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FiiO UTWS1 is available now-Giving your earphones a new voice!

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by FiiO, Dec 19, 2019.
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  1. C_Lindbergh
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  2. moisespr123
    Got the 2-pin version today. The right side has a high pitch noise. It also seems to pair to the right side and then to the left side.
  3. nutcasey
    I just got mine today and it seems the left one won't clip in my Shure earphone at all. The right one works fine (I tried it with the L/R Shure bud to be sure it wasn't my earphone).

    Any advice? This took ages to arrive in the UK.
  4. moisespr123
    Oh and another thing is that the FCC ID printed in it is 2AULH-BT20S, which turns out to be the TRN BT20S FCC ID.
  5. rurika
    Thank you.
    So, it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck. Yes, it is a duck.
  6. nlowran
    Yea I'm disappointed
  7. Dani157
    I'd rather spend $10 less and purchase BT20S judging by those impressions. Although the original BT20 is much more durable and does the job equally well
  8. Brooko Contributor

    Requoting the below - and I really wnat an answer to this as its not listed in your specs please.

    I ordered one myself - simply because I didn't want to go the review route - it was something I've actually been looking for. The first thing I've noticed is multi-driver IEMs appearing brighter than normal. Its just something I've noticed (not measured ..... yet). You guys must know the output impedance. The good news is it makes the FA7 sound really good. the bad news is that it very much brightens your FH7. So just wondering if this is impedance related.

    Or could be my ears .....

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  9. snoopy6990
    Hi there, received my set. Very happy with it. Paired them with my SE215. however I noticed there is an issue when I tried to pair the right side with my hand phone (2nd device).

    Tried to follow the instruction of long press the button to clear off the memory. Even reset the left side and pair them. Right now I only got a working left side.
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