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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
  1. stenog
    You have to enable crossfade in Tidal settings, set it to one second.

    This will work!!
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  2. gazzington
    How do you get turbo mode?
  3. MinnieOne
  4. DivergeUnify
  5. jsplice
    So aside from my small issue with the power button that I am slowly getting over, I've been doing a lot of listening and comparing. The x5iii is definitely a laid back sounding unit. I would say it's best at home with IEMs. When trying to use it to directly drive my Focal Elear and T5P, it somewhat lacks the juice and voltage swing capabilities to convey a rhythmically exciting listen. However, it does provide a very liquid and engaging midrange. On its own however, it's no match compared to using the x5iii --> Mojo (which honestly I would hope the Mojo sounds better considering it's a $530 "add on").

    I do like the x5iii --> 1More Quad driver combo a lot. The x5iii brings a nice midrange to the table that synergizes well.
  6. KopaneDePooj
    The power button should be very tactile, clicky and easy to press. When you power up just press for 3 seconds then WAIT 3 seconds for the blue led to light up. It doesn't light up instantly after pressing.
    If it doesn't work like this it may be malfunctioning and you should return / replace the player.
  7. jsplice
    Yea I would definitely not describe my power button as "tactile, clicky and easy to press." It's actually the opposite in every way. There is no discernible "click" when I press mine down, and it has quite a bit of resistance. Out of any device I've ever owned, this button has required the most force to activate it. I pretty much have to use my the nail of my thumb pressing directly in the middle to activate it; if I am off just a bit, the button will not register. I am aware of the 3 second requirement for boot up (as well as the delay for the blue power LED), so that is not an issue here.
  8. aangen
    We have tried to tell you, no force is required, just a 5 second push. But no force is required. You do it because you believe it is needed, it's not.
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  9. WitzyZed
    As others have said, it's super easy. You can even hear the click.

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  10. markrich
    The power button takes time to get used to. No clicks, no satisfying on-off noise. Just hold down for a few seconds, take away finger and see if blue light is on. Else repeat. One gets used to it but it's not nice.
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  11. New Fiio Owner
    I can understand his frustration. I thought my first X5III had a faulty power button and I have used Android since my old HTC brick. Compared to ALL of my other Android products the X5III takes a long time to respond.
  12. KopaneDePooj
    It should be exactly as in that video above, easy and audible click. If not, you should return the unit. That's what I would do.
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  13. MinnieOne
    I'm thinking that the early versions had a barely audible click, like mine. Works fine just quietly.
  14. se7en7
    Quick question without trawling through 800 pages does the Fiio X5III support Native DSD files?
    ( as in all sample rates )

    also with turbo mode is it as powerful as the stock Fiio X7II?

    Many thanks
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  15. mitland
    I just got a notice on my smartphone that a music player I use has a new version. What is a quick method of updating the version I have on my X5iii? I don't leave wifi on so my unit is never regularly checking the Internet for updates.

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