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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
  1. denony

    I have the same issue. After the firmware update to 1.1.9 I performed a full "swipe data/cache" in Android Recovery boot menu and rescannef my music library. Unfortunately, It did not fix the issue.
    What is strange is that after the swipe, some old files (logs, images, ...) remain in the internal storage. I can see them with ES Explorer. May be parts of old music database are there too.

    I have just tried to click "Database Reset" in the FiiO Music application menu itself and have rescanned the music folder, and it has fixed the issue !
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  2. howdy
    There is a area in your settings menu where it reads Factory Data reset, hit that. You will lose anything on your player bit it will fix your issues. If all you have is your 2 mSD cards filled you'll just have to rescan. Clearing the Cache is not the same thing.
  3. mysticstryk
    Anybody have opinions on pairing this X5iii with the Oppo PM3?

    I'm trying to decide between this and the new Shanling N5ii. Specifically for the Oppo PM3.
  4. HungryPanda
    I rather like using my Oppo PM2's with the Fiio X5III, sounds great on low gain
  5. coolcrew23
    036B3EC5-6FD6-4B06-A736-5A8F79E14AA1.jpeg So I guess @FiiO blocks you now when you ask too much questions they don’t want to answer. :frowning2:
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  6. WitzyZed
    Does anyone have any tips for ES Explorer?
    I just want to know what I can safely clean on a regular basis to keep things humming along nicely...

    It reads 1.18 gb of "junk files" but I'm trying to be cautious and don't want to bork my library just as I got it behaving the way I want to with album art, etc.
  7. Sinarca
    My usb audio seems ok. Only strange thing is that volume control is active on USB audio and it shouldn't be so.
    But Fiio is aware of this. They said me that usb audio is in developing.
  8. coolcrew23
    Yeah got that from them too but did they have to block a guy asking about it? :/
  9. Sinarca
    Surely no !
  10. KopaneDePooj
    No need to do cleaning, Android should do that when it needs to.
    Just don't install lots of apps, keep it as basic as possible, only for it's purpose as a DAP.
    Also ES File Explorer became so bloated lately, it's not what it used to be anymore. I recommend a more lightweight file explorer like this one
    I uninstalled ES Explorer and this is what I use.
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  11. BobSmith8901
    Just curious, technically, what your setup is regarding your utilization of USB audio on the X5III. What gear, software, etc.

    I was considering purchasing the Meridian Explorer 2 and coupling it to the X5 with an OTG cable. I have Tidal HiFi and wanted to stream Tidal MQA through USB Audio Player Pro into the Meridian for the full unfold. The problem is, of course, you don't know what's going to work until you've already bought everything.

    Thanks for any info you might have regarding your setup.
  12. Sinarca
    Hi, my setup is very simple: X5
    My setup is very simple:
    Fiio + DAC/Amp + headphone

    I use Fiio usb output to feed (with a normal usb cable), the usb input of my Dac/Amp
    And this is all
  13. BobSmith8901
  15. Sinarca

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