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FiiO M11-Android 7.0, 2.5/3.5/4.4 Powerful Output, Exynos 7872, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, 3GB RAM, WiFi, Two-way LDAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. technobear
    200 Hours.
  2. salla45
    You sure? I read it's optimal at around 1000 hours burn-in followed by a rapid decline in performance to coincide with the M15 pro+++ release :)
  3. salla45
    I have a small issue with the M11 in DAC mode, which I am using to output via my pc when using Roon.

    Roon is giving me Bit Perfect output for example using 24/96 files and yet the screen on the M11 is reading 96khz¦32bits

    I am concering that some upsampling it taking place.

    Can @FiiO explain or anyone else who may know for sure? Perhaps the 32bits is max bit rate only, not actual?
  4. jdtenny
    Just a couple of happy consumer stories for M11 owners:
    1. I bought a couple of Blu-Dento HD receivers so I could use the M11 AptX-HD transmission to full effect. It's been really nice, breathing new life into my 40 year old stereo equipment. I love the always-on no-fuss pairing on these devices and the DAC is more than adequate to my needs (they also have optical out, which is why I bought them compared to other receivers - not that my old equipment needs it, just anticipating...)
    2. I'd been trying to find some good headphones for the M11. After a complete washout with the X58 Jubilee, I've found the ATH-MSR7b ('b' for 'balanced') to be a really great match for the M11. Super sensitive, I have to keep the volume about 10-20 less than I did on my Sony MDR-7506 (and they aren't slouches in the sensitivity department).
    With respect to the ongoing discussion of the M11 pro and one sd-card slot and such. I mostly listen to Tidal right now despite having ~200gb of tracks on my sd card. I find it super easy to blow out the 27gb of internal storage space with Tidal downloads. In hi-res music land, 32gb is nothing, and a 64gb internal storage is NOT going to make up for lack of a second SD card slot, though it'll let me have more (but still not enough) Tidal downloads.

    Happy with my M11, it's been performing flawlessly. Wish the FiiO music app was not so slow though, it really bogs down navigating through my music (and that's on the optimal second SD card slot on a good card).
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  5. x X x
    @FiiO / @WianFiiO - I found a little issue with option 'Play through folder' - when this option is on, and for example I select a last track (give it a name A1) of a last album of artist A, when the track ends, player plays first track (give it a name B1) of first album from artist B (next artist after artist A). So, after selecting track A1 and opening Now Playing (as far as I found, opening Now Playing screen is not needed to force this issue), when the track A1 ends, track B1 is playing. The issue is: when you goes back one screen (should be track list of album B), the tracklist of album A is opened and track A1 (last of A's last album) is marked as a now playing track (floating bars on a cover miniature). When Now Playing screen is not opened after selecting A1 track, when track A1 ends and track B1 is started to play - still tracklist of album A is visible and track A1 (last of A's last album) is marked as a now playing track.
  6. Jujoe
    I just tested got the same outcome
  7. salla45
    weird. Try messing with different chargers and cables. My X7ii is sensitive to that too.
  8. SBranson
    I'm sorry if it's been mentioned but has anyone else gotten fed up with the scrolling function wherein the letters on the edge show up when I start to scroll but seem to disappear too quickly as I try to jump down from, say, "B" to "S", and end up touching an album I didn't intend.
    Plus the constant changing of the album art size to compensate for the letter bar is just visually irritating..?

    It didn't do this before the last firmware update so I'm hoping a new one will correct it?
  9. x X x
    In latest beta letters bar is now floating, in the same place with the same amount of time, but it is not causing those irritating movements of list interface. You can find it on I believe last 10 pages or more/less, and you need to sideload it from internal memory / sd card.
  10. Jujoe
    Here it is

  11. Shawnb
    200? Really Ok time to burn in. Not to impressed with the sound so far hoping some burn in will open it up and improve it for me.

    What does Fiio say on this topic? Burn in or not?
  12. totozero53
    Well..I didn’t experiment any significant changes regarding so called burn-in periods in electronics. And I owned plenty.
    Feels more like brain adjustment to me. Though when I didn’t like a DAP first place, I never happened to like it after whatever hours of listening I put into.
    If you’re not too impressed right now, there are chances it will stay this way.
    To me (and I think it’s a first for a Fiio unit ) M11 is really close to what Cowon does with their DAP i.e clean neutral sound, a bit clinical that shines through eq or enhancements which match your headsets.
    Did you try Hiby MSEB to taylor your sound ? If your iems/headsets respond well to EQ, you could be surprised.
  13. SBranson

  14. Manwue
    Hi to all,

    I bought the M11 and I have the following question, if the battery of M11 dies it will be possible somehow to replace the battery with new one?
  15. SoundChoice
    By then you can buy the new Fiio M43 Pro Ultra.
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