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FiiO M11-Android 7.0, 2.5/3.5/4.4 Powerful Output, Exynos 7872, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, 3GB RAM, WiFi, Two-way LDAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. Jujoe
    To be honest I'm all about them fat bottom girls :)

  2. Jujoe
    A pope is a fraud
    A church is a lie
    A queen is the same damn thing
    You should pray to your fake god that she die

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  3. abitdeef
    Here's my boys, good music to get hyped up on! Any album that has a song called 'bomb track' u know it's dope. :wink: Btw just listened to this song for the first time on m11, holy crap the bass at the beginning sounds so good! Wow If you have this track, try it.


    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 19, 2019
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  4. Jujoe

  5. Ojisan
    Just saw this where @jude talks about M11 around 9min in. He shows some measurement data for M11 (and other products too). Was it posted/discussed somewhere?

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  6. Jujoe
    Nice spot time to go hunting for them :)

  7. Leetransform25
    What player are you using? The UI looks quite nice
  8. Vitandus
    That's Deezer. Tyring it out.
  9. FlatulentDonkey
    I'm seeing a lot of photos of the M11 using the 4.4mm port. I've been using the standard 3.5mm port so I am wondering what the 4.4mm one offers over the standard
  10. jmills8
    More MW
  11. abitdeef
    Lol Seriously me and my dog weren't going to storm Washington. :wink: to report it was extremely lame. Just PM me next time and I can edit it or explain that it was a tongue in cheek joke- as if anyone could interpret it as anything else. 100% topic matter can get a bit dry.

    Ok back to m11.

    Ok I admit, my dog was ready to throw down on some politicos- but I gave her a milkbone and she's cool now.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  12. Jujoe
    OH dont get me started on the M11 :)

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  13. abitdeef
    Omg that was off topic, but also on topic, brilliant :)
  14. Ryokan
    This thing certainly starts up fast, I guess that's what 3gb of ram does.

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  15. fatmanny
    This fixed my bluetooth volume issue. Apparently I didn't test different apps. The thing works like a dream now. Thanks!
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