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FiiO M11Pro | Dual AK4497 | THX AAA 78 Headpone Amp | 5.15" 18:9 720P | Exynos 7872 | 3G Ram+64G Rom |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Sep 9, 2019.
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  1. maira
    That is what i wanted to point out. Fiio DAPs are great as a whole package, but on SQ alone... . As an example listen to an older Fiio x7II, AK Kann, AR M2 and Pono Player. No chance for X7ii (and KANN).
    And Players like Shanling M5s or some Ibasso Players are not much better when it comes to SQ.
    It could have been done more for less (i dont know if they are not able to or if they dont want to).
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
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  2. dsrk
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
  3. gLer
    As it happens I'm busy doing a lengthy A/B between the M11 and AR-M2. There's definitely a difference in presentation and a big difference in output power (M2 is more a desktop amp in a DAP format), the M2 also has a touch more contrast and aggression to the sound, and definitely more emphasis down low, but this isn't always suited to every genre, and in some cases I prefer how the M11 presents some of my albums, especially with balanced IEMs. Add to that the M2's antiquated, slow, clunky UI and ergonomics (it doesn't even have an onscreen volume display), and the M11 is easily a more appealing DAP for me - but I get that's not the case for everyone. If I was only interested in listening to local music using larger headphones or harder to drive IEMs and didn't care about UI, speed, streaming, apps etc., then the M2 is an easy rec for SQ and drivability alone. But since a DAP, for me, is far more than just play and listen, the M2 doesn't get a look-in when the M11 can be had for cheaper than a used M2 in today's market.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
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  4. maira
    Thats why i ve written "great as a whole package but not on SQ alone". :)
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  5. musicday
    Is not always the case !
  6. jmills8
    Ok , in most cases when a dap is running from its battery it will create heat.
  7. Tempy-17
    I have DAPs by; Sony, Cowon, iBasso, AK, Cayin, Shozy.... I think they sound more polished. Fiio is a worthwhile listening experience but not what I admire.
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  8. Dmitry89
    Tastes and preferences are different for everyone. You are not the ultimate truth, therefore, you can only speak for yourself. Each of us will remain in our opinion.
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  9. VanLifeHiFi
    I was out for a walk this morning and had an issue with playback stopping.

    First it was the left IEM and it went back to normal when unplugging the cable and back in. A few minutes later both sides dropped, resumed a few minutes after removing the cable again. Then it stopped until I rebooted the unit.

    Running good since reboot. Unit wasn't hot. 40/120 volume in balanced output to the FH7. Did it regardless of what track was playing in TIDAL.

    Seems like a firmware issue to me.
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  10. Dmitry89
    Obviously, the point is in the firmware. Let's hope that in the near future Fiio will release a new firmware with corrections.
    We are one of the first owners of these devices. We are essentially beta testers of the new device and its new firmware.
  11. Kopf
    I´ll send you HiRes poster! Just PM me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  12. Dmitry89
    Report your problem to Fiio Support. The more information they have about this problem, the faster they will solve it!
  13. courierdriver
    Nein, danke! I'll just enjoy looking at the engraved ones on my Fiio Q1MK2!
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  14. Darren Cotter
    Looking at the specs on the first page, battery life is considerably lower on the pro and the power output via the balanced output is 10% lower. Why is this?
  15. stenog
    Dual AK4497 is probably the main reason and maybe other internal components? AK4497 is power hungry! I don't think the small difference in power output matters in actual usage. Note the battery is even bigger in the Pro version but not big enough! The battery in the N6ii is 5900 mAh and only have one AK4497.

    M15/M15pro comes with 7300 mAh if I remember correctly.
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