM, or dance music. How about you have a try yourself first? Different people might have different taste. :darthsmile::darthsmile:
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  7. Wyville
    Yeah, I think the E5000 deserve a much better cable. I am still contemplating buying the E5000 even though I greatly enjoy the E4000. If I do, I will get the PlusSound X-series cable because it seems like a perfect compliment with superb ergonomics and can be customised in an infinite amount of ways (material, connectors, termination, colour accents, etc).
    I felt the stock cable on the E5000 was very stiff and incredibly microphonic. I had both the E4000 and E5000 over for review at the same time and the cable of the E4000 was a world apart in terms of ergonomics. Heck, these days I train (running, gym) with the E4000 and wear them cable down without any issues. With the E5000 I was forced to wear them with the cable over the ear, but even then training was impossible due to the stiffness and microphonics.
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  8. zilkhaw
    Ahah, I see. I do not own E5000 but I think my silver coated re-cabled for MAKE2 should be almost the same. <Final link>
    When I am using them while cycling, I need to use the hook <Final link> to actually get them to stay on my ears.
    But when walking, I do not use the hook because they stay on my ear properly but now I suffer from its microphonic. I am considering to get a clip to keep them from swinging around.
  9. Wyville
    I think it might indeed be the same cable. The one on the E4000 is considerably less microphonic, but is a regular copper cable, rather than the SPC from the E5000/MAKE2.

    A clip might indeed be an easy way to reduce the microphonics.
  10. zilkhaw
  11. soundbear
    Yes a clip and over the ears really helped the microphonics on my Heaven V. Just read MidNigh Tempest idea of buying a $275 cable for a $275 IEM, that's very insane! You can probably get a cable 2x as good as the 5005 cable on Ebay from China for less than $100.
  12. zilkhaw
    Haha, yeah $275 cable for $275 earphone is kind of too weird.
    By the way, were you asking about the comparison of Heaven V with E5000 a few days ago? Have you found the answer?
    I might go to Akihabara this coming weekend, maybe I can take my time to test on both of them of both of the earphones are there.
    But with my limited English capability and knowledge on the sound description, I don't think that I can provide you proper feedback, I can only tell you the feelings though, if you don't mind I will PM you.
  13. soundbear
    LOL, if I were to spend that for a cable I'd buy a $500 IEM, or go custom!

    A very long while back, I got a Nocturnal Audio Hydra cable (https://nocaudio.com/) from Treoo.com for $65 USD for my custom AS2,. ( https://www.head-fi.org/threads/nocturnal-audio-custom-headphone-cables ). It made a huge difference compared to stock, but been too long ago for me to describe the difference, yet I do remember it opened up the highs.

    I did get an idea of the comparison of the V to the E5000, more bottom end, less bright, that's something I think I would like. I hated the flat, microphonic cable that came with my Heaven V, tried to find a custom cable maker to make a different cable but they couldn't. Wearing over the ears and a clip made a huge difference, then again, doesn't seem their IEM's are designed to be worn out of the house, or working out, they are made for serious listening, like full size phones.

    That being said, I did notice there was a recent post that someone was looking forward to getting the E5000 and then their full-size phone I had and sold the Pandora VI and despite the sound being absolutely superb it was very, very heavy. It was only comfortable lying down or having my head propped up by a pillow, LOL!!! Again, serious listening at home, but lying down. Maybe they have gotten lighter.
  14. zilkhaw
    Yeah, totally agree. I am using Sonorous VI as well. I love how it sounds and also the design is so classy which make me really want to get a Sonorous X but only if I have the money.
    I agree with how you think about the weight, it is somewhere around 500g.

    Yeah Final, sometimes they want to keep the luxurious look and sacrifice the comfort. But it seems like I seldom see Japanese complaining about those issues and that is why they do not actually try to improve on those directions. I wonder do they actually check reviews outside of Japan.
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  15. TooPoorForHiFi
    Oh I'm leaning toward under $100 for a decent Soft and flexible Cable. TBH, I'd rather buy an extra E5000 and keep them as backup than buy a Cable that cost as much as the IEM itself.

    I don't have golden ears so I might not be able tell the difference. I love the E5000 enough to dress it up.

    If anyone know where I can get decent cable for under $100 please do tell.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
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