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FiiO M11-Android 7.0, 2.5/3.5/4.4 Powerful Output, Exynos 7872, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, 3GB RAM, WiFi, Two-way LDAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. JerryLeeds
    I don't understand ...

    I've been checking the b&h photo website to see when the M11 would be in stock .. the last 3 weeks it has been in a pre-order status ... Once it was in stock I would buy it in person at the store.

    This morning at 4:30am the M11 was in stock ... so I ordered it online ... Right after that the M11 went back to a pre-order status ... I figured it was some sort of glitch ... But no it wasn't ... I received a shipping notice and it will be delivered tomorrow ...

    Does that mean I got the last item from a very recent shipment?
  2. jt23738
    WiFi and Bluetooth suddenly stopped working for me today , tried factory reset and and manual firmware update as well , didn't work
  3. geffo
    Pretty much, yes. I order a lot of camera gear from them and it's the same process. I think when an item is first coming out and in demand, they keep the "pre-order" status instead of "back ordered" as a technicality at best. I asked them about it once and they said that sometimes they don't know how many units they'll get until they arrive with some companies. So they fill the orders as they receive them.

    Enjoy your new toy!
  4. abitdeef
    Probably, maybe at this point b&h is getting limited numbers.
  5. Ryokan
    So unless you're a technical wiz, installing the Neutron app is tricky?
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  6. stanleyshmanley
    Does playback stop for anyone when using the Fiio Music app? I'm listening through the 4.4mm port and sound will cut out with a slight pop sound but the track itself will continue to play through based on the progress bar on screen. Playback becomes audible again once I hit previous or next track. I have had the player for two days and it's happened a few times. This issue doesn't present itself during its use as a bluetooth receiver or as a USB DAC for my PC. I'm suspecting this is a bug related to the Fiio Music app and can be patched out with an update. @JamesFiiO
  7. Jujoe
    No such issues here buddy sorry, have you tried a cheeky power reset or even the full on factory reset. Sorry cant give more help good luck.

  8. BadReligionPunk
    What's the deal with it? Was looking to just probably go that route for the peq alone. Was on that website last night and just thought it was pay $6.99 and download the apk/install.

    Its not that easy?
  9. abitdeef
    Nope, fiio music plays flawless for me.
  10. stanleyshmanley
    I haven't been able to replicate my issue so I'm hoping it was just a fluke. Other than that, the player has been fantastic.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
  11. mico1964
    The e-mail account used for the purchase on Neutron website must be registered in the Accounts section of the settings menu of the device, but on the M11 you can't add any account in this menu.
  12. piscattore
    Hi, try to install Gmail app and add and exchange account.
  13. Ryokan
    Apparently not, M11 doesn't have google support, but some have installed it (post 1251). I'm a bit confused.

    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  14. audiophilefan
    Had the same issue but it doesn't happen all the time. Reported it to Fiio but when I tried creating the error log file as they previously instructed so they can analyze the problematic song/songs, alas, I cannot replicate the issue either. Not a fluke, but definitely a firmware issue. I don't think it's hardware. It happened on a playlist while in shuffle mode. Did not have the issue if not on playlists and/or shuffle. @JamesFiiO kindly take note.
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  15. stanleyshmanley
    Thanks for corroborating. I rather not return my unit if it's something that can be patched out. I just hope anyone else who experiences this speaks up so we can make our case to @JamesFiiO .
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