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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
  1. WitzyZed
    Where from did you install the application?
    Opening the Play Store finding the app and updating it from there is the only obvious option..

    If you just connect your device to wifi it should auto update.
  2. WitzyZed
    Certain DSD subtypes, yes.
    DSD64 / 2.8mHz, DSD128 / 5.6 mHz play natively...
    However. If you have an .iso SACD disc image, the X5-III cannot always play this ".DST" format. It can play DFF or DSF files stored on your device, however.
  3. mitland
    I found the app via a Web search. I don't get on the Android side of my X5iii very often but it didn't take too long to find the Google Store. It updated my 2 apps with little problem. Wifi is unbelievably slow. Don't know if that's a character of the unit or the day.
    Thanks for the info!
  4. etoilebiscuit
    i am enjoying this turbo mode very well. thanks @FiiO for the implementation
  5. FiiO
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  6. MXRaia
    Hi FiiO! Will there be support for Kkbox app? My friend uses Kkbox to listen to Taiwanese music, but he can’t use the side button to play/pause tracks.
  7. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    The button of X5III is strictly based on Android definition. However, third-party APP would make its own definition while using system buttons. So the button definition of system itself and third-party APP might be conflicted. We couldn't change the button definition of third party APP. Therefore, the play/pause or previous/next track button might not able to work perfectly when using third-party APP (These APPs might work fine on cellphones cause most of the cellphones only have volume button for adjustment and no next/previous track button).

    Best regards
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  8. SteveUK
    Many thanks...cured the Tidal offline issue!
  9. Demo3
    Interesting... At work now so I can not test but what does that do for gapless playback?
  10. stenog
    I don't know how or why it works, but it does. It's only one sec so for most tracks i don't notice any difference in overlap between tracks. Maybe some with more technical knowledge have an answer?
  11. denony

    I have just installed firmware 1.1.9 on my Fiio X5 III, and I have an issue in the artist view.

    It displays album covers which do not match the artist ! And Same covers are displayed for different artists.... Very strange

    Image at root level
    None of the 2 covers displayed in the screenshot match with the artists displayed in the screenshot.

    Also, I don't iunderstand why it displays "1 song(s) in total", beacuse the folder does not contain songs, but subfolders for albums (which contain .mp3 files). For example :

    artist 1
    album 1
    song 1.mp3
    song 2.mp3​
    album 2
    song 1.mp3
    song 2.mp3​
    artist 2
    album 1
    song 1.mp3
    song 2.mp3​

    I have performed a clear data and cache in Android Recovery then have rescanned the full music library (10900 songs, MP3 320 kb/s CBR, album covers 450*450 pixels in each .mp3 file). But I still have the issue.

    I would prefer it displays no cover at all in artist view.

    Thank you
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  12. KopaneDePooj
    Yes, this seems to cure the random skipping / glitching, but I also found that if I want to use crossfade with more time (like 5 seconds or more) it doesn't work, at the point it's supposed to start crossfading it cuts off the song and skips to the next.
    Also Loudness Normalization doesn't work. Crossfading and Normalization both work well in my phone. My guess is that because the "deeply customized" Android version in FiiO, some features that apps need are not available. That can also explain why system-level EQ apps don't work.

    Another issue I found is that when wi-fi and bluetooth are both enabled and used to stream Tidal to my BT Speaker, the wi-fi often disconnects, and reconnects and streaming is not fluent.
    The wi-fi slowness / problems really need to be addressed. My phone always connects at 54 Mbps, while X5 at 24 Mbps or lower.
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  13. tayano
    Hi guys, this is a lmg thread. I’m reading it to get my answers but I hope you could clarify somethings for me while I try to find the answers:
    • I have my music on a remote media server. Can I use something like plex to access my music?
    • With the new turbo balanced...I guess I don’t need to ask if it can power hd660 adecuately..
    • Can I use it as a desktop amp/dac? Do I need to buy something else for it to work?
  14. howdy
    Its been posted a few times that a factory data reset will solve your issues. Give that a whirl.
  15. denony
    Thank you for your message.

    When you wrote "Factory Data Reset", you deal with swipe data and cache in Android Reovery boot menu ?
    If yes, It does not solve my issues (as I wrote in my message). But perhaps there is another way to "Factory Data Reset".

    [Update] My uderstanding of the previous posts is that I must perform a "Database Reset" in FiiO Music Apps to fix my ussie, not a Factory Reset of Android and Data. But I may be wrong. Anyway, I will try.
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