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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. Owludio
    Thank you! It's unfortunate that your set is defective. Agree with Warriorpoet, this is not at all like Roland sounds. It's opposite of hollow and distant, mids, especially lower - sound prominent and full bodied. Roland is more mid-centric(or balanced, leveled) IEM than z1r, though, like I said earlier, technical performance wise z1r extends better, has more effortless presentation (albeit more aggressive). That said, when I had z1r, some time I couldn't listen to it, while Roland usurped ear-time from even ones that I used to listen on the days when my hearing goes down (like IMR R1z & FH7, LX). So, it would be interesting addition to your collection for sure. This is the kind of sound that I find most universally acceptable than any IEM in my entire experience!
    Very accurate and forgiving sound. Not the widest soundstage, not the deepest or strongest bass, not the most extended treble but still...
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  2. Owludio
    Interesting, - you have z1r and FH7 in your collection and yet Hyla has the best bass?:thinking:
  3. KPzypher
    Yes. And It is the most fun IEM for me at the moment for sure. FH7s low end is good too, but felt less defined, and not a big fan of their treble. I'm not a big cable guy, but when I tried FH7 with Fiio's 4.4d cable, it sounded too harsh/piercing on most of the tracks I've been listening to (classic rock/vocal). Z1Rs got a really nice low end too,which I thought couldn't be beat, but I personally like the TE5B's low end better. It's punchy, prominent, and it goes deep, yet so well controlled. One thing I like about the Z1R though is it's smoothness and clarity at the same time without sounding harsh. I could listen to it for hours without any fatigue.
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  4. SciOC
    Only one question for you. Have you listened to the empire ears legend x? If not, you must, must, must...
  5. twiceboss
    I thought u like cl2 the most? haha i dont want to talk about cl2 here! too much source dependent and im just lucky to get a good chain for that set. My endgame so far for closed iem. I almost buy Roland though but still im curious on how it sounds in real life.
  6. Owludio
    Prefer Roland to LX. LX is a basshead dream:smile_cat:. Too much even for me. Depending on the song it could be a dream or a nightmare - has nice airy vocals and clean sparkly treble in the roomy well separated stage until... earthquake of LX bass hits. Then - lights out and good buy all of that goodness.:face_palm:
  7. warriorpoet
    It really is just kind of good at everything. Can't wait until mine get here!
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  8. earthalucy
    We know you guys are being concerned about Fearless Roland in terms of the package and the cable.

    1. Fearless will send out the new package for all the new orders and all the previous order who have purchased Roland.

    2. The new upgraded cable will also be shipped out for previous orders and for new orders it will come with it.

    Some explanations for the package, Fearless was working on the package for a long time, but it didn’t finish when the Roland IEM has been finished. It should be our mistake for selling it much earlier before they finished their package.

    In terms of this, our Linsoul will also send out gift to all our Roland customers together with Fearless upgraded cable and new package. We are sorry about this concerns and problem that caused to you.

    Fearless will make one announcement for the cable and package these two days. We just want to share this news with you.

    If any concerns or any ideas, we would like to be very open to discuss with you.
  9. KPzypher
    I've always wanted the LX, and I'm certain I'll love it. But the stars have never lined up for me. I definitely need to get my hands on those before production ends. I don't do used for sentimental reasons. Back to the Fearless topic :gs1000smile:
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  10. courierdriver
    Would you please be so kind as to post details of their announcement here? I'm interested to find out why a defective cable would be sent with such an expensive set. What's the excuse? IMHO, I think when a person spends this much money on a product like this, the product should be listened to and tested with the supplied cable, BEFORE leaving the factory. This would ensure better quality control and makes for much happier customers.
  11. redrol
    This was a situation of a quality vendor allowing people to buy something to get it FAST before the retail packaging and cable was ready. On the one hand it's very nice for a customer that wants a product right after it is released. On the other, the price is high and it might not have been the best idea even though it was done with the best intentions. I for one would not ever hold that against Fearless.

    I think anyone that is worried, should not be.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
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  12. cr3ativ3
    Get Thor silver 2 for LX and the light keeps on :)
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  13. twiceboss
    Please stop bringing this crap. This is toxic. We settled everything. You look childish now by keep bringing the same again and again.
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  14. redrol
    Take a chill pill. I was attempting to bring some balance to the last few pages here. It was a positive post if you didn't notice.
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  15. KPzypher
    What's your definition of quality vendor? This is the total opposite of quality. And you think their decision to push out an unfinished product was on customer's behest/behalf? Get real. Best intentions? you're definitely overreaching. More likely case is they either needed revolving capital to continue to fund and pump out other models, felt pressured to launch as various other estat based IEMs were surfacing on the market, or out of pure greed to make a quick buck. Of course these are all baseless claims and no doubt OPINION of mine. Yet, they seem far more logical than your "best intentions" ideas. What's important is that, it was a conscious business decision on their part. The kind the customers should never ignore or accept.
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