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500+ Head-Fier, Male, from Minnesota

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    Home Page:
    I attempt to stay fit.
    I like to swim and paddle kayaks and canoes.
    bicycling and hiking and stuff.
    Bicycling, in 2016 I completely feel in love with bicycling. It's a big deal.
    Motorcycling formally BMW now Ducati Multistrada Grantourismo. (oh yeah!)
    Naps, lots of naps.
    Headphone Inventory:
    B&W P5 (Series 2) (new Oct 2016)
    Shure SE 846 (new 2015-04-23, Thanks Massdrop!)
    PSB M4U2 (new 2014-11-22)
    Alclair RSM Quad CIEM (new 9-30-2013)(Sold 5-21-2015)
    Monoprice 8320 (new 12-01-2012) $7.11 and okay sound. (Not usable after all)
    Bowers & Wilkins P5 !! (new 09-12-2012) (Hooray!) (I love these)
    Bowers & Wilkins C5 (new 11-01-2011) (I'm liking these more every day)
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50S (new 01-11-2011) (Yawn)
    Shure SE535 (new 11-30-2010) (Still a strong favorite!!)
    Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 (new 12-07-2010)(did not enjoy, gave to wife)
    Shure SE530 (These still live but they are tired)
    Etymotic 4P (these may have expired)
    Koss Portapro Anniversary Edition (+ standard edition)(LOVE!)
    Sennheiser P100 (Gave to wife)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Chord Mojo (new 01-27-2016)
    Geek Out 450 Amp/DAC (2014-12-06) Oh my!
    Fiio E12 (May 2015) (just cause)
    Fiio E12DIY (Sept 2014)
    AudioQuest Dragonfly Version 2 (Yummier!) (Dec 2013)
    AudioQuest Dragonfly (Yummy!) (new 09-09-2012)(gave to Daughter)
    Fiio E7 (x2) with E3 LOI (no longer used)
    Fiio E1 (for giggles) (never used)
    Source Inventory:
    Fiio X5iii (new 03/03/2017)
    Chord Mojo (new 01-27-2016)
    Oppo 105. Oh baby.
    Fiio X5 loaded with all FLAC files. (qty 2 now)
    Fiio X3 loaded with all FLAC files. (qty 2 now)
    Ipods, (3) :
    5.5 Gen 80GB Rock boxed
    6th Gen 160GB (It's okay I use it in my kayak)
    7th Gen 160GB. (hmmm, better)
    Many hard drives full of FLAC files that I feed my REAL System.
    Cable Inventory:
    Various NBS cables.
    Power-Related Components:
    My main theater setup has five dedicated 20 AMP circuits running solid copper single wire in greenfield setup. It was recommended and it seems okay. PrePro lives on one circuit, Power Amp another, Oppo another, Kuro Elite on one, and I can't remember what is on the final one.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Computer sound setup:
    Computer optical out to a Cambridge Dac Magic plugged into a Sunfire Theater Grand III Prepro feeding a Rotel RB 1070 amp powering B&W Nautilus 905 speakers. It works for me.

    Normally I listen to headphones via a Chord Mojo.
    I also listen to my computer with a Geek Out 450 Headphone amp/DAC which I adore.

    In the big room I have an Anthem Statement D2 feeding a Sunfire Theater Grand Amp, driving B&W Nautilus 803N, 805N, and HTM1 speakers. Above this floats a Pioneer Kuro Elite Pro 151FD. Now featuring an Oppo 105 connected up to a dedicated computer for music and what not. Yeah Oppo! I also have a Squeezebox Touch connected to this system.

    I another room I have a pair of JVC turntables (QL-50, Direct Drive); one has an SME 3009 Improved tonearm and an Ortofon 2M Black Cartridge. The other has a Grace 707 Tonearm and a Grado Cartridge. These feed into an Akai AM 2800 Integrated Amp sitting under a matching Akai AT-2600 Tuner. Speakers are ADS L710 Series II with a nice little REL T1 Subwoofer. I also feed the amp with an old Squeezebox Duet.
    Music Preferences:
    My online CD List:
    My LastFM Profile:
    My ever increasing stable of bicycles.
    Pioneer Kuro Elite Pro 151FD.....
    The Ducati
    I am a meat popsicle.


    Current Mobile: Shure SE846, Chord Mojo, Fiio X5iii, Fiio X3, X5, Fiio E12DIY, Computer Desk: Chord Mojo,  B&W P5ii, and sometimes Geekout 450.
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