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FiiO M11Pro | Dual AK4497 | THX AAA 78 Headpone Amp | 5.15" 18:9 720P | Exynos 7872 | 3G Ram+64G Rom |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Sep 9, 2019.
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  1. Darren Cotter
    Thanks. Puts a damper on it with its battery life. I'll keep my X7ii.
  2. szore
    I agree, but not the M11 Pro. This is a game changer.
  3. szore
    Really? A protective 'cover'? Mine doesnt...
  4. Maxx134
    This Fiio Pro version is actually good enough to easily be in that category, and just a matter of taste...
    Yes its heresy to say, buy it's IMO.

    I have the Sony WM1A, which is better(than other Sony), and I feel you are loosing zero detailing switching to the Fiio..

    I feel initially it was a bit lean (yet dynamic) in the bass, but it opening up in bass the more I using it. I only on my second day of use although I received it earlier in week, I now have time to evaluate..

    With the Pro version I don't feel its i problem at all. I cannot pass this level (100) as too loud and usually find myself in the 70s volume setting, with the Utopia.

    I plugged it in my computer right now amd there is zero interference at max volume and you can increase to hear the recording noise floor but not the unit using headphones. (I don't have earplugs).

    You are only one to have had alot of issues in this thread that I don't see others have and I feel for you, but I would also verify things like your cable and also swap headphones to see if its a component issue as well as you having one bad apple unit.

    So far the unit got a bit warm to the touch swapping headphones and using both balanced and single ended for a about 3 hours at 86% battery not bad.

    Yes the phone had this black plastic over the face and saying essentially that the glass was put on at the factory, so you peel off the plastic to see the glass screen which protrudes more than rear glass, which is flush..

    The unit sonic sonic character is a very very vivid and detailed and a bit bright but also liquid. Not flat and not laid back. Very immersive and detailed with micro detailing a bit magnified. Very involving and awake experience.
    I am waiting to see how the unit settles and the bass comes in. So far the low end is tight and clear and liquid, but not as strong or full as my Sony WM1A.
    The Sony is not as forward and has more depth.
    The ibasso220 from memory is more in same league, being more neutral than both and a touch further distanced or relaxed but also more like the Fiio than the Sony.
    All at similar level of detailing, although the Fiio strength is, so far, in its focus of the mid-to-upper range detailing.
    Maybe not a strength if you like a bit more relaxed presentation, because this Fiio is a bit forward(a bit wider stage too) and very vivid in nature.

    Yes this fiio PRO unit is now made it to that level of other high end units.
    I would say it's still a matter of taste, but at least you get the resolve.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
  5. gLer
    Great post, thanks. Did you have the M11 previously to compare it with the M11 Pro. Following on from what you describe above, I’ve just spent the weekend reviewing the THX 789 amp from Drop and my findings are very close to your description. It’s fast, dynamic and only ‘resolving’ as you describe because it emphasizes the microdetails to a much higher degree than my other, more relaxed yet equally capable desktop amp. It’s an amp design that makes you pay attention - definitively not laid back - and that won’t be to everyone’s taste. If the M11 Pro has any of the same traits - a drier, faster, slightly thinner but also very detailed and focused sound - then at least you know what you’re getting. I personally prefer a slightly smoother, slightly thicker presentation with most of my music, but I haven’t had a chance to hear how closely the M11 Pro follows the THX ‘blueprint’ so to speak.
    zappazappazappa likes this.
  6. gazzington
    How is the x7ii functioning these days. Due to older android has it become laggy?
  7. Darren Cotter
    I find it to be great. The firmware is know very stable.
  8. gazzington
    What music app do you use on it?
  9. Darren Cotter
    Just FiiO Music. Its now stable compared to when they first updated it.
  10. gazzington
    Good stuff. I think fiio consider the x7ii as superior to the m11s anyhow. It's M15 they are releasing as the new flagship. X7ii can be found for bargain price now though.
  11. Darren Cotter
    I read on here somewhere from FiiO that the M11 Pro can be considered as the X7ii's replacement. So anything above the M11 Pro will be the best DAP FiiO has made.
  12. gazzington
    Ah ok. I have an m11 and it suits me fine for work everyday. I used to have an x5iii but sold it. I miss it thought as it had a lovely warm sound
  13. Maxx134
    Nope I waited for the pro.
    Also the bass is now Fuller and very balanced on it.
    I am using the fiio pure music mode, not the andriod system mode.
  14. gLer
    Pure Music mode is no different to Android mode in the M11/M11 Pro. All they do is launch FiiO Music full screen without the option of switching apps, but all the apps are still there, as are Android services.
  15. JamesFiiO Contributor
    Yes, it is true.
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