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FiiO M11-Android 7.0, 2.5/3.5/4.4 Powerful Output, Exynos 7872, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, 3GB RAM, WiFi, Two-way LDAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. White Mike
    Not wanting to sound facetious but does it really matter with Spotify? I would think with anything but the FiiO app it's up to the individual developers to implement bit correct USB output?
    One can only hope that the M11's inbuilt DAC takes its stream from further "upriver"....
  2. abitdeef
    Ha ha , everybody wanted to here freebird
  3. stanleyshmanley
    Sorry, I misunderstood. I wasn't asking about the resampling out of the USB port but rather the 4.4mm headphone output when listening to Spotify. Is it bitperfect out of the headphone jack? This is my first Android-based DAP.
  4. White Mike
    Once can only assume that the inbuilt DAC feeding all the analog outputs, processes the audio directly. I'm pretty sure that was one of the reasons FiiO went with the Exynos 7872?
  5. haweckO
    Hi @FiiO ,

    make some high-end dap with noise floor lower than 3uV on balanced output, please. :)
    I think that a lot of yours customers are listening their high-sensitivity iem's on low volume, especially when they are going to sleep.
    Otherwise we must use some other adapters (like iFi iEmatch) which can change the original sound of iem.

    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
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  6. gmahler2u
    20190618_083515.jpg 20190618_083634.jpg
    Welcome to the club!!!
  7. gmahler2u
    20190618_104119.jpg YouTube on m11? Who knew!!! So AWESOME!!
  8. geffo
    Just installed Poweramp as well and agree that there's some sort of sound processing or limiting going on. Is there a way to monitor what's happening in the hardware?
  9. BadReligionPunk
    I had to uninstall Poweramp. I couldn't figure it out. It sounded terrible. Very strange.
  10. intlsubband
    Here's another idea for @FiiO or any other manufacturer lurking in this thread (if you like it I want a cut of the sales :wink: )

    How about implementing ANC in a DAP? Just like on ANC headphones, the DAP would just need a couple of external microphones built in, and if turned on, would work just like any headphone ANC mechanism. Yes, it would have some obvious limitations (might not work well if inside a pocket for example) but otherwise it can be a great, unique feature that can turn any headphone to ANC. Would be perfect for use in flights or public transport for example.

    Can be a nice distinct feature if any manufacturer picks this up!
  11. audiophilefan
    Based on experience, at least the Fiio Music app outputs bit perfectly. MP3, FLAC, DSD all sound terrific. The manufacturer, that is Fiio in this case, can easily do this for a DAP that they also developed (so software+hardware do "synch" perfectly).

    I have tried Hiby music, which I have also used for a while on my phone, and Fiio Music just sounds a little more alive and easier to pick up minute details. I can only assume that it isn't outputting as "bit-perfectly" as Fiio Music does via the M11. To clarify, it's not a night and day difference but Hiby just sounds a touch warmer, less detailed for some reason.

    Again, I don't use streaming services so I am not qualified to comment on that. I can only assume that if any app is developed to output bit perfectly and the hardware supports it, it should be bit perfect (not an expert opinion by any means).
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  12. audiophilefan
    Good idea! But is it really plausible? Based on understanding, ANC microphones are placed on the headphones to do their trick (that is cancelling out external sounds). Same is true with extra microphones placed on phones to cancel out noise when recording audio. I believe the technology works for the "listening" device, not the source. Plus the fact that it is mostly hardware dependent (thus the extra microphones). BUT if a manufacturer somehow manages to create a software algorithm that passes on ANC to the headphones, that would be very cool (again, if at all possible).
  13. abitdeef
    I find the same thing, hiby has better eq and dsp features but the fiio app does sound better. Hiby is supposed to be free from android sbc, so the difference could just be fine tuning within the apps themselves.
    audiophilefan likes this.
  14. audiophilefan
    Same experience. Thanks for confirming!

    The only thing other than the sound that turned me away from the Hiby app is that when you start removing and adding songs to playlists, playlists start to crash (also crashes the app, thus becoming unusable). But this could also be dependent on Android versions (happens on Android 6-8). I don't have an Android 9 device so can't confirm. This is never a problem with Fiio Music.
  15. abitdeef
    I actually find the fiio app very good for my simple needs. The dap is so zippy that navigating the UI is very smooth and quick.
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